When my soul returned


It is a story where two soulmates are separated by the destiny and it is not about the pain of their separation period.It is about the happy moments

Drama / Romance
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Character Sketch:

Raj Malhothra:

The most arrogant business man to the business world and a very caring friend who can sacrifice his life for his friends.He can make the world upside down for his friends and his family which include his friends’s families too.He love his wife like a teen age guy and romances with her till now.He think all his sons(that is his and his friends’s sons) as his pride and his daughters(his and his friends’s daughters)as his happiness.He can do anything for his daughters.He is angry on himself for letting his doll go away from them.Missing her a lot as she is his chotusa crime partner.Father of a boy and girl.Brotherly figure to Megha and can’t bear her single tear drop.

Nyonika Raj Malhothra:

The woman who carries an aura with her.She is the trustee of “Space” educational institution which includes schools and colleges.She is a person just like her husband doing anything for her friends and family.You can deal with nyonika only while you are good to her family which include her friends too.If u mess with them then you have to deal with “Nyonika Malhothra” who can scare you to death.She is like a little sister to Ram who showers her with unconditional love.She loves all her children very much and her sons are her favourite.And she is very sad for her son.Misses her daughter like hell and wants her back in their life.Mother of a boy and girl.She is the best friend and secret keeper of her son “Abhu”.

Ram Kapoor:

Same as his friend “devil” to his business rivals and a child to his friends and family.He is the bigbro of his gang as he can guide anyone at any situation and he can lead you through any situation.He loves to pamper his daughters to no extent.Missing his angel to the core but he is helpless.Love his wife.Nyo’s fatty bro.Father of a boy and girl.

Priya Ram Kapoor:

A lady with a smiling face.She is a very famous classical singer world wide.She also owns some NGOs along with megha.Her friends are like her family and love her children to the core.She is a person with a very naive heart who can forgive anyone for their mistake.But she becomes a dangerous queen when you messes with her family.She is the sister of Akash Dhawan who pampers her till now.Missing her “laado” but doesn’t show her sadness to anyone as she does’nt want to see her family sad.Mother of a boy and girl.She is the favrt person of her son “aaru”

Akash Dhawan:

He is a serious person to the outsiders and a funny person to his family who can make you smile even in your worst times.He is a clever business man who handles their chain of hotels.He is like a supporting pillar to his friends.He can handle any matters with a peacefull mind.But he always needs his friends beside him.He tries to act brave whenever his family misses their daughter but everyone knows that he himself is very sad.He just pampers his sister Priya a lot.Father of a boy and girl.

Avantika Akash Dhawan:

Straight Opposite to her husband.Quite matured and she always warns her husband like a mother for his actions. Has a difficult time in handling her husband and son. She is a strong lady who works along with her friend Raj.She is the only person who give hopes to everyone that they will get their daughter one day.She is very close to her son “mano” and so she knows the pain of him more than anyone.Mother of a boy and girl.She can’t bear a single word against Raman whom she consider as her bigbrother.

Raman Bhalla:

Very jovial with his friends and family.He is a business man who handles textile industries named”FabricsBoom”. He is not very expressive with everyone but only to his closed ones.he share a tom and jerry relationship with his wife.His daughters are his life.Currently missing his daughter very much.Love his wife,family and friends.He is the buddy of Ram.Father of a boy and girl.He is the favrt bro of Avantika with whom he teases his friend Akash Dhawan.

Ishita Raman Bhalla:

A very sweet lady with a kind heart who is a Dentist by profession.she is a Tamilian and that’s why her husband call her “madhrasan” which she loves the most.She is like a little sister to Raj.They share a very special bond which is admired by all.She is “ishi maa” of her children.Misses her princess and need her back in their lives.her son “shravu” is very close to her. Mother of a boy and girl.Missing her Gudiya to the core and feels bad for her son.She is the sweetest sister of Mohan. She is the mother of a girl and a boy.

Mohit Sinha:

He is a person who takes life easily.Funny person next to Akash in his gang.He loves his family and friends a lot and he is the first person who comes to his sons’s mind when they want to share something about their crushes or if they want to share their feelings.He is a best Journalist who has a channel and newspaper named “Udaan” and he love his sister like friend Ishita more than anyone. Misses his doll and waiting with a hope that he will get to see her soon.

Megha Mohan Sinha:

A person with a most beautiful heart.She takes care of everyone like a mother and becomes a kid with her brother Raj whom he calls “Raj bhaiyya”.She can give her life for her friends and she can make your life hell if you trouble her loved ones.Favrt maa of her son “Cabu”.She protects him from everyone and especially Manik.She handles NGOs along with Priya and she is a classical dancer who is very popular in the world.

Abhimanyu Kapoor:

First son of the family who is very special to everyone as he is the person who called him/her mom/dad for the first time.A very sensible person in youth clan.Very very sweet to his family and friends but more than a devil to his rivals. Love his babydoll more and misses her like hell and he feels helpless seeing his buddy “lifeless”.Avni is his first and last love.Shares his every single secret with his “nyo maa”.Love his wife a lot and encourages her to be independent.See his babydoll in his “babybun” who is his and avni’s daughter.He is 30 years old.

