The Second Chance

Chapter 13: The audience to His Majesty

Oscar and André were walking down the corridor in Versailles; they were going to meet both the king and the queen. They had requested a formal audience with the king and the queen…They had something important to ask…

That day they were rather nervous…And for a good reason, too…They had a lot at stake right now. The next few moments would decide their whole future…

André:“Oscar, are you very nervous?”

She smiled:“No, just a bit…I´ve never done this before…” she tried to smile, but she was so concentrated on her oncoming speech, that she forgot how to smile.

André:“We´re in this together, no matter how it goes.” He kissed her tenderly…

They had come to the right door…now, all they had to do, was to go inside…


André smiled:“Ready.”

Then they stepped inside to meet the king…They greeted both the king and the queen and then kneed down …

Queen:“Well, Oscar…You requested to see us both, so it seemed rather serious. What is on your mind?”

Oscar:” Your Majesty…” she started to talk…This was the moment…

Oscar:“I, Oscar François,…” she started…” ask the permission from Your Highness to marry André Grandier.”

King:“What?! ” the King was surprised…“You want to marry a commoner? I´m sure that you could have anyone, anyone you like…”

Oscar:“Thank you for your kind words, Your Highness. But there is only one man I wish to marry and that´s André Grandier.”

Queen:“Are you sure you want to do this? Do you know, what that means? You could lose your status, your position in the noble society…everything, are you willing to risk that all for this man?”

Oscar:“Yes, Your Highness. I am more than willing. Without him I wouldn´t have been able to devote my life to protect you, Your Highness…” tears started to fall down on her cheeks as she continued…” Without him I would have failed my job. He has always been there for me, when I needed. He had loved me unconditionally for many years. He had never asked for anything, but always gave everything…” she was very sentimental…“I love him with all my heart. Without him I couldn´t live.“…She continued her story about their time together…

Lady Antoinette was deeply touched…She had no idea, that Oscar had such a wonderful man…She started to think about Fersen. There was a man for her, but they could never be together…But…while she herself wasn´t able to be with the one she loved, she wanted Oscar to have that kind of happiness. Someone, at least, had to have that kind of happiness and why couldn´t it be Oscar? Oscar, after all, was her friend.

King was speechless; he was surprised by her overflowing story of their unique love. The queen turned over to him and said:“Please, Your Majesty… let them be together. They love each other more than anything.” Then she turned towards Oscar and looked at her the way Oscar knew that there was a final blow to convince the king…

Queen:“Oscar…” it was Oscar´s turn to talk again…

Oscar started… She had one trick on her sleeve and she would use it…But would the king fall for it? At least, Oscar was going to try her best…

Oscar:“Your Highness… Think about the state that your beautiful country is, people-commoners-are commanding more and more. I´ve heard them talking about how all men are equal, nobles and commoners alike. Wouldn´t it look good in people´s eyes, that You, Your Highness, would allow a commoner to marry a noble? That would give them a sign that our beloved king is kind towards his people and treats commoners the same as nobles. Let us to be the prove of your kindness and love towards the people of France.”

Queen: “Recently, there has been only bad news…Why don’t we give them some good news, for change? Let them, at least once, enjoy happiness…Let´s give them wedding for change! The wedding that they are all welcomed to join!”

King:“Hmm…Yes, perhaps they would be satisfied. But, what about your father? General de Jarjayes? What would he think of all this?”

Oscar:“He will not allow me to marry André Grandier…”

Queen:“Well, then We´ll summon him to come to Versailles. He should know that the King´s word is a law! ” she shouted being rather annoyed. Why would the general object his own daughter´s happiness?

King:“Yes, indeed. We order you to get married, for the sake of the people! We will arrange your wedding within few days and invite all our people to celebrate your happiness…Commoners and nobles alike!”

Oscar:“Thank you, Your Highness, we will accept your kind offer…With one condition; Let us pay the expenses.” she smiled.

All this time André was listening quietly…He hardly could believe his ears…The king had given his blessing and they were free to get married. This was the day André had been dreaming about…He was so happy, that he cried.

Meanwhile at de Jarjayes manor…the general was upset. The news of the love affair between Oscar and André had reached him…He was talking…well, yelling at his wife…

General:“Your daughter is a disgrace to this family! How could she do that? Hasn´t she thought about the honor of this family?! NO!”

Mrs. Jarjayes:“What are you going to do?” she was worried about both Oscar and André. She was afraid, that her husband would do something bad to them.

General:“What I should have done a long time ago: I´ll give her to count Girodère. Then I´ll get rid of André!” he shouted.

Mrs. Jarjayes:“I just can´t believe that Oscar could have kept André as her lover! Those rumors aren´t true! You can´t give Oscar to someone just because she is a target of a nasty rumors!” she tried to convince him.

Genereal:“Well, you heard what people say! Even our closest friends saw them together, kissing! PASSIONATELY! Our family has NEVER got involved in a scandal like that! NEVER! The only way is to get her married at once!” he was so angry, that he was about to burst.

Mrs. Jarjayes:“What if she refuses to marry count Girodère?”

General:“Then I shall kill her with my own hands! That disgrace!”

Mrs. Jarjayes:“But…You can´t kill your own daughter!” to this point she had been calm, but now…She couldn´t believe, that her husband wanted to kill their own daughter.

General:“Watch me!”

Later in the evening….

When Oscar and André got back, Nanny ran into Oscar´s arms crying…“Mademoiselle!” she yelled. She was very upset…“Ah, Mademoiselle! How awful! Your father is furious and is talking about…”

Oscar:“Talking about what?”

Nanny:“He…is going to kill you!”

“What?!” they shouted.

Oscar and André were shocked…They knew something like this would come, but…they never expected that the general would really want to kill her…his own daughter!

To be continued…

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