Wonders Never Cease


Kagome Taisho, legally Kagome Nakagawa, was trying to relax her completely tensed body while trying not to let loose a string of curses that would make a sailor proud. She also knew she would be extremely embarrassed if she did the later as her mother was in the room. But at this point she hardly cared, for even the presence of the older woman that was like her best friend wasn’t comforting her at the moment. But then everything was annoying her right now. If one more person tells me to relax, she thought angrily, I swear I’ll throat-punch them. Of course it wasn’t like she didn’t have a very good reason to be annoyed, but it wasn’t like she could kick her mom, or her mate out of the room, and she definitely needed the doctor in here as well. But just then another contraction made its’ way through her body and she let loose with some of the curses she had been trying to hold back thus far.

“Sesshomaru, I swear to all of the Kamis in Japan, I am never letting you touch me again!” she yelled in frustration, though they both knew she wasn’t serious. But when she heard him chuckle in the deep voice of his that was too sexy for its’ own good she glared at her gorgeous mate as if to say, just try me mister. For the first time since she had gone into labor she saw the daiyoukai actually look worried. She probably would have laughed her ass off at his expression if there wasn’t another contraction trying make its way from her womb to the rest of her nervous system. If she had known beforehand that mating a youkai and having his pup would mean that she’d have to do this the old-fashioned way as the drugs interfered with things, she didn’t know if she would have been so willing. But that wasn’t true the moment she had known she had Sesshomaru’s pup inside her she had been the happiest she had ever been. She got why she had to do this at home, for who knew what kind of youkai marking the baby would have, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

Less than an hour later a cry sounded throughout the house as Kagome finally delivered a healthy baby boy. Tears were streaming down her face, from pain or happiness she wasn’t entirely sure at this point. Sesshomaru cut the cord himself with an extended claw before wrapping his heir in a pelt that looked entirely too familiar to Kagome. She smiled up at her mate and held her arms out. She wanted to hold her baby, and she wanted to hold him now. But looking up at Sesshomaru she was taken slightly aback by the look on his face as he looked at his son and seemed to be talking to him about something more important than a newborn could understand. She raised an eyebrow in curiosity as she looked at her mate and the tiny bundle he held, a habit Kagome had picked up from him.

“Sesshomaru?” Kagome questioned when he seemed to just be staring at their son in a daze. “Let me see him,” she said and watched as her mom came up beside her mate. Her mom gasped then and started crying, she smiled at Kagome then. “What’s wrong?” she asked then, getting worried now, “Is he okay?” she asked, her voice almost reaching a panicked pitch. Sesshomaru looked over at her then, sensing her worry was getting out of control and walked very slowly, she thought, toward her with their son held gently in his arms. He smiled at her softly then before leaning over to give her a quick kiss and setting their son in her arms,

“Nothing’s wrong,” he whispered to her, “He’s perfect,” he said and she heard more emotions in those two words than she thought possible. “Of course he’s perfect, he’s our pup,” he continued in a lighter tone, but she could still see an intense edge in his eyes as she looked up at him. Kagome looked down at her newborn son and instantly started bawling. The little boy yawned then and opened his eyes slightly, revealing all too familiar golden eyes.

“Oh, Sesshomaru!” Kagome all but wailed as the tears continued to pour down her cheeks. Her mate took her hand and squeezed it tightly with his own. Hearing her voice, familiar from the womb, the baby opened his eyes wider and stared up at his mother with the recognition all infants have for their mothers. Kagome couldn’t help but gasp again and hugged her son to her as if she would never let him go again. She looked up at her mate with a quizzical look in her eye, “You don’t think it’s really…” she began but couldn’t bring herself to finish the statement. She was surprised when Sesshomaru started to laugh, really laugh.

“Oh, Kami, I hope not,” he said with humor still lacing his words, “At least our lives will never be boring now,” he said then and seemed to be thinking about something, the past no doubt, as Kagome’s thoughts were in the Feudal Era as well.

“You’re not…” she began and looked up at him with worry suddenly infusing her words, “Disappointed-" that’s as far as she got before Sesshomaru growled, a sound that echoed throughout the large bedchamber and through her since he was still holding her hand.

“How can you even think that, my love?” he asked, his tone gentler than the power she could still feel vibrating against her own.

