The Sister He Never Knew

Other Ways


August 21st

The day before Elizabeth was set to leave for Hogwarts, Charlie begged her into the garden for one last summer's walk.

'Lizzie,' Charlie started again as they walked, holding her close. 'How've you been? I've missed you.'

'You're the one who up and left to chase dragons,' she pouted gently.

'Sorry about that,' he replied, grinning.

'Well, if you need to pursue your dreams, go ahead; I'm not going to stop you. A visit once in awhile would be nice, though.'

'Anyways,' he said, laughing, 'What've you been doing? You said you're still at Hogwarts…'

'Of course,' she replied. 'I've been taking turns with the different teachers, observing their teaching methods. I've even taught a few classes.' Her face lit up, and Charlie was instantly reminiscent of the girl he had met the first of September all those years ago, the girl he had kissed under the mistletoe Christmas Eve of their fifth year, the woman he had held on to until a moment before he had to leave for Romania. His hand moved to pull her even tighter, and her eyes flitted down to check if he had done what she thought. 'Charlie…' she started, stopping him so she was standing in front of him, 'are you sure…?'

'I've been sure since the moment I laid eyes on you, September of 1984,' he replied, cupping her cheek with his hand. 'I'll be working in Romania for a while, of course, but I want to know you're going to be here for me.'


'No, Elizabeth, listen. When I come back to London, I want to be able to come to Hogwarts and see you, and know you're mine.'

Their eyes bored into the eyes of the other for a moment, until Elizabeth murmured, 'I belong to no man, Charlie. And now I need to be there for Harry.'

'You can be there for Harry, Elizabeth, in every way a sister can. I'm asking is that you're there for me… in other ways.'

'Say it, Charlie, and I'll say yes.' Her voice was low, and her eyes, after flitting to where the rest of the Weasleys were setting the table, were again locked on his.

'Elizabeth…' he murmured, kneeling before her and grasping her hand. 'I've loved you since the moment I saw you. We grew up together. We laughed and played together. We learned together, and found ourselves. We had our first kiss. Do you remember? Under the mistletoe in our fifth year, in the Gryffindor common room. Elizabeth, one day, I want to marry you. Elizabeth, after I move back to England, will you marry me?' Out of his pocket he drew a thin, silver ring embedded with a small, delicate ruby.

'Oh, Charlie… it's beautiful,' she gasped, holding out her left hand.

'The ruby's the stone of passionate love, you know.' As he spoke, he slid the ring onto her finger.


'Yes, you know?' Charlie asked, smiling, and standing so he towered before her.

'Yes, I will, Charlie!' she cried, jumping and wrapping her arms around his neck. 'Yes, I will!'

'I love you, Elizabeth Holmes.'

'I love you, Charlie Weasley.'

'Hey, look,' Fred said, jumping on Ron's shoulder.

'Charlie's asking Elizabeth to marry him,' George told them, jumping on his other side.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione all turned to look to see Charlie kneeling in front of Elizabeth, and sliding a ring onto her finger.

Next thing, they saw him stand, and heard her cry out, 'Yes, I will, Charlie! Yes I will!'

'Oh, how sweet,' Hermione said, smiling at the sight. 'Mr Weasley, Charlie just got engaged!' Hermione cried to Mr Weasley as he approached.

'What!' Mr Weasley cried, looking over to them as well. 'They're... He and…? Oh, Molly's going to absolutely… Charlie!' he called, bounding towards them.

They were both smiling nervously, and her left hand was being held steadfastly in his right. 'Dad, we– '

'I know!' Mr Weasley interrupted, 'and I couldn't be happier!' He pulled Charlie into a hug, and then Elizabeth. 'Welcome to the family, Elizabeth.'

'Oh, Arthur, I've been in the family from the day Bill asked me to sit with him in the dining hall!' she laughed, hugging him back.

'Oh, I think you should be calling me dad, now!' he laughed.

She was quiet for a moment, and said, 'Thank you, Arthur. That… that means a lot to me.'

Charlie, who was walking beside her with a ridiculous smile on his face, noticed her change immediately. The last time she had called someone 'dad', she had been seven years old.
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