Bring Me Home

Chapter 15: There's No Place like Home

Melting in his embrace, Emma looked up at Killian. He was holding her so close that he was soaking her clothes, but she didn’t try to pull back. She was distracted by how messy his wet hair was.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Hmm?” His smirk was not helping her focus. “Nothing,” she said. There was no way she would admit how tempted she was to play with his hair. “Just, don’t do this ever again.”

“Even if that was the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever experienced and that I got a hell of a kiss afterwards?”

“You’ve been lucky with the kiss. I was tempted to slap you.”

“Really?” This seemed to amuse him more than anything.

“Seriously, Killian. Please don’t put your life in danger like this ever again. You really scared me and I don’t need this, I’ve already been through enough, lately.”

“My apologies, I won’t walk the plank again. I just knew you’d save me, and I’ve been blinded by this will to make you see how amazing you are.” His fingers softly reached for her cheek. “Will you forgive me?”

Emma sighed, leaning into his touch. “For some reason, I can’t seem to be able to be mad at you for more than a few seconds. Of course I forgive you.”

She captured his lips and kissed him.

“Not that I’m in need of any specific reason, but what was that for?”

“To show you that you don’t need to risk your life to get a kiss,” she said with a smile. “Can we stop with magic for today, and work on other fighting skills? I still need some training in sword-fighting.”

“Sounds like a good plan. But I am afraid I have some captain’s duties to fulfil first. Would you give me a few hours? Then, I’ll be all yours.”

“Of course,” she said before pecking his lips.

Emma and Killian came back from below deck, ready for a sword-fighting lesson. The captain had taken his heavy soaked coat off. He stood in front of Emma, his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“Let’s see how much you remember from the first time. Ready?”

She placed her hand on the hilt of her sword and imitated his position. “Yes.”

They both unsheathed and soon, the sound of the swords bumping into each other echoed on deck. Emma was focusing on defence rather than attack, like she remembered he had told her. She blocked all of his blows, and took care of avoiding the mast as she stepped back. But eventually, a second of inattention when the blade of his sword hit hers and the hilt slipped from her hand.

“Very well, love!” He sheathed his sword while she picked hers up, a bright smile on her lips because he sounded so proud of his student. “The only thing I can tell is that your moves could be smoother. It would be much easier and less exhausting for you. Last time it was the same, but you will improve with time: for your moves to be smoother, you need to relax. Once again, you’re too tense. But I think I can help.”

Emma watched him going to stand behind her. “What are you…”

She dropped her sword and closed her fingers on his arms which he had crossed on her stomach, leaning into his embrace as he kissed her neck.

“I just know how you’re melting in my arms when I kiss you like this,” he whispered in her ear. “Now, you’re relaxed.”

“I am indeed. So much that I’m not sure I can stand on my feet now.”

Killian chuckled. “Do I have so much power on you?”

She didn’t reply, distracted by his hand which she grabbed to stop it from wandering around. “Killian, not now. Behave.”

This only made him chuckle again and press a kiss on her cheek, while he was still holding her against him.

“Distracting the opponent like this shouldn’t be allowed,” she said. “If I lose the next fight, it’ll be your fault.”

“I’m ready to take the blame,” he laughed. “Speaking of the next fight, should we start again?”

She nodded and freed herself from his embrace to pick up her sword.

Like the first time, she stopped each of his blows, and avoided finding herself blocked against the mast or the railing. The thought it could last like this for a long time crossed her mind. Instead of keeping a defensive strategy, she attacked. But she was too slow: he was the one to disarm her. Watching her sword falling on the floor was not the thing to do, as it gave him the required time to trap her in his embrace.

“Nice try, love, but not good enough.” Once again, he was standing right behind her, but this time with his sword against her throat. “You’re in danger, princess, you’ve been caught by a pirate.”

Emma smiled brightly, not even thinking of trying to break free, and leant even more against him instead. “I’m not afraid. And since when am I a princess?”

