NAKED: Jeon Jungkook




You pressed your ear on the paper thin wall that separated your room from his.



He must be sleeping already.

You slowly got up from bed, tipping your toes across the room and very carefully turned the doorknob so that no sound would come out from it.

You peeked through the slightly open door, scanning the living room for any strange, uncloth, but undeniably handsome creature that might be roaming around the area.

Your stomach growls in complaint.

It felt like you were in the jungle, trying your best to hide yourself from the predators lurking in the dark shadows but still oblige to get yourself some food to keep living.


You dashed your way towards the kitchen, going through the cupboards to get a pack of ramyun.

With fast approximate movements, you did your best to cook the ramyun the fastest way possible, tapping your foot in the process while you wait.

You can’t be seen by him.

Or vise versa.

The past few days, you’ve been doing a great job of avoiding him.

Going out of your room whenever he’s in his, storing a jar of water in your space just incase you got thirsty,-- but it was not easy though, you couldn’t count how many times you’ve already skipped meals just for the sake of.



Gosh you’re starving.

You couldn’t even wait to get to your room before you slurp down a mouthful of noodles-

“Oh hey, make me some as well.”

Ah!! HOT!

Your lips let go of the steaming hot noodles as it touched the edge of your lips, feeling it boiling on the sides of your lips and on the tip of your tongue.


Jungkook immediately approached you, hands cupping your face as he examined your lips.

You stood there looking straight at him, while his eyes were focused on the red patch underneath your lips.

Droplets of water from his damp hair were making their way to his temples, down to his jawline, neck, collarbone, chest-------

What the ffffasdfghjkl!

The white towel was hanging dangerously low on his torso allowing you to get a good view of his well defined hip bones and obdominal muscles.

He just took a shower.

And his wet look right now was making, not only the patch on your lips to burn but your insides as well.

“Jungkook,” you mumbled dreamly.

“Wait a sec. Stay here,” he said as he ran towards his room.

You honestly don’t know what to do, your feet felt like boulders stuck on the ground with huge, long nails attached to it pinning it in place.

You couldn’t move.

So you followed him with your eyes as he went back to you in no time.

His hands were back on your face once more while you were back in dazed for him.

He put a small amount of ointment on his forefinger and with his feather like touch, he applied the minty paste on the lower part of your lips.

He was so focused that he didn’t noticed how he’s been biting his own lips while he carressed your own.

But you did.

And you couldn’t help but let out a shaky breath as he finally leaned away from you.

“There, that should get better,” he said smiling, showing of his adorable bunny teeth.

How can someone look so cute and hot at the same time?

Is he even human?

He must be a Greek God on his past life or something.

“You can have this,” Jungkook said handing you the tube of ointment while he smiled.


He fished out the bowl of ramyun by the counter, “I’ll have this,” he said petting on your head as he went back to his room and shut the door behind, living you speechless standing in the kitchen.

“She’s cute,” he mumbled to himself before slurping down a mouthful of noodles in one go.


You were nibbling on your pen while the professor handed out the results of your exam the previous day.

Cold sweat breaking at the side of your forehead and palms were exceptionally icy.

You were nervous, you know to yourself that you weren’t focus enough the past few days due to one single reason.

Jeon Jungkook.

He’s a distraction.

And no matter how hard you tried to study for the exam, knowing that you were suddenly the target of the feeling-I’m-so-sexy-and-hot-all-the-boys-want-me-girls of the school because of him just annoys you so much.

You couldn’t study anywhere in the school since whenever you’re alone, some random crazy jealous girl would either spat nonsensical statement about you as if they really know who you are and what you’ve been through, or they would throw things at you and would try to even hurt you physically.

On the other hand, in the apartment, the fear of interacting with Jungkook got the best of you. One small unusual sound would immediately sent you out of focus and the fact that there were still moments when you could hear his muffled moans on the other side of the wall didn’t helped at all.

Your professor smiled at you while he gave you the result.

“Congrats Y/N, great birthday gift. You’re highest in class.”


A burdened sigh escaped your mouth.

You knew it.

What you did wasn’t enough and now you’ll have to hear another life-long sermon from your mother.

As soon as the classes ended, you hurried your way to the restroom, washing your face with the icy cold water from the faucet.

