NAKED: Jeon Jungkook

and HIM



Even before he opened his eyes, you were the first he went looking for.

Blindly feeling the soft mattress of the bed beside him, he slowly ran his palm along the white cottony fabric, patiently anticipating your body to get in contact with his fingers.

“Y/N--mmghh,” he mumbled with his hoarse yet soft voice.

He was getting further on the bed but still no signs of you.

“What the--!” He darted open his eyes only to see himself alone in your room, and alone in bed.

“Dammit,” he cursed running his fingers through his hair.

Did she suddenly got sober and realized all she said and did last night was all a mistake?

He bit his lower lip, hoping so hard that he was wrong.

Or maybe he’ll see you on the kitchen preparing some breakfast for the two of you.

He really wish it was the latter.

Pushing himself off the bed, he immediately went to the kitchen, smile plastered on his face imagining you on that cute apron while cooking delicious homemade food only for him.


But the kitchen was fcking empty.

His heart sank onto the ground, shoulders went drooping down just as his lips formed into a straight line of disappointment and hurt.

He scoffed to himself, smirking his pain away as he made his way to his room.

How stupid of him to actually think you’d fall for someone like him.

Someone so low that they would actually pose naked on an art class just for the sake of money.

Any girl would want to f*ck him, that’s a yes.

But no one will ever love him.

That’s for sure.

He sighed for the last time before pushing the ajar door to his room, he was about to take another step inside but when he saw someone sitting on the floor with her back on him--.

He froze.

You were sitting there, hair was rolled into a messy bun, fingers holding delicately on the brush while it made final touches on the canvas your were painting on in front of you.

He could see your side profile as you made a tiny smile emerged from your lips, you were so focused on your art that you didn’t even noticed him while he slowly walked behind you with a silly smile on his face, he bent down slightly so he could get a good look on what you were working on.

The scar.

His smile vanished and his hand automatically went to trace that distinctive scar on his left cheekbone.

The scar he hated so much but you said it was beautiful.

You were adding it on your painting.

Your masterpeice.

Jungkook batted his eyes, trying to take in the art you were making.

How did you do it?

You’ve been able to catch every single detail of him on that painting.

From the flick of his thick lashes up to the shape of his pinkish lips.

From the tiny mole under his lips and to that evident scar on his face.

The memory of that scar wasn’t a good one for him. And he hated seeing it tattooed on his skin for such a long time already, an unremovable mark that’ll always remind him of how hard life has been on him.

“It’s beautiful you know,” your soft voice suddenly sent Jungkook back to reality.

You’ve known since earlier that he entered the room, his faint smell spread through the room as he went inside awhile ago.

Jungkook let himself sat behind you, looking over your shoulder as you finalized your work.

"We all have marks in our lives that’ll always remind us of who we truly are. Sometimes it’s something we want to get rid of because it reminds us of something ugly. But it is still important for once in awhile to be reminded of the events that made us who we are as a person,” you finally put down the brush, paused for a little while and just stared at the finish peice you’ve just made.

You’ve never been so contented with your works before, not until now.

“No matter what ugly truth that this scar reminds you off, I still want it. Because it helped you to become who you are today. And thank you so much for becoming the person that saved me from my own demons Jungkook,” you smiled lightly to yourself, ”you are precious to me.”

All of a sudden you felt his head on your shoulder, his hands slowly making their way around your thin waist as he pulled your body closer to his for a tight hug.

The fast beating of his heart was vibrating on your back, his hot breath fanned on the skin of your neck as he rested his head your shoulder and the single tear from his eye landed on your skin.

“Thank you for existing,” he whispered right on your ear and you had to close your eyes and let out a shaky breath as you felt shivers throughout your whole being.

You turned your body around to finally face Jungkook, hand purposely traced the scar on his cheek while your eyes caught his own.

“I love you Y/N,” he said looking straight into your soul.

He said it so calmly as if it’s something he really was so sure about.

And of course he is sure of it.

He cupped your face with his hands and leaned down towards your lips. Just a few millimeters from his red buds to yours, he stopped, placing his forehead against yours, his eyes were close while you look at his beauty at that close proximity.

“I want to kiss you. I want to touch you. I want to feel you. I want to make love with you,” he mumbled with his eyes still closed.

The fact that he didn’t do anything to you the night before when you were drunk flashed before you.

And now, he was asking your permission.

It made you happy, knowing you have someone like him.

“Then do it,” you whispered, immediately entangling your fingers to his soft strands anticipating his lips onto yours while you closed your eyes.

He started off with small nibbles on your lower lip, while he let his hands run from your waist down to your legs. He guided you towards him, allowing you to wrap your legs around his torso while you both decided to deepen the kiss.

Your pull on his ebony colored hair got tighter as you opened your mouth for him, his tongue immediately battled with yours but you lost just as you felt his hand on your bottom catching you off guard causing you to moan through the kiss, he stood up and layed you on the bed carefully with him still on top of you.

From your lips, his started to trailed pepper kisses to your jaw line and towards your sensitive neck, it didn’t took him a long time to found your spot and started off sucking there to leave his mark on you.

Your restrained moans sounded so addictive for Jungkook that he tried his best to add more pleasure for you.

Soon enough you were naked below him and he was the same on top of you.

He was on your lips again with that sweet yet intense kisses he was providing, the silent moans you so wanted to keep to yourself kept on vibrating on your throat especially whenever his hands touches a spot on you and his bareness would glide upon you making you lose your mind.

Both of you were catching your breaths just as you left the hot make out.

His eyes were on you again, he was looking at you so lovingly you felt an ice melting under the scorthing ray of Ra.

He leaned down on you and planted a kiss on you forehead.

“I’m giving you my first,” Jungkook said as he looked at you once more.

“And I am to you,” you smiled cupping his face with your hands while you pulled him down for another kiss.

If it weren’t for his soft whispers of love and encouragement you would have been so afraid, but he was patient and so gentle towards you, you felt protected. The pain and pleasure all at once were too much for you to handle that you started to burry your face on the crook of his neck while hugging onto to him tightly.

You were afraid but felt happy at the same moment knowing and feeling the both of you as one unit while you moved along with other’s rhythm, taking in everything of one another.

Allowing Jungkook to be inside you and seeing your bareness that you’d tried so hard to hide from everyone made you felt vulnerable, yet releaved knowing that he’s someone you could fully trust and being on this intimate moment with him made you felt as if you’ve known him for a life time.

Life might be tough for you, but being aware now that you actually have someone you could relay on felt all the burden suddenly got lighter, and you couldn’t thank God enough for allowing you to find someone so beautiful due to all of the unpleasant obstacles you’d face up until now.

보누스 끝


Thank you for your support on this short story.

Also, that’s the closes to smut that you could get, sorry.

I hope you guys enjoyed this story and learn something. I am trying my best to write stories not only about sex and all but also about something deeper.

Having all of you as my followers ( I know it’s not a lot compared to other writer’s followers) ... But still, I felt a sense of resposibility of providing stories not only about sex but also about lessons in life.

I hope you’ve been able to get something not only on this story but also from my other stories as well.

Thank you again!

- Jo
2:32am KST

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