She Is My Desire


A STRUGGLE TO FIND TRUE LOVE IN THE PATH OF THRONES OF LUST AND PAIN ... "I hate you...! " She choked in broken tone yet acting as strong. " You will hate me more, I promise I will make your every day hell! " he warned in a dangerous tone. " What the hell I did for you?" she yelled. " You should pay back for insulting me, miss... Nandini Sharma! " he whispered in a husky tone while tearing her shirt she gasped with his act. Before she could resist, he claimed her lips as his hands started touching her inch by inch shamelessly. ~~~~~ Nandini Sharma .. 20yrs old doing her graduation final yr cool and sweet girl kind at heart... Loves her family especially her brother Nick Manik Malhotra: 25yrs businessman and a spoiled human. he will do anything to satisfy his ego. he likes to dominate, He don't have any feelings towards human, Money minded he destroy anyone but he is a virgin still, but For the first time he wanted to break it with Nandu.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter~1 First Face Off

Nandini pov,

My life was beautiful, My sweet family my friends my college my home this was my life. I never expected anything beyond that and I’m happy with my life, but the next day a thunder spoiled my sweetest family that thunder is Manik Malhotra.

A week before I have seen him on the road where he did an accident, he showed his attitude on the poor victims which made me angry. I gifted him a tight slap for playing with others life. He turned towards me with a rag and pulled me by my hair, I gasped in pain first time I saw such cruel eyes which are filled with different emotions before, I could realize he smashed his lips with mine.

That was my first kiss, I never expected that someone will kiss me so forcibly on a road publicly, he bitted my lower lip by chewing it.

All my struggle is in veins, he is so strong he pulled my face as close as he wants for excess I pushed him back with a force and gave a tight slap before he could hold me I ran away.

After a week, I have seen him at my college. I ignored and turned away to Leave. He blocked my way.

" Nandini Sharma daughter of Sharma so long name nandu !.. that’s enough ” he chuckled.

" Don’t you dare to utter my name, it’s only for my loved ones! ” I warned him.

" Oh .. your loved one who your family and friends right! how you will feel if my car crash your family? isn’t it sounds thrilling! ” he chuckled with a dangerous smirk.

" I will kill you!” I yelled in angry while holding his collar.

" You can’t do anything, Manik Malhotra here, you should pay back nandu better understand that and come back to me before it’s late, I wanna punish you very hard baby!” he whispered while kissing my cheek he left me.

“What punishment what I did...?”

" You slapped me so, I will slap your life out of you nandu, just three days you will come begging for me! ” he shouted with a smirk.

“I will never bend down Mr.Manik just wait and watch!” I answered with the same tone, but I don’t know why his words scared me for the first time.

Is he that much dangerous?

Manik pov,

Nandini Sharma sexy name which made me crazy, I never have such feelings for any girl before. But the first time, I got sexually attracted to this girl. she turned like my desire, I want her at any cost.

What a guts she slapped the great Manik Malhotra .. you have selected a painful life miss. Nandini, I will get you on your knees soon.

I will snatch your so-called self-respect and that attitude too. you will soon learn your lesson.

few days later,

One-day Nandini got a call from an unknown number she attended the call.

On phone

Caller.. “good morning nandu” a dangerous voice whispered in a husky tone.

" You! ” Nandini muttered in shock.

" Haha, that’s good u remembered me, sweetheart! so, are you ready to pay back sexy? ” he whispered in a husky tone.

" Shut up! ” she scored while hanging her phone.

He dialled back ... She attended in irritation.

“What the hell you want ?” she yelled.

" It’s you____ I want you! ” he answered.

" Never, I will never be yours ” ” she scowled.

" Oh, then someone in your family is missing just go and check then, call me back you have 3mins your time starts now..!.” He warned while ending the call Which shocked her to the core.

She called out her dad and confirmed that he is fine. She came out of her room and checked her mom.

“Mom where is nick ? ” she asked about her little brother.

" He went to school, dad dropped him and left to office. do u want anything nandu?” she asked.

" No, Mom I’m fine! ” she made excuse and left to her room.

He dialled her again.

" What the hell!” she yelled

" I think you haven’t realized yet, I will give you hint missing person is your brother your little brother, ” he said with a smirk she can feel it in his husky tone only.

" No my brother in school! ” she replied while holding her negative thoughts.

" Your dad dropped him, but my man kidnapped him. if you have doubt go check - - but don’t you dare to inform anyone about this bcoz next second, I will kill him. I’m really bad nandu you had 50mins time, if you want your brother come to x palace or else you will get his dead body in 121 mins it takes time to parcel all body parts ” he whispered with a dangerous smirk.

After 45 mins,

She got an MMS where she has seen her brother tied up and blindfolded in an isolated place. she realized the fact that he got kidnapped by Manik. she ran to his place in worry.

Soon she reached the place.

“Welcome to hell nandu! ” a cold voice mumbled in a dark room which caused her a shiver.

" Why the hell you are doing this, where is my Chotu ?” she choked in tears.

" He is safe as you came, but after our deal will decide his future ” he chuckled with a smirk.

" What you mean? ” she mused.

" I will be straightforward sleep with me gift me yourself, I will let your brother safe, ” he said in a calm yet serious tone.

Her world turned upside down with his words.

" Never, I can’t do that! ” she choked in tears.

" Good fine, forget your brother Edward kill her brother! ” he ordered.

" Noo... Please!” she pleaded

" Than accept my deal ” he smirked.

" I’m really sorry for slapping you, I will never come back in front of you.. please leave me! ” she pleaded in tears.

" Don’t cry baby, I don’t like to see them and if you are like others, I used to kill you in one go, but I don’t know why I just got struck with you just one night after that u can be free. I will pay as much as you want ” he snuggled while kissing her earlobe he just sucked it.

She pushed him back with a force.

" I’m not such type of girl! ” she pleaded in tears.

" Even I’m not such type this was my first time too, but don’t worry I know these things very well ” he smirked.

She felt disgusting.

" Stop your disgusting looks! I said what I want if you want your brother then please me tonight or else you are free. I can kill your brother as my revenge, you have very low time say your decision by evening or else you will lose your brother! ” he warned and left her alone.

" Please ...!” She pleaded

He took a step back.

" You should say please sir, my decision will never change just think what will happen if your brother dies. if you sleep with me none will know that except you and me so think fast! ” he smirked.

She gulped her tears.

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