The Second Chance

Chapter 19: The uncertain future

Oscar and André had been working for a while now at the Barracks…Perhaps even too hard…There were so many things happening at the time…The terrorists…and everything…

After another exhausting day at the Barracks, Oscar and André were riding home. A group of terrorist was targeting nobles in Paris and the French Guards was in special alert. To make things more complicated, the men in Company B were still unwilling to take orders from a woman Commander…

Oscar:“André, I know now…”

André turned to look at Oscar. She seemed rather serious, so he knew that there was something big going on.

Oscar:“I know why I saw the future ahead.”

He listened carefully to what she had to say…

Oscar:“I was meant to be the Commander of the French Guards and be in command of the attack to the Bastille. This time I have to…”

She paused for a while…

Oscar:“The people will win the Revolution in the end, I know that. I have …we have to be there at the beginning to courage the men to fight with the people…” she continued talking about the Revolution and André listened without saying a word.

André knew that he was going to die…Oscar never mentioned that to him, but the way she spoke about the Revolution and their future, he knew…because he knew her so well…

André:“I will die.”

Oscar startled…she didn´t know what to say, but after hearing that phrase “I will die” she broke into tears…

Oscar:“André…You…I…I won´t allow it! I´ll do anything in my powers to stop that!”

André:“We never got married in that nightmare of yours, did we?”

Oscar:“…” no…they never did, because she had realized her feelings for André too late…She thought about that…she now knew, how empty her life had been in her nightmare. She had been with André all the time, but she hadn´t been with least, not that way they had both wanted…

André looked at Oscar and smiled:“I´m so happy that we did it now! I´m glad…I’m glad that I was born…All that time we had together…”

Oscar:“Don´t talk like that!” she didn´t like him talking that way…as if their time together would come to an end.

André:“Oscar…Sometimes I dreamed about you and me living in a small cottage somewhere in the countryside…And couple of kids running around…”

Oscar:“André…” she was sad…she didn´t want to lose him…again.

André:“I´ll be with you until the end.”

The two riders kept on with their journey talking…When they finally got home, the General was there waiting for them. Oscar and André went to the study, where the general was sitting…


General:“Sit down.” he told her.

Oscar sat down on a chair opposite to her father, while André remained standing by her side.

General:“You seem to have hardships in the French Guards.”

Oscar:“Hardships? I don´t consider them to be hardships in the least. Any newly appointed Commander will face resistance from the members of the corps. It´s rather encouraging to me. They are more exciting than the obedient Royal Guards!”

General:“Oscar, I thought you were going to quit the military once you got married. You should stay home and concentrate on your marriage life, have children…”

He didn´t have a chance to finish his sentence, when Oscar yelled at him…

Oscar:“Oh! Is that what you think? Now that I´m married, my only job is to give birth to children! Is that what you´re saying?!”

General:“Oscar! How dare you talk to your father that way!” Oscar had a quick temper, but she had never yelled at her father like that…That was weird…Even Oscar herself was surprised…

The general turned towards André…

General:“André! Control your wife! You´re the head of your family!”



André:“In our family, we decide things together! Only because Oscar is a woman, doesn´t mean that she can´t decide herself what she wants! Only because she is a woman doesn´t mean that she hasn´t got mind of her own, brains and skill to act in men´s world! You have seen it; you have seen how great she is in the military career! I support her in every way I can so, that she can do what she wants to and what she-we-feel it´s the right thing to do!”

General:“André! Have you gone mad?!”

André:“No! I think this world is mad, because you won´t allow her to do what´s good for her!” then he looked at Oscar and smiled:“Sir, we will have children…One day…” that sentence made the General calm down. He had always wanted a boy to carry on his career…he himself never had a boy, but maybe Oscar would…One day…

General:“So, you think she´ll be fine with the Company B?”

André nodded:“Yes. It´s just like she said; there´s always troubles at the beginning, but we´ll overcome those, together.”


General:“If you say so, André. You have always been there for her, and I trust you. Take good care of my daughter.”

André:“I will. I´ll protect her with my life.”

Oscar took André´s hand and caressed it. “André…” she whispered. She thought how lucky she was to have a husband like him. He was one of his kind…

Few days later, the General and de Bouille were sitting in a carriage talking, when they were attacked to the terrorists. Oscar´s father were shot to the chest and was wounded. Oscar and André rushed to him, when he lied in bed in de Jarjayes´manor…


Nanny turned towards Oscar and smiled:“He´s fine. The bullet miraculously missed his heart.”

Oscar:“Grandma!” she rushed into her arms and cried.

André:“Thank God for that!”

Nanny:“André! Don´t just stand there! Bring them some tea!” she told him.


André:“It´s all right, Oscar. I´d be happy to…You just stay with your father.”

When André left together with his grandma, Oscar went to see her father.

General:“It seems like the insurgent mistook me for General de Bouille.”

Oscar:“I will…I´ll capture the man who shot you with my own hands!”

General:“Oscar, if you are concerned about me and want to please me, give me a grandson.”

Oscar smiled mysteriously…

Weeks passed by quickly, while Oscar, together with André, tried to improve the men´s conditions at the Barracks. The guardsmen´s salaries were way too low, and the food was bad…at least, that was what she had heard…

The men dining and talking, when Oscar charged in…

Dagout:“Madame! This isn´t a place for you!”

Oscar sat down next to André, who had joined with the men earlier, and started to eat the food meant for the men.

Oscar:“How will I know about the quality of the food, if I haven´t taste it myself?”

Then she took a spoonful of food and tasted it…

She spit it out from her mouth…“This is disgusting!“…She felt sick and rushed away…

André:“Oscar!” He was worried, so he ran after her. And when he caught her up, she was on her knees…

Oscar:“André, you didn´t tell me that the food here is so bad that it makes you throw up.”

André:“But…It´s not!” he paused…“I mean, it´s not that good, but I never threw up.”

Oscar:“Really?” She stood up.

Colonel Dagout came to check on Oscar as well…

André was concerned:“Oscar, if you don´t feel well, you should go to see the doctor.”

Oscar:“Thank you, but I´m all right.”

Dagout:“Monsieur.” he turned to André “Would you go back and tell the men you´re wife is all right.”

André looked at Oscar, and when she nodded, he knew she was all right and left her alone with the Colonel.

Dagout:“Commander, please quit your job now and go home…”

Oscar:“What?! Why?! Is it because I´m trying to improve the men´s conditions? Because I requested raise in the guardsmen´s salaries? Or is it because I took their complaint about their food seriously?”

Dagout:“No, Madame. That`s not it…It´s because I noticed a long time ago about your condition…”

Oscar:“…” she was startled…

Dagout:“You are not fit for this kind of a job anymore, this is too stressful and you work too hard. Even though you should be home resting…”

What was wrong with Oscar? Why did she have to rest?

To be continued…

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