“Isn’t it how it works? Since I’ve rescued you in this tower, twice, doesn’t that make you my princess?” he asked, looking at her from over her shoulder.

She giggled and he beamed in response, his eyes sparkling with happiness. “Does that make you my Prince Charming?”

“A prince? No thanks, I’ll stick to being a pirate.” Playfully, he added on a menacing tone, “a pirate who is now holding you captive.”

“The princess is still not afraid.”

“Lass! Your survival instinct is failing. You should be afraid, you’re at the mercy of a ruthless pirate.”

“A ruthless pirate with a not-so-secret soft side.”

With a bright smile lingering on her lips, she softly reached for the blade and pushed the sword away, lowering his arm. She turned over and captured his lips, one hand trailing up to his hair and the other one moving down his arm while she kissed him. Her fingers slipped between his hand and the hilt of his sword. She leant against him so much that he was forced to make a step back to keep balance. Still leaning against him, she wrapped her leg and pressed it behind his calves. She smiled against his lips as, unable to move, he did exactly what she wanted and sat down on deck, their lips not pulling apart. Trying not to get lost in the kiss, she focused on what she was doing and kept leaning against him. It was only when he was lying on his back and she was on all fours on deck, leaning over him, that she stopped kissing him. A smug smile was on her lips when she freed her hand from his and playfully placed the sword against his throat.

“Distracted, captain?” she asked on a teasing tone.

Realizing his mistake, a crooked smile made its way to his features. Emma’s mind went blank as her eyes stopped on his tongue, which had just appeared in the corner of his lips.

“I must admit you bested me.”

Her smile brightened at his words. His tongue disappearing out of sight helped her focus on his eyes again, but his gaze was so intense that she didn’t seem to recover the ability to think. Her tongue quickly brushed her bottom lip as she looked at him. It had always been like this; since the very first time when they had met, he had always had this ability to get her lost in his bright blue eyes. There had always been so much intensity in his gaze that she had never managed to resist. Maybe she should have got used to it with time passing by, but on the contrary it seemed like it was harder and harder to resist. Giving up on trying, she removed the sword from under his throat. Her fingers left his hair to close on his vest, and her lips crashed on his. This time not fighting to keep her focus, she lied on top of him and got lost. Her hand, until then holding the hilt of the sword, went through his hair. Drowning in the kiss, she didn’t realize right away that he had switched their position, rolling her under him. Their lips pulled apart. Emma opened her eyes only when she felt the cool metal of the blade against her throat. He had taken advantage of her distraction to take his sword back, and was now looking down at her with the same smug smile she had when the positions were switched.

“And here again, you lose. I could jab you with my sword right now.”

Both her hands now clutching his shirt, Emma looked up at him with wide eyes, unable to stop herself from seeing a figurative sense to his words. Killian was watching her with a playful smile.

“How am I losing? You said I had bested you,” she said, using his own words.

His smile widened and he leant closer. “But I never said you had won the fight.”

Emma wanted to reply it was unfair, but she lost her words. She even forgot to breathe. Lying on her back, all she was seeing was him on a background of blue sky. His look was definitely more intense than before, as if there was something more in his eyes.

“What are you both doing?”

Emma started with surprise and tilted her head. Seeing Liam suddenly reminded her they were on deck. Killian was not less surprised, as he had also lost himself in this world which belonged only to the two of them.

“Practicing,” she replied to the man who seemed amused.

“Can’t you see, brother?” asked Killian. “I’m teaching her how to be a fearsome pirate, and you’ve just interrupted the best fight of the century.”

“My apologies, I should have noticed it was only a fight,” Liam said, chuckling. “Seeing how you two were looking at each other, I wondered if you remembered you were on deck.”

Killian and Emma glanced at each other with the same smile on their lips, both repressing a laugh. Just one glance and they knew; they knew that they had both forgot they were not alone.

“Is there anything else that you wanted, brother?” asked Killian, sheathing his sword back, but staying over Emma.

