The Second Chance

Chapter 21: The love between a noble and a commoner

Few days later Oscar and André were riding back to the Barracks, when they saw Alain with his sister Diane…They rode near them and stopped.

When Alain saw the couple, he spoke to his sister Diane…He wanted to introduce them to Diane.

Alain:“She´s our new Commander and that´s her husband.”

Diane:“My brother owes a lot to you. I´m Alain´s sister, Diane…” She said to Oscar and André she was smiling at them, but then…when she looked closer at Oscar and André, something seemed familiar…she stopped to think…“Have we met before?” she asked.

Oscar laughed:“No, I think so. I´m Oscar François and this is André. We owe a great deal to your brother…” then she wanted to know, if their plan had worked, so she asked Diane:“Diane, how are you?”

Diane was surprised by Oscar´s question:“I´m fine, Madame.”

Oscar:“Do you have someone special?” she laughed:“I´m only asking, because I´m interested to know about my men´s families and their well being.”

Diane:” Is that true?!” She was surprised.

Alain:“Yes, it´s surprising, but…they are on our side.”

Diane:“How lucky you are!” she shouted happily to Alain and then turned to Oscar and André…“No, I don´t have anyone right now…I met someone, but then he just disappeared before we even got a chance to know each other…”

Oscar:“Was he a noble?”


Oscar:“You shouldn´t get involved with nobles; they only play with you and then leave you. They are only interested in money and family honor.”

Oscar had that kind of seriousness in her voice, that suggested Diane that she should take the warning seriously. But why? The commander herself was in relationship between noble and commoner…They seemed happy, so why didn´t she wanted Diane to experience the same?

Diane:“But…Aren´t you a noble?” she asked Oscar.

Oscar:“Yes. That´s why I know what they really are like.” she laughed.

Diane:“And you are a commoner?” she turned towards André.

André:“Yes. But Oscar is different from the rest of the nobles. She has a good heart and she would never want to hurt me. I was lucky to have met her, and when I realized that she responded to my feelings, I was the happiest man on Earth…”

Diane:“You two seem so happy together!”

Oscar smiled:“We are…” then she looked at André…“I´m very lucky to have met a man like André, who loves me unquestionably.” she smiled…“So, Diane…Don´t even look at nobles, they are not worthy of you.”

Then Oscar and André left the two wondering…

Oscar:“Alain! Take care of your sister!” she shouted from the distance.

Alain:“I will!”

Diane:“You know, Alain…They are the most beautiful couple I´ve ever seen.”

Near the Barracks…Oscar and André had got off their horses and were now walking towards her office…

Soon Oscar and André approached her office, and when they opened the door, general de Bouille was waiting for them…

Oscar:“Your Excellency de Bouille.”

De Bouille:“Oscar…and André…”

Oscar:“Your Excellency.”

De Bouille:“I came here to assign you to a special mission today. As you may already know, Duke Ardelos and his family from Spain are visiting our country now.”

Oscar:“Yes. We heard that it´s a goodwill envoy to the Royal Family.”

De Bouille:“We were informed that terrorists are after them. They are trying to attack Duke Ardelos and ruin the authority of our Royal Family. To make matter more complicated, the Duke is going to travel around the country. So, I want you and your company to guard him.”

Oscar:“Yes, Your Excellency.” she knew that resistance wouldn´t help, so she decided not to argue with the general this time. Besides, she did want to help the Duke get away from the terrorists.

Later that day Oscar had gathered the company together…She was standing at the front of her men as she was giving them instructions. André was standing by her side.

Oscar:“We´ll depart early tomorrow morning. Guard them from a distance, in order not to disturb the family as much as possible. Depending on the situation, we might camp outside. All equip for the expedition.”

Oscar walked back and forth in the room in front of the men, when she noticed that a man was missing his rifle.

Oscar:“Where´s your rifle? Why aren´t you lined up with your rifle?” she asked him.

LaSalle:“I…I lost it.” He couldn´t tell the truth.

Oscar:“Where? When?” She asked him looking angry…

LaSalle:“I-I don´t know. I can´t remember when or where I lost it.”

Then André walked towards Oscar and started to talk…

André:“Oscar…” he said to her…“Maybe I should go and look for it.”

Oscar smiled:“Thank you, André.”

André stepped outside, while Oscar continued scolding LaSalle…

Oscar:“Do you think you can get away with such an ambiguous answer after you lost your valuable rifle? If a soldier loses a gun provided from the country without proper reason, he´ll get a corporal punishment or imprisonment in the worse case.”

LaSalle was nervous…He didn´t know what to say. He had sold his gun in a pawn shop…

Then, at that moment…the door opened and André came in holding the rifle in his hand. LaSalle was shocked. How could André have found his rifle?

André:“I found it.” then he gave it to LaSalle.

Oscar:” Thank you, André…” she smiled and then turned towards LaSalle…“LaSalle! Be more careful from now on! Don´t lose your gun again!”

LaSalle:“Thank you, Madame. I won´t.” he was relieved.

In that night André was packing for the expedition…

Oscar was coming towards him…“André…”

André:“Oscar…” he turned towards her.

Oscar:“I´m glad you found the rifle in that pawn shop.”

André:“Yeah…It´s not right, when a man has to sell a gun in order to get enough food. Their wages are far too low…”

Oscar:“Yeah. I´d tried to get it raised, but they don´t have money in the coffer…At least, the food is now better…”

André:“Thanks to my heroine!” he smiled to Oscar…“Oscar, I´m ready; everything is set for tomorrow.”

Oscar came to André and started to kiss his neck…she started to undress him…“André, come to bed” she whispered into his ear…

The next morning the Company B was on the move…They had stopped to listen the instructions…

Oscar:“That´s Duke Ardelos and his entourage.” she told her men…they were all on horseback ready to move…” We´ll split into two groups from here. One group will guard Duke Ardelos. The other is a scouting party, who will try to find the terrorists by all means possible by looking out the front and back of the envoy. Colonel Dagout, yoy instruct the guard group.”

Dagout:“Yes, Madame.”

Oscar:“I´ll lead the assault squad.”

Dagout:“Please, be extra careful…especially now with your condition.”

Oscar:“Yeah.” she sure was going to be. She didn´t want anything happen to her unborn baby.

Oscar and André left with their men riding full speed ahead…

To be continued…

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