The Second Chance

Chapter 17: The general´s kind words

At de Jarjayes´manor…

André was walking down the corridor to his room, when the general stopped him…


André:“Yes, sir?”

General:“About the incident before…I might have overreacted, when I found out about you and Oscar…” he was embarrassed of the whole situation and of his own behavior.


General:“Please forgive me…I thought only of your class…” then he hugged André…“I don´t think anyone would be more suitable for Oscar than you, André. I bless your marriage with all my heart.” he was so touched that he shed a tear.

André was happy to hear that…“Thank you!” he smiled brightly.

André wasn´t the only one, who smiled…Oscar was standing in the corridor and witnessed everything. She was happy that finally her father had accepted André as his son-in-law. She walked towards them smiling…


General:“I…must get going…” he never was good in these things and he thought he´d better leave…and so he did….

Oscar:“André…” She didn´t know what to say…only that she was happy…She hugged her husband and smiled then she buried her face into his chest…she had always loved to do that.

André:“I love, when you do that, Oscar.” he smiled.

Oscar raised her head and smiled:“About time my father accepted you…I´m so happy that you two are in good terms again.”

André smiled back to her…“Yes, Oscar. So am I…it would be rather silly if we weren´t…considering…”


André smiled…“That we both love you…very much.”

Oscar:“I love you too…”

André was about to kiss her, when she added…“both of you!” she wanted to tease her husband.

André just smiled.

Oscar:“André, I need to talk to you.”

They walked hand in hand into their room and closed the door behind them.

Oscar:“André, we need to get Bernard to trust us.”

André:“How?” he asked her.

Oscar:“One of my father´s subordinates is in charge of the transportation of 200 new rifles…In my nightmare the Black Knight attacked it and stole the rifles…”

André:“But he can´t do it now with his arm still being injured.”

Oscar:“No, but someone else can…” then she looked at André smiling suspiciously…

André:“What?! You´re joking, right?” he knew, what Oscar wanted him to do…

Oscar:“No, we´re going to do it. You´re going to dress up as the Black Knight…”

André:“Then what?!”

Oscar:“I know that it´s wrong…But…It has to be done. We need to get Bernard to trust us, and it´s the only way. Besides, when the Revolution starts, people need weapons.”

André:“Yeah, I guess so.”


The carriage that was transporting the weapons, advanced slowly in a road…There were armed men beside it, so they thought they were safe. Little did they know that there were equestrians nearby…Ready to attack them…

Oscar and André were watching it from a high hill. They had some of Bernard´s men with them and André was dressed as the Black Knight. Right now, he was in charge…

Oscar:“André, this is the one.” she told André.

André:“All right, Oscar.” He said gently. Then he turned towards his men and said:“For the coming age, a gun is worth more than an hour of speeches. Let´s go, comrades!”

Then they charged to the carriage, and when the soldiers noticed them, a fierce swordplay began…

It didn´t take long, that they had taken the rifles and rushed away. Oscar and André took those rifles to a safe place and went to meet Bernard, who was still lodged in Rosalie´s home.

While they were all sitting around the table, Bernard told them the good news; he and Rosalie were planning to get married…Bernard had fallen love with Rosalie a long time ago, and for his fortune, she had responded to his feelings eventually.

They talked for a long time, and when it was time for Oscar and André to leave, it was already dark…

Oscar and André walked down the streets of Paris hand in hand; they were happy. They stopped in some street corner to kiss…

Oscar:“André, I love…your beautiful eyes.”

André:“My eyes?”

Oscar nodded and kissed his eyes…“and your passionate lips…“then she kissed his lips…

André:“Oscar, I love…your irresistible neck.” then he kissed her neck. He started from above and moved downwards…

Oscar:“Oh, André…” she sighed…

André saw a couple further away from them…

André:“Looks like we´re not the only couple in love.”

Oscar turned to look…By her amazement, she knew the woman.

Oscar:“André, that´s Diane!”

André:“Diane? You mean the one, who´s going to kill herself over a…”

Oscar:“Yes, that´s her. That must be the man, who will leave her!”

André:“Let´s follow him.”

They waited for a while, and when the man left, they started to follow him…First they watched him, but then…

The man walked around a corner in his thoughts, when all of a sudden, he tripped over. When he looked up, he saw two persons standing right in front of him.

Man:“I beg your pardon, gentlemen…”

Oscar:“What were you doing with her?!”

Man:“Monsieur? I don´t know what you mean…” he stood up.

Oscar.“That woman, Diane, is our dear friend and we don´t want any troubles!”

Man:“I can assure you, that I meant no harm…”

Oscar:“No Harm!” She was furious…he was just playing with her, and then he would dump her just like that.

Man:“Look, that´s not your business!”

André:“It´s our business all right, if you hurt her!”

The man started to walk away from them, when Oscar stopped him.

Oscar:“If you ever see her again, you´ll have to deal with us!”

Man:“Are you try to scare me? With a beautiful face like that, I bet you never fought a single fight…”

That was enough for Oscar, she got angry and she hit him and she hit him hard. “Damn!” he swore and attacked her, but André hit him. Then, he stood up again and tried to hit Oscar, but she dodged.

André: “Leave Oscar alone!” André yelled and hit him. It didn´t take much, when the man was down and beaten. He was the one, who never had really fought...

André took hold of him and told him to leave Diane alone. He agreed…“she´s not exactly wealthy, so I might as well give up now…” he told them.

Oscar:“Good! And remember…Our promise…”

They watched him ran away. André took Oscar´s hand…

Oscar:“I guess he won´t bother Diane again.”

André:“Hm.” he nodded.

Oscar:“I hope, that now Diane can find her true happiness and won´t kill herself.”

André:“Yeah, me too.”

Oscar remembered the situation they were in just before the incident with that man…she smiled…

André:“Where were we, before he interrupted us?” he then took her into his embrace and started to kiss her gently…

Oscar:“André…remember that tomorrow is our first day at the Barracks…My first day as a commander of the company B…”

André:“We still have few hours…”

Oscar:“André!” she smiled…“We should hurry home…I want to enjoy these few hours with you…”

So, they hurried home…

To be continued…

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