“Actually, there is. I wanted to check our position, but I can’t find the sextant. Last time I saw it, it was in your hand.”

“I surely placed it back in the top drawer of the desk.”

“Killian,” Emma called, tugging at his shirt and waiting for him to look down before asking. “If I’m supposed to be a fearsome pirate, shouldn’t I know how to navigate? You should teach me how to use a sextant.”

He beamed before looking up at his brother. “Forget about it, I’ll take care of checking our position.”

Liam nodded and walked away, and Killian focused again on Emma. His hand reached for her hip and slipped under her clothes, softly brushing her skin as his fingers trailed up to her waist. She stopped him, placing her hand over his.

“Don’t make me forget again that we’re not just the two of us.”

“The fact we’re not just the two of us can easily be fixed.”

It was not the first time during this day that his words had made her look at him with wide eyes. She didn’t know whether it was his smile or his look or the combination of both, but again it was difficult for her to focus.

“Aren’t you supposed to show me how to use a sextant?” she asked on a teasing tone.

“Aye, let’s make a pirate out of you!”

Killian stood up and held out his hand to her, making her stand up as well. He looked at the setting sun.

“Something wrong?”

“If you don’t mind, we’ll wait for the stars to shine. I’ve always preferred the night sky.” He glanced at her and she nodded. “Which gives us a bit of time before dinner.”

“Can you keep yourself occupied until then?” Emma asked.

He raised a curious eyebrow. “Aye, I can. What are you up to?”

“It seems like I have time for a shower.” A teasing smile stretched her lips. “And don’t even think of it as the occasion to be just the two of us.”

Without giving him time to reply, she pecked his lips and went to the quarters.

Wrapped in her towel, her hair still tied in a messy bun, Emma was lost in her thoughts when she came out of the bathroom and back into the quarters. It was when she saw him that she jumped with surprise.

“Killian!” Her hand instinctively reached for her towel, making sure it wouldn’t risk to fall. “I thought you were on deck.”

“I was.” She noticed his smile as he looked her up and down and she felt her cheeks lightly warming up. “I came to look for the sextant. Not in its right place, but I’ve found it.”

She looked at the device he was showing her before her eyes travelled to the bed behind him, where she had left her clothes.

“Good. Now, if you don’t mind…”

She walked past him as she went to pick them up, and felt his eyes on her as she went back to the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, she bit the inside of her bottom lip. She had walked back to the bathroom rather fast, focusing on the door, because she knew. She knew that the thought of accidentally dropping the towel had crossed her mind and that, had she caught his eyes, she would have lost herself. She tried to stop thinking about this, or about how her attraction to him seemed more and more irresistible, but she failed. Dressing up and tying her hair in the usual ponytail, she then went back to the quarters, where he was waiting for her.

“Is it time for dinner yet?”

“Aye, you’re right on time.”

She walked to him and looked around the room; she wouldn’t be willing to go back outside if they stayed in the quarters. There was another option she liked. “Can we go out and eat on the railing? This way we can watch the night falling while waiting for the stars to shine.”

“Of course, love.”

This was exactly what they did; going to their usual spot on deck and enjoying dinner in the twilight. Time seemed to fly by and, quickly, the sky darkened.

“Is it dark enough, now?”

“Aye, it is. I’ve left the sextant in the quarters, just wait for me here.”

Sitting alone on the railing, Emma looked up at the sky. She tried to remember the constellations he had pointed, but there were so many stars that she couldn’t find any. Well might she try to identify any of them; she found nothing. Feeling like she had been staring at the sky for a while now, she wondered what was taking Killian so long and looked around. He was standing just a few feet behind, watching her.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” he asked with a smile filled with tenderness.

“No.” She was unable to hide the disappointment in her voice.

“It’s alright, love.” He came back to sit next to her. “It is not easy, especially at the start. But now, let’s skip to the next step: celestial navigation. I guess you’ve never used a sextant?”

