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Normally he would have settled himself the day before the classes starts.

But not this time.

Upon hearing that there’s going to be a new female student this semester, he just had to settle in earlier than usual.

Who knows maybe he might have the luck to bump into this new attraction?

He went straight to the usual apartment he rented all the years, letting himself in and strode straight to his usual room--

His mouth hang open as he saw this girl stripping in front of him.

Ass up on the air as she let down her polka dot panties.

What a wild young being.

He smirked to himself.

“Nice butt.”

And then she froze like a statue and moments later she was screaming curses on him, bellowing nonsense sentences he couldn’t even make out.

Like, dude chill. It’s not like it’s his first time to see the female version of that part of the human physique.

Sitting on the dining table of your new apartment, shooting daggers with your sharp gaze on this guy who just saw you without any clothes on, you held tightly to the bread knife on your right hand while the overly nice landlord tried to talked you out of it.

“Miss Y/N, it’s not his fault entirely,” the middle age man said paying close attention to your right hand.

The guy in front of you nodded fast while pouting cutely as if that would save him from the death he’s about to face.

“You. F*cking. Told. Me-- ThatMyRoommateIsGoingToComeNextWeek!”

“Yes, yes, I did. And I’m sorry, he usually does that before,” the landlord darted his eyes on the younger guy and the pervert just shrugged.

“Look Ms. Y/N. Can we just settle this, it was no body’s fault anyway,” he paused as he carefully reached for the knife on your hand and extract it from your grip with a bit of a difficulty. “Let’s just pretend this never happened.”

You continued to look at this guy in front of you who didn’t seemed to care that he just saw you naked moments ago.

Maybe he got a little bit uncomfy with your lazer eyes but he shifted and then cleared his throat after extending his hand for a shake.

“I’m Jungkook,” he said smiling the best he could that wrinkled the side of his eyes, showing his white colored teeth--

Oh! He got bunny teeth!

So adorable--


You shook your head to throw unnecessary thoughts ghosting inside.

“Fine,” you finally said.

Just so this could finally end already.

Also this guy looks like he’s seen enough butts to remember yours anyway.

You sat up straight and arranged your oversized white shirt before you introduced yourself.

“I’m Y/N,” you briefly said slapping this Jungkook’s guy extended hand fast.

“So we’re cool now?” The older man asked showing a thumb’s up to the both of you.


The rest of the evening you just stayed inside your bedroom looking over the midnight sky through the conveniently wide window plastered on the wall.

You couldn’t sleep.

First because of the obvious reason that some guy just saw you butt naked.

And second because you haven’t painted for a while.

Painting, it’s your own way to escape reality.

An escape to this mess of a world you were forced to live in.

An escape to the huge expectations of your parents from you.

An escape to the biggest monster you were most afraid of, sleeping on the depths of your soul waiting to be awaken once more.

You looked at the disfigurement on your left wrist. A single mark that reminded you how ugly and cruel this place is for someone like you.


You stood up from bed and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water strolling blindly to the darkness of the unlit room.

“Ah!” You exclaimed.

Your face was suddenly smashed into a hard surface causing you to stop.

Now way there’s a wall here, you were sure of that.

As a common human instict, your hands automatically extended to the hard surface, glinding your palms over to the strange bumpy figure in front.


And moist?

There was something hard slightly puckered on the upper portion--


You extended your hands higher.

His neck.

His face.

His soft fluffy hair--

You opened your eyes wider, allowing it to adjust to the darkness.

It took a few seconds but as you could finally see clearer, you were stunned by a pair of man chest in front of you.

And then moments later you could feel two hands on either side of your waist!

“Mmh--mhh,” Jungkook sounded as he pulled your body closer to his.

“What the--,” you tried to push him while simultaneously reaching for the light switch to your right.


You batted your eye lashes as the light blinded them for a second.

You pushed him off you--quite easily this time, and you stepped back a little to get a better view.

There stood Jungkook with only his boxers on, eyes closed, hands extending blindly to nothing, mumbling incomprehensible words to his sleep.


Your hand flew in the air landing on Jungkook’s face throwing it to the side with such force that it immediately turned pinkish.

“WOAH! WHAT? FIRE?” He suddenly blurted as soon his eyes opened wide.

He looked at you in front of him, opening and closing his eyes fast for several times as if trying to take everything in.

“What are you doing in my--,” he looked around, “--Sssshit,” he mumbled as he realized the situation.

“Were you sleep walking?!!!”


“Also!” You added looking down, “what the hell were you dreaming about?”

And he followed your gaze.

“Ughh-Fff-! Sorry!” He said running fast to his bedroom while covering his crotch with both of his hands.

You couldn’t help but laugh at him as he closed his door behind and started mumbling curses under his breath.

“You should have ran towards the bathroom,” you called out before him.

“F*ck!” He exclaimed.


Oooohh, there’s some dark side to this story. I didn’t expect that ㅋㅋㅋ 😂

I’m not feeling well these past few days so expect slow updates--maybe.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter!


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