How will you face your mom this time?

The door to your left smashed open revealing three girls from your art class.

They looked pissed.

You stared at them as they walked towards you.

Then you felt your ears rang, your face burning and a taste of something metallic spread through your tongue.

You pushed back your head to their direction, widen eyes was fixed on her as you pressed your hand on the side of your face where the girl slapped you.


“Go away from Jungkook,” you continued her sentence with a mocking tone, “he’s mine. Stay away from him if you don’t want to get hurt, etcetera, etcetera.”

An apparent shock was written all over their faces and you could have laugh at them right then and there but your face still hurts.

“Bitch, we’re not even close to being friends!” You told her inching your face to emphasize the words.

“What did you just called me?”



“Bitch,” you answered.

And you walked passed her, purposely bumping your shoulder on hers but the other two girls behind blocked the door which made your steps came into a halt.

All of a sudden you felt your body being pushed down on the floor. Hitting the solid tiles with your butt harder than you expected, you winced in pain but the pain was soon replaced by the burning sensation on your obdomen as the girls started to kick you.

Feet coming in contact with your already bruised body, emerging from different directions, you couldn’t stand up because everytime you tried to, another kick would vibrate through body and you had to hug yourself from the distress.

After felt like forever, they finally left you laying on the floor, whimpering in pain.

Your phone suddenly rang and you tried your best to get it from your pocket, you didn’t have enough energy to check who the caller was and just answered the call.

“Y/N, I heard you got your results from the exam,” the high pitch voice of your mother spoke on the other line.

You felt like crying, as your limbs pulsated due to the unbearable pain, unknowingly hot tears started to ran down your checks.

“Mommy,” you sobbed.

Though you somehow hated her, the sound of her voice right now as you lay on the cold floor gave you tranquility.

You’re her daughter after all.

What kind of mother would want to see their own flesh and blood all bruised out and in pain?



“Mom,” you kept your head hanging low as you tried to stood on front of her.

The aroma of lavender seeped through your nostrils, but the faint smell of the old used up books plastered around the shelves of the study was still apparent.

She stopped in front of you.

Her black, perfectly polished shoes came into your view while you fixed your eyes on the floorboards.

She tapped her foot once sending you back to your senses.

And you immediately pushed your head up to meet her gaze.


You felt like your head was to be ripped from your body. The burning feeling on your face was back again and the blood on your mouth lingered on your mouth once more.

“97?” She started and you just kept your head low once more, not wanting to see the hatred on your own mother’s eyes.

You just wanted be loved by her.

Why couldn’t she?

Haven’t she noticed the bruises on your face?

The way you limped as you walked in?

Or the tears streaming down your face right now?

“I knew you were no better to this family.”

Your breath was shaking and you had to made a fist in order to keep yourself together.

“Why can’t you be like your brother?”

She held tight on your chin squeezing it while making you look at her.

“And you just let those girls bully you?” She scoffed and then continued, “we are rich for a reason Y/N. And rich people should be the one stepping on those peasants’ faces, not the other way around.”

She threw your face to the side letting some of your tears to flew on the thick air.

“Get out.”


He heard that it was your birthday today, so he immediately bought a blueberry cheesecake on the Conti’s store near your university.

Jungkook didn’t know why but he kinda felt the urge to get close to you.

Maybe because you were different from the usual girls sticking around him like leaches.

Maybe because you always wore black clothing which he loves.

Maybe because you didn’t even have to try to look beautiful because you already are.

Especially when you were carefully stroking the canvas paper with your brush, then you would look at him intensely as you memorize every single detail of him.

Your eyes were sparkling as you did, your delicate hand holding the brush, light strokes touching the paper. You would occasionally smile softly to yourself while you examine your draft of him.

The whole time he was looking at you while you painted him. But it seemed like you didn’t even noticed, and that made you even more attractive.

And hot, somehow.

So when you started avoiding him.

Which by the way was so obvious.

He was a little bit dissappointed, but he just let you. It seemes like you felt awkward after seeing him naked which only proved how pure and innocent you are.


So yeah. He bought you a blueberry cheesecake.

Because who doesn’t want blueberry cheesecakes?

Also, this might be a good opportunity to get close to you.