Emma shook her head. “I had never seen a real one.”

“Let me show you. With this device you can measure what we call sights. A sight is the angle between the horizon and a star, or any other celestial body. Once you have the sights, with a map and some charts, you can calculate our position, but that’s the next step, I’ll show you this later. For now, take this, by the handle, here,” he said, handing her the sextant. “Is it clear for now?”

“Yes. But how do you use it?”

“I’m coming to it. Can you see the telescope here? It will show you two images. When you take a sight, you have to point the sextant to the horizon. We’re lucky. Tonight, the night is clear and the moon is almost full, the horizon is easy to see. Once you see the horizon through the telescope, you have to find your star. This,” he said, pointing the lower part of the sextant, “is the clamp. By moving it along the arc, you change the orientation of this mirror. The light of the star will reflect into this first mirror, then into this one, and into the telescope. You’ll see both images, the horizon and the star. When the star is brought down to the horizon, you can release the clamp, and read the angle on the arc.”

Emma looked from the sextant to Killian. “I’m not sure I understand.”

Finding her expression especially irresistible at this moment, he tossed an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to press a kiss on her cheek. “It’ll be easier to understand when you do it. First, you need to find your star. Pick a bright one.”

Emma looked up again and pointed the brightest star she had spotted. Realizing her finger was probably not showing the same star from where he was, she understood why he was so close to her when pointing stars. Leaning against him, she pointed the star again. “This one.”

“Nice choice. Any idea what this star could be?”

She remembered the name of a bright star and gave it a try. “The North star?”

Killian smiled brightly. “See? You can recognize some of them.”

“It was one of the only names I remembered.”

“You were still right. Don’t try to make me believe otherwise, it won’t work.” Softly, he brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “Now you can take a sight. Hold the sextant and look into the telescope. You have to see the horizon.”

Emma did what she was asked. It didn’t take her long. “I can see it, what do I do now?”

“Now…” Killian took her free hand and placed it on the clamp, moving it along the arc. “Can you see how the image changes?”


“You have to find your star and get it aligned with the horizon.”

Still looking into the telescope, Emma kept moving the clamp.

“I can’t find it. There are so many stars. I think I’m lost, I don’t know where the North star is.”

Killian looked at the sky and studied the position of the mirrors, and of the sextant itself.

“Perhaps you should turn your head on the right. Nope, you moved too much.” Softly cupping her chin, he oriented her in what he was thinking was the right way, before reaching for her hand again, changing the orientation of the mirror. “Like this, I think you should be close.”

Carefully moving the clamp, Emma kept looking for the North star. Finally, she saw it. “I’ve found it! And it’s aligned with the horizon.”

“Well done, love. Now, you can let go of the clamp and read the angle on the arc.”

Again, she followed his instructions, before looking up at him once she had the sight. “How can we know I haven’t made a mistake?”

“I will check.”

Taking the sextant, he spent only a few seconds looking into the telescope before reading the angle.

“You’ve been so fast.”

“Love, it was your first try, I’ve been sailing for years. And look at this.”

Emma glanced at the sextant he was showing her: it was indicating the same angle. She looked up at him and saw the proud smile on his lips.

“You did it, you took a sight like a real sailor. Now, come with me.”

Killian brought her to the bow of the ship.

“What are we doing here?”

“Collecting the last piece of information that we need to know where the ship is going.”

Leaning back against him as soon as he wrapped his arms around her, she let out a soft sigh of delight.

“What do we need to know?”

Killian pressed his cheek against hers. “We need to know where we’re going. Look at the horizon ahead, and look up at the sky.”

“How is that going to help?” she asked, doing as she was told.

“Right above the bow, there is a star aligned with two other bright stars which are more on the left. Can you see them?”


“They are part of the Aquila constellation. All we need to remember is that we’re heading towards this star.”

“I still don’t understand why we need it.”