“I don’t know,” she said crying again in earnest, but for a different reason, shamed at her own thoughts. She also suddenly realized that her mom and the youkai doctor had suddenly disappeared from the room, leaving the little family of three alone for the moment. “I guess I just got lost in memories, I wasn’t really thinking,” she said and blushed. The newborn meanwhile had hungrily latched on to one of her breasts and was feasting away, completely unaware of his parents at the moment. Kagome was surprised when Sesshomaru slid behind her on the bed, his arms slipping around her, holding her close, but gently enough not to cause her sore body more discomfort or dislodge the feeding infant. She leaned back into him and sighed. “I’m sorry,” she whispered when he leaned down to nuzzle her neck.

“I love you, Kagome,” he whispered against her skin then, surprising her as it was still rare for him to use her name so freely, “You know I’m not that daiyoukai I used to be,” he continued softly, “I knew very well that our children would be hanyou,” he said and smiled before placing a kiss over her mates mark, “I have wondered what our son would look like since the moment I smelled the change in your scent, haven’t you?” he asked with another kiss. Tears still pouring silently down her cheeks, she nodded as both of them watched their son eat.

“Of course,” she whispered with a sigh, always feeling better when Sesshomaru was touching her in any way. “I just never guessed it would be such a jolt of recognition…I mean he is our son,” she stopped suddenly as if she didn’t know what else to say at the moment, and she didn’t. She laughed suddenly, surprising her mate then and smiled brightly before placing a kiss on Sesshomaru’s neck in return. “So, what should we call him?” Kagome asked and wondered what her mate would say. She traced the cute little crescent moon on the infant’s brow along with a single blue stripe on each tiny cheek, the only differences, and ones that kept her from having a coronary upon seeing him. Marks that reminded her that this little boy was indeed their son, and had each of their blood flowing through his tiny body.

“InuYasha,” Sesshomaru whispered simply. It was the first time he had said that name since his brother died almost four hundred years before. He had made a point not to say it out loud in fact. As it reminded him of the past and his own stupidity. But now staring down to the achingly familiar-looking face of his son whose golden eyes were looking up at him, silver hair shining against his mate’s creamy skin, and the little furry ears on top of his head twitching in the direction of Sesshomaru’s voice, he knew that to call his son anything else would be ridiculous, and an insult.

“InuYasha,” Kagome whispered tearfully with a slight nod of acceptance, as no more words were needed at the moment, as she bent down to kiss her sons head. Once the newly christened InuYasha was done eating he yawned and curled against her and fell asleep almost instantly. Kagome wrapped the mokomoko around him more tightly before hugging him closer to her once more. Leaning into Sesshomaru it wasn’t long before all three of them drifted to sleep, each comforted by the presence of the other two.

In the years the followed Kagome and Sesshomaru’s family and pack grew beyond a small family of three. After their son Yasha, as they call him, it was two years before Kagome was pupped again. This time they had a little girl they named Mitsuki. After that she had the twins, another son, Tsukiya, and daughter, Tsukiko. Each new pup brought even more love to their family and strengthened the bond between the two of them as well.

Kagome watched from her place on a blanket beside the sleeping forms of her one year old twins as her mate attempted to play with Yasha, now eight, and Mitsuki, now six. She was really trying not to laugh, but seeing her big and tough daiyoukai playing with their pups never ceased to bring a huge smile to her face. The love in his eyes as he played, or tried to play, soccer with their two eldest made the warmth of love spread in her heart as well. He looked over at her then, as if sensing the sudden change in her, and he probably had, and smiled a devastating smile at her. After all these years he could still cause her heart to beat double-time with such a simple look. His features, perfect as always, seemed to reflect his knowledge of how he was affecting her even from afar, and a smirk replaced his smile as their eyes locked across the huge yard.

When Sesshomaru mouthed the word ‘tonight’ Kagome couldn’t help but blush and thought it was quite ridiculous that after four children her mate could still cause the familiar rush of blood to her cheeks so easily. What Sesshomaru had said the night of Yasha’s birth had been quite right though. Their lives were never boring after that. Kagome loved her life and wouldn’t trade a moment of it for anything. She laughed as Yasha and Mitsuki ganged up on their father and he let them tackle him to the ground. Childish squeals of delight could be heard for miles as they were quite proud of themselves until Sesshomaru started tickling them, causing the squeals to get even louder.

She smiled at her family and knew in that moment that she was the luckiest woman on earth. It had been a miracle that had brought Sesshomaru back into her life and granted them this slice of heaven they call life. I guess wonders never do cease, she thought happily as Yasha came over and dragged her toward the other side of the yard insisting that she play with them. And this set of wonders is all mine, she thought with a smug smile as she came up beside Sesshomaru. He leaned down to kiss her, much to the children’s dismay, which just caused both of the mates’ smiles to grow. Yep, life was good.

The End
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