The Second Chance

Chapter 5: The evil plans of Madame de Polignac

In 1779 Hans Axel von Fersen came back to France after 4 years of absence. Four long years had passed since Oscar had seen him…Soon, they would meet again…

In these four years Oscar had been rather busy…Not only did she wanted to change the future events, but she also wanted to forget about count Fersen, so she engaged herself- and André- into all sorts of tasks…Doing everything for others she tried to forget to think about Fersen and her unrequited love for him…

After the incident in Arras, Oscar- together with André- had tried to do her best to alter the future. She had tried her best to convince the queen to change, but she had only caused irritation, so she had finally given up…Was the incident with the Duke de Guéménée only thing she had accomplished? If so, everything she had seen in her nightmare was going to come true…She started to be desperate…

Because Oscar had tried to intervene the queen’s affairs, she had now problems with Madame de Polignac…that is, even more problems than in her nightmare…Despite of Oscar´s efforts, she had not succeeded in separating the queen from Madame de Polignac, who had introduced Her Majesty to gambling. Furthermore, with her constant interference, Oscar had made a new enemy…An enemy, who wanted Oscar dead…

One day in Versailles Oscar and André were walking down the stairs. Oscar was walking ahead of André, who followed her silently right behind her…Then, all of a sudden one of the chandeliers started to fall…Oscar was in her thoughts and had forgotten about that incident, but luckily André saw the falling chandelier…

André:“Oscar!” He shouted trying to warn her.

After hearing André yelling, Oscar remembered the chandelier. She didn´t have time to do anything, but to look at it. André rushed to her and pushed her to safety. They went rolling down the stairs; while the huge chandelier hit the stairs…the heave weight of the chandelier would have crushed her…

Everyone went to look if Oscar and André were all rigth. Soon the two got up from the floor and André asked her if she was all right.

Oscar:“Yeah, but…” then she saw Lady Antoinette together with Madame de Polignag looking at her…The queen and her companion were both standing on the second floor looking down. The queen looked upset, but the look on Madame de Polignac´s face told Oscar everything…Oscar knew it was Madame de Polignac, who had tried to kill her…

Oscar had to be careful, but at the same time she wanted to catch the Madame in the act…

That same evening Oscar was resting in her mansion…

Suddenly an urgent messenger from the queen came to Oscar that evening. Oscar was with Rosalie, who was now living under the same roof as Oscar, when the message arrived…The message said that Oscar had to go to the Versailles at once.

Oscar:“What can it be, at this late hour? All right, please forward the message that I´ll come immediately.”

Messenger:“Yes, Ma´am.”

Then he the messenger left leaving Oscar alone again with Rosalie.

Rosalie:“Lady Oscar, please don´t go. You´ve promised that you´d look at my grammar.” she was disappointed.

Rosalie had come to live with Oscar, when they met again. Rosalie had lost her mother and wanted to revenge her death. She had mistaken Oscar´s mother for that person, but luckily Oscar stopped her in time. After hearing Rosalie´s awful story Oscar had promised to help her…

Oscar:“Rosalie, I´m sorry, but this is my job.”

Rosalie:“I’m sorry, lady Oscar. Of course…”

Rosalie was about to continue, but Oscar was rather busy. She had to get into the carriage as soon as possible. And soon the carriage took off...

Oscar was sitting inside the carriage and watched the scenery. Even in dark, she could tell that the road the carriage had taken didn´t lead to Versailles. The carriage started to slow down…When Oscar look outside, she saw a man running around. Something weird was going on…

Suddenly, someone thrust a sword inside trying to hit her. So she kicked the door open and the man fell on the ground. But the man wasn´t alone, there were quite many men to ambush her.

Oscar stepped outside and said her name. She then asked who was attacking her…She didn´t get a reply…

Man:“Don´t bother, go!”

Oscar:“André!” she yelled and took her sword from scabbard.

That was a sign for André to come for her aid. He had masked himself as the driver and now he jumped from his seat, took his sword and confronted the men, who had ambushed Oscar. They engaged themselves in a fierce battle; they both had more than enough opponents to fight with. Oscar defeated one, but two attacked her just afterwards…André had two men against him…this wasn´t going to be an easy battle…

André had disarmed the other man, but was still fighting against the other and Oscar had two opponents, when suddenly a carriage arrived…It was Hans Axel von Fersen. He looked out and saw his friends in trouble, so he ran to help them. He took his sword and started to fight with the men, who had attacked Oscar.

Soon, they had beaten all the men. Oscar went to one of the men and punched him. Then she took his scarf off of his face. She wasn´t surprised, when she saw him…It was no other than Madame de Polignac´s brother. That was reason enough to pay her a visit. She was the one behind this ambush.

Fersen:“Let´s take my carriage.”

Which they did. First they rushed to get few soldiers and then went straight to Madame de Polignac, who was in her mansion with her daughter Charlotte at that moment.

Madame:“Lady Oscar! Well, this is a surprise!”

Oscar:“I´m sure it is! You didn´t expect me to win them, did you?”

Madame:“What an Earth are you talking about?”

Oscar:“You just tried to kill me!” she yelled angrily and then turned to the guards, she had taken along. “Arrest her.”


“You can´t do this!” Madame de Polignac yelled, while she was taken away.

Oscar:“Thank you, Fersen. Thank you for helping us.”

Fersen:“It was my pleasure. ”

André:“What were you doing there anyway?” he was curious.

Fersen:“I was coming to visit Oscar.”

“I see…she didn´t tell me anything about that…” André thought and looked a bit down.

Fersen:“I must be going. Oscar, I´ll pay you a visit any day soon. Au revoir!”

Oscar:“Au revoir, Fersen.”

Then Oscar remembered Charlotte. The girl had been in shock the whole time and just stood still without saying anything. “Poor Charlotte” Oscar thought and went to her.

Charlotte:“What is going on? Where did you take my mother?” she asked still shivering.

Oscar:“She did something terrible and she´s going to have to account to her actions.”

Charlotte:“What will happen to me?” she was still in shock.

Oscar:“My mother has a lady friend, who has lost her own daughter recently. She would love to take you in to live with her, if that´s okay with you.”

Charlotte nodded. “Lady Oscar!” she yelled and rushed into Oscar´s arms, weeping.

Oscar:“Let´s go. We´ll take you to your new home.”

As they walked out, André asked Oscar, whether she knew about Fersen´s plans.

André:“Is he going to see Her Majesty?”

Oscar:“I don´t know.” She said and then became quiet. She thought about Fersen…She was happy to see him after all those years and she was looking forward to his visit.

Few weeks later…

Madame de Polignac was found guilty of attempted plotting against the High Commander of the Royal Guard and sentenced to death. Charlotte was adopted into a new family and was now living a happy life of a young lady.

But even after the sentence, gossip about Madame de Polignac´s close relationship with the queen started to circulate…

To be continued…

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