He kissed her cheek before turning her in his arms. “We can find this star on a sky map. Once we have the position of the ship, it’ll allow us to check our trajectory.”

“Oh now I understand. But can’t we use a compass for this?”

“We could, that’s another way of doing it. Now, we have all we need to use the maps.”

Once back in the quarters, Emma listened carefully as he explained her how to use charts and maps to calculate the position of the ship from the sight they had taken. She was looking up at him from time to time, loving how passionate he seemed to be as he was sharing his knowledge with her. She listened carefully, but she didn’t think she could do all of it on her own.

“… which means that we’re here.” He took her hand and placed her finger on the map, in the middle of the ocean. “And we’re heading to this direction.”

Following his lead, her finger trailed across the map. It stopped when they reached land.

“The Enchanted Forest,” she read.

“Aye, the Enchanted Forest. We’re on our right path, everything is fine. And, even if I know it’ll require time for you to master it, you now know how to navigate under the stars. Soon, you’ll be a real pirate princess.”

Emma couldn’t repress a smile. “You really want me to be your princess, don’t you?”

“Perhaps I do,” he said, smiling back.

Maybe it was the tenderness in his eyes when he was looking at her which reminded her how much she loved him, or maybe it was just him and everything he was and he had done for her. Biting the inside of her lip, her hand reached for her scrunchie as soon as he looked away to focus on the maps that he rolled up. She removed it and lightly shook her head to let her hair down. Still lightly biting the inside of her lip, not taking her eyes off of him, she was working on her belt when he focused on her again. He noticed her hands on her belt, and how she was staring at him.

“What is it, love?”

She finished to remove her belt and cupped his cheeks, looking into his eyes. There was no need for words: his gaze was so intense that she knew he knew. The intensity was the same as when she had been lying on deck, looking up at him; there had been in his eyes something more than usual, something she had not been able to identify at the time. She was only now realizing what it had been, as he was probably seeing the same thing in her eyes, this same desire she wasn’t willing to fight anymore. She looked down and unbuttoned the buttons of her blue vest before letting it slip off of her shoulders, feeling his eyes on her. She was starting to untie the lace of her shirt when his fingers reached for hers, taking care of doing it himself. Instead, she focused on his own clothes and took care of making him shirtless. A shiver ran through her body as she felt the cool metal of his hook grazing over her skin, which he was using to untie the lace of her shirt.

They were both wearing only underwear when they made eye contact again. The infinite amount of tenderness and love she could see in his eyes made her melt. Killian played with her blonde curls before brushing her hair over her shoulder. He cupped her jaw and pulled her against him to kiss her. All the tenderness and love she had seen in his eyes could also been felt in this kiss. Emma felt like she was burning inside. She tightly wrapped her arms around his neck, unwilling to ever let him go. She felt his hand slowly trailing down her waist, her hip, her thigh. Killian pulled her leg up to his waist and, giving a small impulse, she wrapped her second leg around his waist, letting him carry her to the bed where he sat down. Placing her hands on his chest, she gently pushed him to make him lie down and ran her hands down his torso, admiring his body while he was doing the same, softly trailing his fingers and hook down her sides. She looked him in the eyes and, not understanding how his gaze could be even more intense than before, gave him a smile before leaning down to kiss him. His arms wrapped in her back while her fingers went through his hair, her other hand wandering around any accessible part of his body. He sat up again, rather tightly holding her against him. Left breathless by this most passionate kiss, she melted in his embrace when he trailed kisses down her neck. His lips kept trailing down and she let go of him just the time to remove her bra, feeling his eyes on her as she did so. She went back to kissing him. An arm wrapped in her lower back, his fingers trailing down her body, he turned over to lay her down.

The next morning, when Emma woke up, she didn’t need to open her eyes to know where she was, and a smile tugged at her lips as she thought of the past night. He was on his back and she was lying against him, partly over him, her cheek resting over his chest. His arm was wrapped in her back, with his fingertips grazing over her waist. One of her hands was on his shoulder, the other one was resting over his heart, one of her leg was between his. She was unwilling to move. He was not moving either, she could feel his chest moving regularly under her as he was breathing steadily. Emma thought he was probably still asleep.

