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"I had a daughter once…" After fifteen years, Cassiopeia Lyra Malfoy - youngest child of Draco and Astoria Malfoy - is returning.

Romance / Children
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The Malfoy Curse

The Malfoy Curse

Lord Voldemort –He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, The Dark Lord – raised a hand over his head. The twisted, snake-like features flickered in the light from the half-moon glinting in the sky. Behind him, indicating a lesser position, Bellatrix Lestrange flicked her tongue in a detailed arc, hissing cat-like as a protective hand slithered up the leather material of Her Lord’s cloak. Her husband, Rodolphus, flicked a hand to her direction from an even more retreated position, possessive.

It had been years since Harry Potter had graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and now they were back there for the moment of truth. He now had three children. The eldest, James Sirius Potter, would be turning seventeen in a couple of weeks, but had been enlisted in keeping the youngsters at home, much to his displeasure. He, along with his three best friends, Fred II and Roxanne – George and Angelina's children – and George II – Fred and Alicia's eldest – had been nicknamed the New Marauders, to the delight of many and the displeasure of few. The middle child, Albus Severus Potter, had just turned fifteen, and was a gangly lad who had single-handedly broken years of rivalry with his friendship with Scorpius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's youngest son. The youngest, Lily Luna Potter, would soon be turning fourteen and, along with Hugo Weasley – Ron and Hermione's youngest – Daniela Roserri – a Ravenclaw in their year – and Jason Danivon – a cunning Slytherin – had been nicknamed Mismatched. This was due to Hugo's induction into Hufflepuff and Lily's admittance into Gryffindor, meaning that they had all four houses in their little clique.

The former Tom Riddle had been in hiding for the best part of thirty-five years, slowly gathering strength and power, but now he was back where it had all started. To the shock of many, he knew he wasn't going to win, he could see the determination clouding Harry's eyes, the ferociousness pulling the muscles taunt in the side of the Light, and the pure hatred directed towards him. In years to come, many would speculate at what had permitted him to do what he did next, but none could be certain. None-the-less, as he raised his arm, the Elder Wand clutched firmly into his grip, and pointed it a Harry Potter, his free arm was delving into the confines of his cloak, a piece of yellowing parchment being pulled out.

"Avada Kedavra."


A flash of green light…

And it was all over

The figure, who had before been standing firm and tall in front of Harry, slowly crumbled to the floor, before disintegrating into a grey pile of ash at his feet. The parchment that had previously been clutched in Voldemort's fist fluttered to the ground, a slight sigh on the wind. A cheer rose up, Harry Potter at the centre of the hoarding masses, a triumphant grin curling across his countenance. Ginny Potter came to his side, one hand holding roughly onto his shoulder. He nodded. With a slight 'pop' that went almost unnoticed, she disappeared from view. Harry's brother-in-law, a tall man filled almost to the brim with burns, clunked forward, a deep smile on his scarred face.

"Impressive, Harry. Always knew you could do it."

"Thanks, Charlie," the reply was instantaneous, Harry's head turning only slightly to catch his eye before turning back to survey the surroundings once more. He was getting restless even though his wife had only been gone for a couple of minutes. Looking around he noticed that many of his sister-in-laws had also disappeared, most likely to retrieve their children from home. The dead were still being identified and he was loath to bring his children into this harsh atmosphere, but he had no choice. Their effort would be needed in order to restore Hogwarts to its former glory.


Kingsley Shaklebolt was calling him, one inky hand raised over his head. He was dressed in his favourite royal-purple robes, the bottom of which was singed slightly. Harry chuckled. Kingsley was probably the only person in the world aside from Albus Dumbledore who could come out of a fight looking as good as when they'd gone in.

"This was found within his robes."

The gruff voice pierced his mind and Harry turned, taking in the black material that was hunched over Kingsley's arm before turning his attention to the yellowing parchment before him. It appeared to be a letter, but it also appeared to be in code.


He called across to his best friend, who had just returned with her two children, Rose and Hugo. She turned, frowning at him for disturbing her reunion time with his other best friend and brother-in-law, Ron. Nonetheless, she moved towards them, Kingsley shuffling over to accommodate her. As if she knew exactly what she was being asked to do, she took the parchment from Harry's limp, grimy hand and examined it in silence for a moment.

