The Second Chance

Chapter 14: A turbulence at de Jarjayes´manor

Oscar and André were standing in the hallway with André´s grandma, who had just told them that the general wasn´t taking the news about Oscar and André well. In fact, he threatened to kill Oscar…

Oscar.“All right! This is it! I´m going to see my father.” she had made up her mind…it was now or never…

André:“Oscar…“he tried to stop her…He was afraid that his master would do something terrible to Oscar…

Oscar:“André…It´s all right, don´t worry.”

André:“Let me come with you, Oscar.”

Oscar:“No, André…I have to do this on my own…Besides…” she looked at nanny…“You should stay here with your grandma.”


She then kissed him gently and then went to see her father. She was rather nervous, because she knew her father´s rage….

Meanwhile nanny was scolding André…

Nanny:“André! You idiot! Look what you´ve done!” she cried “I should have never brought you into this manor!”

André:“Grandma…” he felt sorry for his grandma. He didn´t want her to suffer from this. He took her into his arms, while she was crying.

André:“It´s okay…I promise that everything will turn out to be fine.” he tried to convince his grandma even though he did not know himself, what was going to happen.

Meanwhile Oscar had gone to see her father…She knocked on the door and went inside. She could instantly tell that he was furious.

Their eyes met…Oscar couldn´t say anything. She was waiting for her father to start…And he did…

General:“Oscar! You disgrace! How dare you get involved with a commoner?! A servant?!”

Oscar:“I love him, besides…André and I are equal…” she replied calmly.

General walked towards Oscar and hit her so hard, that she fell to the floor…

Not only that Oscar had got involved with their stableman, she also were quite aware of the talking of the New Era and rights, that belonged-not only to nobility-but also to the commoners…

General:“Are you listening to that nonsense?! Colonel of the Royal Guards? Our family has served the Royal family for generations and never-not even once-got involved in a scandal like this! First, you get involved with a commoner and next; you start to talk about this rubbish!” …he held out his hand” Remove your medal and rank insignia, you disgrace!”

Oscar:“Father, tell me…What´s wrong with being in love?!” tears started to fall from her eyes.

General:“This isn´t about love! This is about honor! No one in our family had never kept a lover…At least not from the third Estates! Are you abandoning the royal family? Are you dragging this family into a scandal? For a commoner?! You traitor! There´s only one way out…”

Oscar:“And what that might be?”

General:“Count Girodère had kindly offered his help. With his help, you can still avoid the scandal…You will become his wife.”

She was shocked…She couldn´t believe that her father would even suggest something like that…Why would she marry a man she didn´t love…instead of a man she did love?

Oscar:“Just like that?! Without asking me?! No, father! I won´t do it!” She got up…“I do not love him!” She yelled to her father. Now she was angry.

General:“Is that your final word?!” she asked her angrily.

Oscar:“Yes. I will never marry count Girodère!”

General:“Then, you leave me no choice…There will be no traitors in this family! I will punish you myself!”

Then he took out his sword and was ready to kill his own daughter…He lifted it up high and was going to execute her…

All of a sudden, André rushed in and got hold of his hand and stopped him. He forced general´s hand in a position, where he could no longer hold his sword…The sword fell on the floor…

General:“Let go, André!”

André:“NO!” he shouted.

General:“Let go, André!” he told André.

André:“I will not!”

General:“Then I shall kill you too!”

André:“Fine! But before that, master…” he let the general out of his grip, took a dagger and pointed it at the general…“I´ll stab you, take Oscar and run away!”

General:“!...Is that it? Do you love her so much that you would be willing to commit a terrible crime?” he was surprised by the way André behaved. He was usually so calm, but now…


General:“You´re an idiot…Do you think that you can overcome your class difference?”


General:“You need the king´s approval to marry a noble.” he was irritated by André´s persistence…“Does André really love my daughter that much?” the general thought.

André:“I know…”

André didn´t have a chance to finish his sentence, when Nanny rushed in…

Nanny:“Master! There´s a messenger from the king here to see you!”

The general turned towards the door. “A messenger at this hour?” he thought…“something important must have happened…”

At that very instant, the man stepped into the room…

Messenger:“An urgent message to the general de Jarjayes! The king has summoned you to Versailles at once!”

General:“Tell the king that I will come immediately. ”

Messenger:“Very well, sir.” he said and left the room together with nanny.

André let the general go and went beside Oscar and took her into his embrace to protect her.

General then left the room without saying a word to neither Oscar nor André.

André:“Are you all right?”

Oscar:“Yeah. That was close.”

André held her even tighter in his embrace:“Oscar, don´t let your guard down.” he wanted to comfort her.

Oscar:“I won´t. We should better stay awake and wait for his return.”

Then she sat on her chair, while André sat on the arm of the chair. They hold each other tight…

They struggled against the sleepy feeling, but soon it overcame them…

Madame de Jarjayes came to see them, and when she saw them sleeping like that, she took a blanket and covered them. She smiled while looking at them…“Somehow I knew this day would come…My dear children.” …she stopped…“your father is way too strict to you, Oscar. He should realize that you and André belong together…” after saying those words she left.

First rays of the Sun started to penetrate the room…They were still sleeping…The general stood there in front of them and watched them…

General:“Oscar, André…You have always been inseparable, even when you were children…” he thought. He was remembering the time, when they had kept insisting to sleep together…Oscar was then 10 and André 11…they had cried, when they were separated…“I should have known that it would eventually lead to this…” he smiled and shed a tear…

Then Oscar and André woke up…

Oscar:“Father?!” she was startled…André took Oscar into his arms in order to protect her.

General smiled:“Congratulations, both of you! You´ve won the king to your side! He has ordered you two to get married…You are quite smart, I admit that. ”

Oscar:” You mean…”

General:“Yes, you can get married. We´ll start the arrangements today.”

As the general left the room, Oscar and André were embracing each other. They were so happy that finally they could be together…They were looking forward for their wedding…and their life together…

To be continued…

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