Finally opening her eyes, she looked at her hand and softly moved her fingers, playing with his chest hair. His breathing was still steady and she decided it was the occasion to take some more time exploring his flawless body. Her fingers trailed up to his neck, along his collar bone, and she reached for his arm, her fingertips following the lines of his muscles. After a moment, he caressed her side and she looked up. He was awake, as devilishly handsome as ever, his hair messy because of her fingers threading through the raven strands during the night. His eyes were locked on her, and something in his expression made her think she may have been mistaken in thinking he was asleep all this time.

“How long have you been awake?” she asked.

A smirk made its way to his features. “For a while.”

“And you said nothing?”

Her question made him chuckle.

“I didn’t want to wake you up. I’d say watching you sleep is one of my favorite things to do, especially when you’re against me like this. And then… you can’t imagine how enjoyable it is to feel your fingers trailing over me like this.” As she was staring at him, realizing he had awaken before her, he raised a teasing eyebrow. “You’re not the only one able to pretend you’re still asleep.”

Her smile brightened as she remembered being the one pretending to be asleep the previous morning, just like he had just done. She rested her head on his chest and started following the lines of his muscles again, thinking it was probably not as enjoyable as his own fingers now trailing over her back. She let out a contented sigh. Her hand closed on his biceps and she pulled herself on top of him. She softly kissed his lips before leaning her forehead against his, her fingers caressing his cheek. He didn’t stop caressing her back and she propped up her head in her hand, looking him in the eyes and letting herself get lost into the love and tenderness she could see there.

“What have I ever done to deserve you?” he asked.

She smiled and trailed her fingers down his neck. “My devilishly handsome captain, do you really expect me to give you all the reasons? Because the list might be long. The tenderness in your eyes whenever you look at me, the way you smile whenever you see me, the softness of your touch; how could I possibly resist all of this? From the first day when we met, you’ve selflessly put me first, doing everything in your power to help me. You made me feel like I could be loved, and showed me I was wrong all these times I was thinking I could never love someone the way I love you. With everything that you are and everything that you’ve done, you won my heart.”

Killian was devouring her with his eyes. He pulled her down to him and whispered in her ear. “I can tell you did the same to me. My heart is yours. I love you.”

Melting in his embrace, she didn’t even try to move. She stayed there, enjoying his caresses while it lasted; she knew duty might call anytime. And she was right.

“My love, I have to go back on deck.”

“I know,” she sighed.

But she didn’t move. He chuckled and rolled her under him. His hand in hers, pinned on the mattress, he smirked.

“I am as unwilling as you to leave this bed, but I have to.”

He leant over her to kiss her cheek before trailing kisses along her jaw and down her neck. When his open mouth reached her breast, she had to bite her lip to prevent any sound from escaping her. Then leaning his ear over her heart, he listened to her heart rate go down. Looking down at him, Emma didn’t remind him he was supposed to go back on deck. Without warning, Killian trailed his hook down her side and stopped on her hip. A smile lightened up his face as her heart rate increased.

“This has to be my favorite sound in the world. Or let’s say the second favorite; nothing will ever sound as beautiful as your laugh.”


She had nothing to say but his name had escaped her as he was making her swoon. She let out a sigh of delight. Her hand disappeared in his hair while she wrapped her arm around his shoulders, holding him close to her and losing herself in her thoughts. He still had his ear pressed over her heart when she remembered he was supposed to go back on deck.

“Don’t think I don’t want to keep you here, but I wouldn’t want to get you into trouble: I thought you had to go, captain?” she said teasingly.

He lifted up his head to look at her, a smirk on his lips. “If this night was your way to get me into trouble, I’m afraid I will go with bad form and get into trouble again.”

