The Sister He Never Knew

Before the Game


'Hermione, how do you know Elizabeth?' Harry asked while Ron looked at a large pile of shamrock-sporting hats.

'Well, she's mentioned in quite a few books,' she replied, flipping through her programme. 'I read about her in some books on Animagi, and in some of the same books as I read about you, actually.'

'I'm in books?'

'Don't be ridiculous, of course you are. Anyway, I saw a few pictures of her and one day, I was sitting in the library, and there she was, reading across from me. Plus, last year she was in Professor Vector's class learning to be a teacher.'

'Oh,' Harry said flatly. 'Did you ever consider telling me about her?' he asked casually, inspecting a bright green rosette.

'Of course not,' she replied, looking up. 'I mean, I may have mentioned her in the context of a student teacher, but I wouldn't tell you about her history.'


'It wasn't my place,' she said, 'and besides, she asked me not to. So did Dumbledore, actually.'


'Yeah. He asked me to keep it a secret. Are you terribly cross with me?'


'Oh, of course you are,' she said, glancing back down to her programme. 'I would be. You get to see her all though the year, and learn all about her now. She still lives at the school, you know.'

'Yeah, she told me.'

'Well then, you'll have lots of time to get to know her. And this year I think she's observing McGonagall in Transfiguration. That's what she wants to teach, after all.'

Harry glanced over to where Elizabeth and Charlie were talking and laughing, and when his eyes met hers, his heart gave a leap at knowing she was looking out for him.

'Charlie, you must be bursting with excitement,' Elizabeth said as they walked between the vending carts. 'I hear you haven't seen a good game of Quidditch since we graduated.'

'That's for sure,' Charlie laughed. 'They may do well with dragons in Romania, but can they catch a Quaffle? No.'

Elizabeth's laughter rang out over the field, and her eyes met Harry's over a cart of omnioculars.

Charlie noticed her attention had wavered, and he asked, 'You're glad to see him again, aren't you?'

'Oh, yes,' she breathed, looking back to Charlie. 'I'm amazed he actually talked to me.'

'How could anyone not want to spend all hours of the day with you?' he asked, tightening his hold on her waist.

Elizabeth flushed pink and rested her head on Charlie's broad, muscular chest. 'Charlie, you're sweet.'

'I've heard.'

'Oho, you've heard?'

'Yeah. You wouldn't believe how many girls flirt with me in Romania. It's rather ridiculous, really.'

'Oh, I don't know. You're more handsome than any Romanian I've ever seen. Though maybe I shouldn't be telling you: your ego's quite large enough as it is.'

'My ego? What about you?'

'What about me, Charlie?' she asked, laughing.

'You wouldn't be able to get off the ground on a broom if you tried your head's so big.'

'Not that I need to: I can change into so many varieties of birds it would-' She stopped, and burst out in laughter. 'Okay, okay, so maybe I am a little conceited. But you still love me, right?'

'Nothing could make me stop.' As he moved in for a kiss, though, a gong sounded from the forest where the Quidditch stadium was hidden.
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