"It's Latin." And then, slightly quieter, as if she did not want to be heard, she muttered, "How cliché."

"Can you read it?" Harry noticed the eagerness in his own voice but refused to acknowledge it, keeping his whole attention firmly on Hermione. He had not even realised that Ginny, his wife, had returned with James, Albus and Lily, and was currently arguing with two Aurors across from him who refused to allow her to see her husband. "What does it say?"

Hermione pursed her lips before calling over Ginny, an expert in the field, having joined her eldest brother, Bill, as a curse breaker in Gringotts Wizarding Bank after falling pregnant at twenty-five and having to give up her Chaser status. The two women began mumbling to themselves, eyes riveted onto the parchment before them, small, equal frowns creasing their foreheads.

"It's a letter," Hermione confirmed his previous thought, "And it's written to Lucius Malfoy."


Ginny through him a glare at his rudeness but didn't say anything, allowing her older friend to speak. Instead, she glided over to where the Potter / Weasley children were huddled against the wall.

"Yes, maybe we should read it to Draco as well." Hermione didn't appear pleased with the thought, but clearly understood that she had no choice. After all, Draco Malfoy had been on their side in this War even if his father, Lucius, hadn't been. "Oi, Malfoy."

Her tone held politeness, but Draco, known for his rapid temper and unwilling cooperation, still threw her a harsh glare, unwilling to be disturbed. Nevertheless, he moved over to the Golden Trio, as Ron had finally joined them, and raised a singular, silver eyebrow at his former nemesis.

"What is it, Potter? You know I haven't been…"

"It's about this." Hermione waved the letter in his face. "Do you mind if I read it?"

"Why would I mind?"

None of the other three thought it prudent to mention that the letter was actually addressed to him and Hermione began to read, pausing to take a deep breath before doing so.

“It has been brought to my attention by a previous associate of ours that the Malfoy Curse has been broken. I must admit myself disappointed that you did not see fit to mention it to me and, instead, continued to aid in the protection of this girl…”

Hermione paused, flicking a slight glance at her three companions, all of whom waited in silence, before continuing with a rough sigh.

“…I believe you have been informed of my wish. I allowed you and your son to disgrace my name through the failure to kill Albus Dumbledore. Do not disappoint me again.”

"The Malfoy Curse?" Ron was the first to speak, frowning in confusion. A small crease appeared between Harry's eyebrows as he thought, but all he came up with was the unofficial Potter's Love Redheads curse, which didn't appear very prevalent in this situation. Draco appeared deep in thought and had not answered the question, causing Hermione to snap rather harshly at him.

"The Malfoy Curse has been placed on my family for centuries, originating from…"

"We don't really care." Ron placed one hand over his mouth and patted it twice in a show of boredom. From where he was watching with his siblings, James Potter II laughed softly, shaking his head at his Uncle's actions. Albus wacked his brother over the head, resulting in a whispered argument taking place. Turning their attention away from the squabbling siblings, Malfoy began to speak again.

"The Malfoy Curse states that Malfoy's can only have male children. It's also a result of our Veela genes, I suppose."

"Then it's still intact," Hermione mused in confusion. "You have a seventeen year old son, a sixteen year old son, and a fifteen year old son…but no daughter. If the curse had been broken then you would have a girl."

Malfoy got a wistful look forming across his ageing face. He ran a hand along his receding hair, sighing slightly. His eyes watched his wife, Astoria Greengrass-Malfoy as she chastised their eldest for playing a prank on their youngest. Her long, auburn hair was flowing down her back in deep waves and her dazzling green eyes were alight with fervour. Harry had to admit that the two made a handsome couple.

"I had a daughter once…she went missing when Scorpius was five. They were twins. We tried to keep it away from the Daily Prophet and the Aurors but we never gave up hope that we'd find her again. I suppose I now know who took her. My own father." He shook his head, repeating, "My own father" in a wondering voice.

