The Second Chance

Chapter 9: Oscar, Time to leave the Royal Guards

May 31 st, 1786 the sentences were given: Cardinal de Rohan was announced innocent, while Jeanne Valois was sentenced to prison. Also, Jeanne´s husband was given a sentence in absent.

Jeanne Valois were marked “V” on her skin, so that everyone knew she was a thief. Afterwards she was thrown to the prison. But soon she escaped from there and began to write her Memoirs that proved to be success. Everyone bought those, even André…

André:“The Memoirs of Jeanne Valois Volume 1…” he started to read the book while Oscar watched out of the window and listened…“A Commentary on the Scandal of Marie Antoinette Part 1, the catalog of the queen´s lovers. Wow, look at this.“A Beauty in Male Attire, Colonel Oscar François de Jarjeyes.” You´re listed right after Madame de Polignac. Jeanne Valois…She´s really done it.”

At the same time Rosalie came and took the book away from André. “I´m sorry, lady Oscar!” she yelled and ran away.

Oscar:“Rosalie! Wait!” she turned and yelled.

Rosalie came back.

Oscar:“Rosalie, there´s something I need to talk to you about.”

Rosalie:“What is it, lady Oscar?”

Oscar went closer to her and smiled:“I think it´s time for you to find your own happiness…”

Rosalie:“But, lady Oscar!”

Oscar:“Rosalie, listen to me. It´s been wonderful having you here. You are a very dear friend of ours…but I know you; you´ve been born and raised in the city of Paris, the only place you truly feel happy in. I think it´s the right time for you to have your own home there.”

Rosalie:“Lady Oscar! Did I do something wrong?”

Oscar:“No, Rosalie. I´m thinking of you. Frankly speaking, it´s getting rather difficult here with all these rumors and all…I don´t want you to get involved.”

André:“Rosalie, she´s right.” he rose from his chair and walked next to Oscar.

Oscar:“I´ll give you enough money to buy yourself a home.”

André:“Don´t worry, we´ll come to visit you.”


Oscar:“We promise.”

Rosalie broke into tears and rushed into Oscar´s arm.“I´ll miss you!”

Oscar:“We´ll miss you, too.” she smiled.

Rosalie:“Is it true of what people say about you? Are you two lovers? You seem so close.”

Oscar didn´t know what to reply…She was turning red…Why? Why was she feeling so…weird? It was just a simply question. So, how come she couldn´t answer it? There was a moment of silence…Rosalie noticed the situation and changed the subject…

Rosalie:“All right. I´d better go and start packing.”

Then she left leaving Oscar and André alone.

Oscar:“It´s best for her. I know she´ll be much happier in Paris. Besides, soon she´ll meet her future husband, again!” she laughed.

Few days later Oscar and André were standing by the front entrance of their home waving Rosalie goodbye. They watched while her carriage disappeared in the horizon.

Oscar:“André, remember that oak tree and our buried treasures? Let´s dig them up.”


Oscar.“Because there´s something I´d like to add there.” she smiled.

So they went to the oak tree, where she cut a curl from them both and tied those together with a ribbon. Meanwhile André dug their buried treasures up. Then they started to talk about their childhood days…“Remember the first time you tasted hot chocolate? You almost burned your tongue!” Oscar laughed.

André:“You didn´t tell me that it was so hot!”

Oscar:“You´ve always been such a glutton!” she laughed.

Then she put their curls into the box together with their other treasures…After she had placed the box into hole and was taking her hand away, André grabbed it.

André:“What´s going on, Oscar?” there was something bothering Oscar and he wanted to know, what.


Then she looked at him into his eyes. He could see a tear in her blue sapphire eye. But she didn´t pay attention to him …She was miles away…She was memorizing the moment of his death. Suddenly, she rushed into his arms and cried…“Oscar…“André said in soft voice. Oscar was always welcome there, in his arms. He wanted to comfort her.

Oscar:“André, I´m scared…of the future.” she cried.

They thought that they were alone, but there was an extra pair of eyes…Soon, the queen found out about this sensitive moment that was meant to be private…

Later in Versailles…

Oscar and André were walking to see the queen…

André:” I wonder, what was the urgent matter that she wish to see you?”

Oscar:“We´ll find out soon, André.”

Then they stopped…“André, you stay here.” she told him and went inside to meet Her Majesty. The queen told Oscar about the rumors that were circulating…

Queen:“Is those rumors true? You´ve been seen kissing and embracing…Please, tell me, Oscar. Those rumors are not true?”

Oscar:“Your Highness, It is true that we´ve been kissing and hugging and many times I´ve been in his embrace.”

Queen:“So, it´s all true then; you´re lovers.”

Oscar:“Those pictures circulating…those are not true. And we are not lovers.”

Queen:“But what is it, then?!Why you´ve been kissing?”

Oscar:“…” she was starting to turn red again.

Queen:“Do you love him?”

Oscar was astounded by that question…

Oscar:“I don´t know…I´ve never thought of him like that. Just as my brother…No, maybe more than a brother…We´ve shared happiness, sadness, everything in our youth…Our souls grew so close together that I never noticed…”

Queen shed tears…She knew exactly, what Oscar was going through…

Queen:“I see. It must be difficult for you, being born in different positions…”

Oscar:“Your Highness, please. Give me my sentence.”

Queen:“But Oscar…”

Oscar:“I know that Your Majesty has own problems and don´t need someone with bad reputation by Her side. It would further damage your own reputation, so I beg you, punish me.”

Queen:“All right, Oscar. I…You are suspended from your position in the Royal Guards, at least for now. I´ll give your job to Girodère.”

Oscar:“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Queen:“Oscar, please. Sort your personal matters soon, so that you can come back.”

Oscar promised to do that, even if she knew, it was not possible; She would never come back to the Royal Guards…

André was waiting for her…

André:“Oscar, what did Her Majesty want?”

Oscar smiled:“She suspended me from my position.”

André:“What?! Why?! How could she do something like that?!”

Oscar:“I asked her to. She had heard rumors about us…”

André:“I´m sorry…”

Oscar:“Don´t be. It´s about time for me to get some distance from Her Majesty. That way, it will not be so difficult, when we say goodbye.”

André didn’t say anything, he was thinking about Oscar…“My Oscar…There is still something that bothers you. Why won´t you tell me, so that I could help you. Please, Oscar, don´t carry that burden alone…” he thought.

Oscar was confused. There was something different about her, but she didn´t know what. She had began to change somehow…That kiss from André a long time ago…she couldn´t stop thinking about it…It felt so passionate and pliant…“No” she thought. She had to stop thinking about it and concentrate on their next mission.

Oscar:“André, I´ve made up my mind. We´ll save Jeanne.”

André was confused:“But, Oscar! She´s the one who spread those nasty rumors about you!”

Oscar:“It doesn´t matter anymore. Personally, I don´t like Jeanne at all, but…the people are all on her side. That´s why we have to do it. Girodère is taking my place, and that means that he´ll be the one to catch Jeanne. I know that Girodère will do exactly what he is told to, like a Marionette…I will not let Jeanne fall into his hands!”

André:“All right, Oscar…” he smiled…He would do anything for her…

To be continued…

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