He smiled to himself making his way to your classroom to pick you up.

When he didn’t saw you there, he went back to the hallway only to see you being escorted by two men in suits.

He heard you’re rich.

Maybe you’ll have your party at your house then.

He thought he saw bruises on your face and blood on your lips but of course that’s impossible.

He pushed that thought away and decided to hangout with his friends for awhile before going back to the apartment.

Maybe by that time you’re already there as well.


As soon as the door to your apartment closed, you immediately broke down crying.

You ran your way towards the kitchen.

Opened the cabinet under the counter and immediatly gripped on the first sharp knife that you saw.

It’s so painful.

Not the physical pain, though that stung a bit also.

But your heart.

It’s in pain.

Like it’s being struck by a very long needle, over and over again until you couldn’t breathe anymore.

It’s so hard to breathe while you sob continuosly.

You felt unloved by your own mother who would just slap your face without second thoughts.

Unloved by your father who was so busy with work and wouldn’t even believe you even if you confess to him.

Nobody cares for you.

And maybe it’s much better to be the one to hurt yourself instead of those people around you.

Maybe if you’ll let the skin on your wrist be cut deep until blood would fill it, the pain in your heart would vanish.

You’re not much of a loss anyway.

You let out a deep breath, aligning the sharp object on your skin. You winced as you saw a tint of red outlining the edge of the knife.

Like a beautiful canvas painted on your skin, so vibrant and so alive.

Just a little bit deeper.


You looked at him as he sprinted his way towards you, throwing the strange box he’s holding on the tiny table by the living room.

You were trembling.

You didn’t realized you were trembling earlier.

Your knees suddenly felt numb and they wobbled as you let your body fall-

But he caught you just in time to make you slid your back downwards on the counter, sitting on the cold floor while he followed you.

He had already withdrew the knife on your trembling hands and threw it away somewhere behind him.

“F-f*ck! You’re bleeding!” He was shaking as well.

Now that he got a closer look at you he could finally see the bruises on your face.

He was right.

His jaw clenched seeing the stain of blood at the side of your beautiful plum lips.

He was fast as he get his handkerchief and wrapped it around your bleeding wrist.

Good thing it as not deep.

“Are you alright?” He asked cupping your face with his warm hands.

Are you alright?

No one asked you that question for quite a long time now.

No body cared enough to check up on you and ask you if you’re alright.

Not until now.

Thank you for asking.

You wanted to tell him but you couldn’t through the occasional sobs that would escape your mouth. You started crying, letting your tears fall down from your eyes.

You don’t usually let other people see your vulnerable side but maybe if it’s him, then it’s okay.

Maybe it’s okay to show your bare emotions to him.

“Heyyy, Y/N,” his voice was soft and calming, almost melodic in someway.

He cupped your face while he gently wiped the tears that would ran down your cheeks.

He was so worried that he continued to examine your face closely.

Him being this close to you was making your heart flutter in a magical way. And soon your cries became into a minimal.

“Are you feeli--.”

“You have a scar,” you said fixing your eyes on the slim mark on his left cheekbone.

And as if your hand had its own life, voluntarily touching the scar with its feather like strokes.

“I--,” he tried to say something, anything to get your attention out of that ugly imperfection on his face.

The full of confidence Jungkook wasn’t so confident right now as he held your hand, stopping it from touching that unpleasant mark.

But your eyes was still glued to it.


“It’s beautiful,” you mumbled to yourself but he heard it clear as crystal.

A soft smile formed on you lips, the only thing that made you smile this whole day was him.

He was frozen in place.

And as you got back to your senses, away from admiring that beautiful imperfection of his, your eyes landed on his sparkling orbs.

It was like you could see the whole galaxy on them. You felt so drawn to his beauty to the point that all the pain on your body suddenly vanished and you just wanted to focus on him.

Only him.

And then his grip on your hand got tighter as he simultaneously pulled you close to him smashing his lips onto yours.



Long ass chapter for you guys. 😗

Also, I’ve already spelled out the word NAKED 😀😀😀



He’s the sweetest, I could still recall the way he sadly smiled while saying goodbye to ARMYs on their Wings concert here that I attented.

This got me crackling last night 😂😂😂😂

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