"So where would Lucius have taken her?" Hermione asked in a soft voice, trying not to upset the already clearly distraught Malfoy. Ron snorted at her attempt, receiving a glare from his wife that made him scurry back over to their children, wrapping an arm around a sobbing Rose, who, it seemed, couldn't take the death and destruction that surrounded her.

"Not to Malfoy Manor, that would be too obvious." Harry opened his mouth to dispute this claim, but the blond was already speaking again in a rushed, worried tone. "Maybe to the Malfoy Summer House in France, or maybe even to Chalet de Malfoy in Italy."

"How many houses do you have?" Hermione asked in surprise, only to receive a derisive glower from Draco, who didn't even deign to answer. "Fine." She raised her hands in surrender. "Where do you think she'll have been taken to?"

"Somewhere where there is a prevalent Wizarding school; Father –" he spat the word with pure contempt, "Wouldn't want her to lose out on her education. I suppose she'd probably be in the Summer House, then, as that is near Beauxbatons School of Magic. It's either that or Chateaux Malfoy in Florida. That's near Sheridan Education of Magic, but that's an all-male school, so it must be the Summer House."

"I wonder why Voldemort wanted her gone in the first place," Harry mused, pleased when neither of his companions flinched at the name. Hermione only cast him an incredulous glance.

"It's obvious, isn't it?" At the looks of confusion she received, she elaborated. "Voldemort wouldn't want there to be a chance that the girl…"

She was interrupted to Draco, "Cassiopeia." When neither of them spoke, he muttered, "Her name is Cassiopeia Lyra Malfoy."

Hermione nodded, "Voldemort wouldn't want there to be a chance that Cassiopeia could 'sully' the Malfoy name. The Law of Marriage is still in effect where pureblooded males are concerned, they can still have arranged marriages. Not that I think you'd give your sons one," she added hurriedly when Malfoy opened his mouth furiously. Although far from impressed, he nodded for her to continue. "Anyway, the Law of Marriage bans arranged marriages for females, meaning that when she grew older, she would be able to marry anyone she wanted, including half-bloods and Muggleborns. By kidnapping her, Voldemort was ensuring that this wouldn't happen. I'm sure he's been attempting to brainwash her into believing in his way of life."

"We've got to find her," the blond had a panicked look on his face as he shifted from foot-to-foot. "She could be harmed."

"We'll leave momentarily." Almost at once, Harry and Hermione left to rejoin their families, explaining a brief series of events. Draco almost glided over to Astoria, Scorpius, Abraxus and Septimus. Astoria's face was pale, a tear falling from one pale eye as he stared at her husband.

"She's coming back."

The three teenagers seemed overjoyed, all but Scorpius taking protective stances next to their Mother, thinking of the sister they would soon see. All three boys looked exactly like Draco, their white-blond hair seeming to gleam in the weak sunlight. From what they remembered – as it had been ten years ago – Alexis had had the same sort of hair as their Mother when she was younger as well as the slight glow from the Veela blood from their father.

"Are you ready, Malfoy?" Harry had appeared at his side, one hand outstretched. He turned to Astoria, "You are welcome at the Burrow while you wait, if you wish."

"Thank you." Astoria kissed her husband on the cheek and moved over to Hermione and Ginny, who placed their arms over her shoulders, cocooning her in the warmth.

"Let's go." As they watched their wife's disappear, Kingsley had moved over to their sides and now held an old boot out for the Malfoy to take. He did so and, upon waving his wand over it in a figure of eight movement, it glowed a deep blue colour.

"Brilliant. The portkey's ready. I always wanted to see another Malfoy hovel." All three men shivered, remembering the events from so long ago, when the Golden Trio had been trapped in Malfoy Manor. If Voldemort had appeared just before they disappeared then, the War may have been over before their kids had joined Hogwarts. As it so happened, Harry and Ron's youngest children would soon be entering their fourth year and the War had only just ended.


As the two began playfully bickering, the portkey glowed even brighter and they were transported to France, to the Malfoy Summer House, which really couldn't be described as a House. It was more like a Mansion than anything. It was breathtakingly beautiful, however, with long, sloping lawns and high, arched towers. As they neared the doors, words could be heard from a side-arch.

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