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Warning: will contain strong language and may become very emotional.


“Y/N, I will tell you one thing.. ‘Believe everything you want to believe, but never trust anyone no matter who that is...not even me.’ ” -Baekhyun

I will be forced to leave you someday.... -Baekhyun


“Run all you want! I’ll catch up anyways. You’re a murderer and no one can change that.... ” -Taehyung

There are no monster screaming in you head, the real monster is right in front of you.... -Taehyung


“We don’t want you to suffer. We just want to help you once, properly.....We are bffs’ remember.”-BLACKPINK

Friends are useful to remove pain.
Please use us, we don′t mind if you use us. We are here to help you. -BLACKPINK


“The rumors are true. You’re the misfortune, after all. We started to loss our brothers all because of you.” -EXO

Nice but, don′t misunderstand us. Under these smiles, There′s no forgiveness.... -EXO

Welcome to V-land & snow bunnies !!! And there are a lot o 16+ in the story but I will warn you guys before so, if you guys don’t want to read those parts you will just have to skip it [¬_¬] and I hope you guys will like it and also if you don’t know what Y/N stands for then it means your name. Bye!!

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