Avni Abhimanyu Kapoor:

She is the only daughter of Malhothras and daughter-in-law of Kapoors.She is 1 year younger to abhi,cabir manik and arijit.She is very close to her “Manik bhai” and he calls her “kiddo”.She is an independent woman just like her mothers and caries the same aura just like her mother.Very responsible woman.Abhi is a person without whom she can’t imagine her life.She misses her soulie everyday.She is a journalist by profession.She is 29 years old.She is a classical singer too.

Muskaan Abhimanyu Kapoor:

Cute little bundle of joy of Abhi and Avni.Bubbly like her mother and sensible like her father.Mamu’s pumpkin. She is the most precious possession of her dad and her dad is her hero.Single word against him and you will see the worst of her.she is six years old.

Cabir Dhawan:

He is the next elder one in the clan but behaves more like a kid.He is 3 months younger to abhi.He is the funniest guy in the house just like his dad.He is an RJ in his own radio station.Loves to fight with his wife every now and then but love her the most in the world.Love his son who is very close to him.He is a mirror of manik.he can read manik’s expressions.Missing his munchkin a lot.Feeling bad for his friend.loves naina more.

Navya Cabir Dhawan:

Daughter of Bhallas and daughter-in-law of dhawans. The purest soul like her mother.Her age is same as avni’s.Loves arijit a lot and calls him “aaru bhai”.She loves to tease cabir along with manik.Quite matured than her husband.Missing her bestie.She loves her son and he resembles her husband a lot.She is a fashion designer and she owns a boutique named “AURA” along with her bhabhi Bulbul.She is a classical singer too.

Abeer Cabir Dhawan:

A 6 and half years old very naughty boy like his dad.Love his mumma lot. Champ of his chachus and dhadhus.Though he is elder to Muskaan by 6 and chahat by 8 months he protects them like a big brother and they too call him bhaiyu.

Manik Malhothra:

Younger than cabir by 1 month.Most handsome guy till now.He is famous for his voice.Music is his passion.Yet he is a very great business man.He handles their construction business.He is very close to cabir else we can say that cabir is his mirror and vice versa.Arijit is his buddy.Abhi is his bigbro.shravu is his kid.He is missing his love every second but tolerating his pain for her safety. His favrt person is his “avi maa” with whom he shares his every fears and pains.A very good dancer and his this talent is unknown to the world except his family.Little bit short tempered but very caring and loving beta /bhai / friend / husband.

Nandhini Manik Malhothra:

She is the daughter of Kapoors and daughter-in-law of Malhothras.Youngest among the gang members.hence she is pampered by everyone except manik.Manik is her love of life.Missing everyone and her “Monster” badly.She is waiting for the day to go back home.Living with her “Baby” away from everyone.Only her bhai knows her staying place.A very sweet girl and she resembles her mother more.Kind hearted to the best and a roaring lion to the worst.classical singer and doctor by profession.

Aadhvik Manik Malhothra:

Ditto of his father.His every gesture resembles his father’s actions.Short tempered like his father.Very caring,loves music,very good singer,very possessive just like his father and love his mom and twin brother more than anything.Waiting for his dad whom he thinks as his hero.Missing his dad a lot but never ask his mumma as he don’t want to hurt her.A very handsome guy.7 years old.He just knows his surname as “Malhothra” but nothing about his dad and his family.

Vedhvik Manik Malhothra:

Twin brother and another part of soul of nandhini.He is matured like his mom and resembles her in some matters but exactly like his father when it comes to his friends and family.He protects his twin bro like a bigbro.Dyeing to meet his father who is his idol.Music is his passion and he loves to draw sketches.He admires and respects his mother.Love his mom and twin bro a lot.

Arijit Sinha:

Son of Asashish and Megha Sinha.younger to abhi by 2 months.He looks like a serious person but very playful with his family.loves navya more than anything.love his wife and daughter.Missing his chotu so much.Great musician and very handsome guy just like his other brothers.Very talented architect.

Mrunal Arijit Sinha:

Daughter of Dhawans and daughter-in-law of Sinhas. A classical dancer just like her mother-in-law who is her inspiration.Close to her chotu that is shravu.Love her husband and daughter more.Loves to tease and irritate arijit.Share a tom and jerry kinda relationship with him. Misses her sistaa every momemt.She also sing classical songs.

Nathasha Arijit Sinha:

6 years old cutie pie just like her mumma.papa’s jaan.Love him more than anything and protects him from her mother’s scoldings.loves her bhai and di more.pampers her little bro.talkative girl like her mumma but very obedient.

Shravan Bhalla:

Little one among the boys.Just like a copy cat of cabir.Loves his bhais a lot and consider them as his idols.love music.Love dancing with his manik bhai.love his wife but always irritates her.Newly added in the list of dads.handsome like his brothers.A very famous cardiologist.Love bulbul more.

Naina Shravan Bhalla:

Xerox copy of her nanni di.Love her bhais and dis. Love it when her husband irritates her.Sweet just like her mother-in-law.But a very dominant lawyer in society. Pampered by cabir.She is a very cool person.She is also a classical dancer.

Aashish Shravan Bhalla:

A cute new member of the family who is just 3 years old. Love his brothers and sisters more.His smile makes everyone’s day especially his dad’s.



Manik-lead singer and guitarist

Arijit-electrical guitarist


Shravan-keyboard player

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