Resisting the temptation to pull him back down to her, she giggled. “Alright captain, time to go back on deck.”

Killian kissed her, his teeth lightly tugging at her bottom lip, and got up. Lying on her side, her head propped up in her hand, she watched him getting dressed.

“I see you, not taking your eyes off of me,” he said, flashing her a teasing smile.

“You would despair if I did. And why would I deprive myself of such a view?”

He chuckled and, now dressed, came back to her. With another kiss, he took her breath away before departing.

Emma came out of the quarters to go out on deck. She quickly spotted him, holding the wheel. After this night when he had broken down what was remaining of her walls, she was finally feeling like talking about everything she had been willing to tell him. As usual, he flashed her a bright smile when he saw her, and she smiled back. Wondering where she could start, she walked to him and caressed his arm, reaching for his hand which she removed from the wheel, so that she could step between him and the wheel. His eyes were locked on hers. It was like he knew she wanted to tell him something, as he waited for her to talk.

“Do you remember how I asked you to bring me home, when I first met you?”

“How could I forget how we first met?”

“I asked you this because of the prophecy.”

“The prophecy saying I was the one supposed to bring you back to Boston.” He looked away, focusing on the horizon ahead of them instead. Emma knew him well enough to guess what he was thinking.

“You think you have failed, but you haven’t,” she said.

The words were enough for him to lock his eyes back on hers.

“Killian, the prophecy wasn’t about you bringing me back to Boston, it was about you giving me what I was looking for. I was the one thinking it was about you helping me find a way back to Boston, but I was mistaken. I’m not looking for a way back to Boston. I’m just looking for home.” He seemed confused. Taking a deep breath, she tried to explain how she was feeling. “I’ve been told something a long time ago, Killian. Home is the place when you leave, you just miss it. Since the day when I met you, I’ve never missed Boston.”

His eyes seemed to light up.

“Are you saying you don’t want to go back to your realm?” he asked, unable to repress a smile.

“I am saying I want to be where it feels like home. Boston is not… I don’t miss it. I was alone: no family, no one to love. There’s nothing waiting for me there. I know you know what it feels like. On one of the first days when I was here, Liam told me about how you also lost your parents. You and I, we understand each other.”

“To the only difference I had my brother. You had no one. You are much stronger than I was. Do you have any idea how much I admire you for this, and for everything that you are?”

His voice was full of tenderness. He caressed her cheek. Drowning in his eyes, she leant into his hand. She bit the inside of her lip as she tried to keep the thread of what she was saying.

“Have I ever told you I made a wish right before the book who took me there appeared to me?” she asked, and he shook his head. “This wish I made, it was not to be alone anymore.”

Once again, she almost got lost into his eyes. Since he didn’t say anything, looking like he had lost himself as well, she went on.

“Killian, I made this wish, and it became true: a few hours later, I was running into you. And now… why would I go back to Boston when, here, I have you? I can’t imagine life without you.”

A bright smile was on his lips now, and his eyes were sparkling with hope; the hope he wouldn’t need to let her go. “I was wondering if you would ever feel like this, like the way I do.”

“I think I’ve known for quite a while now. When I was locked up in that tower, the first time she took me away from you, I wasn’t missing Boston, or this ship. I was missing you.” Trying her best not to let his intense gaze distract her from what she was saying, she took a breath before going on. “Home is not a place, it is where you are. I am not interested in living in a realm where you’re not. Killian, I want to stay with you. Don’t let me be a shooting star when I can be a satellite staying in orbit.”

“This is all I’ve ever wanted to hear.”

Emma didn’t remember ever seeing so much happiness on his features. He brushed her chin with his thumb and pinned her against the wheel to give her one of these breathtaking kisses. Caressing her cheek with the back of his finger, he gazed into her eyes.

“I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you, and I’ll love you until my last,” he said.

Killian pulled her into his embrace, tightly holding her in his arms, and she smiled.

“This is where I’m home.”

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