The Second Chance

Chapter 8: Nasty rumors circulating

The year of 1785 was particularly bad for the queen; August 15 th, was the beginning of the infamous “Affair of the Diamond Necklace” in French criminal history…

It all had started, when a jeweler Boehmer tried to sell the diamond necklace made for Madame Du Barry to Her Majesty Marie Antoinette. But Lady Antoinette had turned him down. So, Boehmer had turned to Jeanne Valois for help. Jeanne, who pretended to be Countess de la Motte, had convinced Cardinal de Rohan that Her Majesty had wanted the Necklace and had asked de Rohan to be the guarantor. So, the deal was made and the necklace was bought from the jeweler…

But, instead of delivering the necklace to the queen, Jeanne had separated the diamonds and had sent her husband Nicholas to England to sell them. When Boehmer started demanding payment for the necklace, the con was revealed…

People involved in the Affair of the Diamond Necklace, except for Nicolas de la Motte, were all arrested to be tried on charges of forging official documents, theft, fraud, and contempt of the royal family.

Although Oscar had tried to find Nicholas and bring the necklace back, she was never able to find him. It was as someone had tipped him off. But who? Oscar had, for a while now, felt that someone was watching them, both herself and André…But who? And why?… Nevertheless, Oscar had to concentrate on how the Affair of the Diamond Necklace was presented in the court…

Paris High Court, even the royal family could not interfere inside…

Oscar, André and Rosalie were all among the crowd, and they followed the trial intensely…Rosalie had come to see, what was happening to her sister Jeanne…Even thought, they weren´t close, Jeanne was still her sister.

There were many accused in front of the judge, but the main character was definitely Jeanne. It was a tiresome process in all, but eventually Jeanne confessed…

Jeanne:“I truly regret that I caused Cardinal de Rohan so much trouble. The Cardinal was merely manipulated by my husband and I. But that was only because I was asked to do so…” Then she accused of Her Majesty of being the main architecture of this unfortunate event…“Her Majesty loved me…in a lesbian fashion…”

Everyone in the courtroom was surprised and the judge wanted Jeanne to prove her accusations against the queen…Which she did in her own way…She continued telling, how close Madame de Polignac had been to the queen…She then mentioned Oscar´s name…

When Jeanne mentioned Oscar´s name among the queens lovers, Oscar was ready to pull out her sword, but André stopped her. “Calm down, Oscar, this is a court.”

But that wasn´t the only rumors about Oscar that were circulating. There were rumors suggesting the love affair between her and her servant. Even her father had heard those rumors, and was very concerned. He was speaking with André´s grandma in de Jarjayes´ manor…

General:” I can´t believe this!” he yelled “And I trusted André! And what did he do?! He used his position wrong!”

Nanny:“I´m certain that those rumors aren´t true! My grandson would never touch our precious Madamoiselle.”

General:“Are you so sure? They have always been together and…” he looked at her suspiciously.

Nanny:“No! It can´t be true!” she interrupted “I´ll beat the tar out of that idiot grandson of mine! I´ll teach him a lesson that he´ll never forget! Letting nasty rumors about our Mademoiselle circulating…He´s the one to blame!”

General:“All right! Let´s wait for them and …

When Oscar, André and Rosalie finally returned home, Oscar and André were called to see the General…As soon as they walked into his room, they could tell that something was wrong…


He gave them a picture of Oscar and André in a very intimate situation…“Look at this shit! Is it true?! Oscar! Answer me! How come these pictures of my daughter is circulating everywhere?!”

André looked at the picture and started to turn it. He didn´t exactly knew, which way was up. “Is that you, Oscar?” He grinned…He was certainly interested in that picture…

Oscar took the picture from André and looked at it. She was quite calm.

General:“Well?!I am still waiting! What do you have for excuses?!”

Oscar:“Whoever drew that picture, isn´t very good. She then looked at it again. “My shoulders aren´t like that, also my…”

General:“Is that all you have to say?!You have disgraced our family´s good name!”

Oscar:“I have done nothing of the sort! Everyone can tell that it’s a fake!”

André took the picture again and took another look at it.“You´re right, it´s a fake. I don´t have that kind of a stomach…”

Then Nanny came with a kettle and started to hit André with it. “You no good grandson! You moron! Idiot!” she yelled and took the picture from him “you pervert!” From her point of view, André was far too interested in that picture…It wasn´t decent to even look at it.

While Nanny was chasing André around the room and beating him, Oscar continued talking with her father.

Oscar:“I don´t know, who is behind this. But I know that this person has some grudge against me. I can assure you that none of these accusations about me and André are true. I´m going to find out the source of these preposterous rumors and…”

André:“Grandma! OUCH! Don´t hit me!”

General:“I´ve decided to find André another job, somewhere faraway from here.”

Nanny:“Why you! You! Idiot!”

“What?!” André stopped…he couldn´t believe his ears. The general was going to send him away?

Oscar:“But father…”

General:“No buts! I´ve already decided!”

André was horrified. He didn´t want to go anywhere…He didn´t want to leave Oscar.

Oscar:“Think father, if you do that…Doesn´t it mean that you actually admit that the rumors are true?!”

General:“I…guess so…Fine, he can stay.”

Oscar:“I´m sure that when time goes by, everyone will just forget about it. Meanwhile, we should as normal.”

General:“All right. BUT! Oscar, if I ever find out that the rumors are true, then I´ll kill you both!”

Oscar:“Do that. André, let´s go.”

They walked to her room and closed the door behind, so that no one could hear them.

André:“You never told me about this, Oscar. You could have warned me.”

Oscar:“I couldn´t tell you…”

André:“Who is behind this? You know.”

Oscar:“André, I don’t know. I couldn´t have told you, because I didn´t know it either. This is something new to me, too.”

André:“What?! You mean…”

Oscar:“This event never happened before.”

André:“You mean that because we changed the course of events, it triggered this event right now?”

Oscar:“Yes… that must have happened. André, we have an enemy.”

André:“Duke de Guéménée! I´m certain of it!”

Oscar:“I believe you are right, but we don´t neither have the evidence to prove that nor time to solve it. We have to concentrate on the matters that concern the whole France…”

André:“But, Oscar! What about your reputation, your career…”

Oscar:“I don´t care about my reputation. What comes to my career…I will leave my place at the Royal Guards someday anyway, so it might as well happen sooner.”


Oscar:“What about your reputation, André?”

André:“I don´t care about that.”

Then, all of a sudden, Oscar started to laugh:“That picture of us was so funny!”

André joined her laughter “It was! He didn’t even know how to draw us right!”

To be continued…

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