NAKED: Jeon Jungkook


And then his grip on your hand got tighter as he simultaneously pulled you close to him, smashing his lips onto yours.

Your throat voluntarily vibrated for a moan as soon as your lips connected with his, eyes widen at the shock of his sudden action.

His eyes were close while his lips touched yours. You thought that was just it, but he soon started moving. Slowly carressing your plum lips with his, it’s as if he was savouring you, taking his sweet time to taste you fully.

His head tilted to the side to deepen the kiss, nibbling on your lower portion as he went. You could feel the hand holding tightly on your wrist loosen and he carefully let his fingers entangled with yours, his other free hand was soon by your nape to guide you.

He was so gentle, so placid that your eyes started to get heavy and when he licked your lips for entrance you just gave in, responding to the passion he was engulfing you. Opening up for him so he could enter you and memorize your every corner.

Suddenly you do not felt the need to cover all the scars on you anymore.

The emotional strains that broke you into pieces that no one ever noticed.

Your eyes started to water, falling tears one by one until they reached your connected lips and you could both taste the saline liquid.

He blindly reached for your cheeks and wipe the tears away before he slowly withdrew from your wet lips.

The way his eyes bore on you made you believe that he actually cared and it caused a little pain in your heart, a good kind of pain this time around.

“Don’t ever hurt yourself again,” he said, emphasizing the words while he held your face with his warm hands.

It felt safe with him.

“Do you understand?”

You just stared at it him.

Everything that’s happening was too good to be true.

What if you were just dreaming?

What if he was just playing?

“Baby,” he pulled you into a tight hug, the most tight embrace that you ever had and it felt just like his tight arms around you helped the broken pieces to come back together slowly.

“Your body is sacred and important. I know it’s hard, especially when the people that should be the ones comforting you are the cause of your pain, but you should know that there is always, always someone out there that loves you, that cares for you, that would hurt if you’re hurt. So please, stay strong for that someone,” he cupped your face and stared into your soul.

“Stay strong for me.”

You slowly nodded, you didn’t expect him to be the kind of person that would save you. But maybe he could, maybe you need someone like him to hold on to.

“I’m here, I’m always here,” he mumbled while placing a quick kiss on your lips.

He scope you up into his arms, carrying you effortlessly bridal style while you burried your face on his neck.

He smelled good.

You wish you could have stayed there longer but he soon reached your bedroom and placed you on the bed gently, tucking you in nicely with the soft white blankets and placing a heartfelt kiss on your forehead before he turned towards the door.

You tugged on his shirt before he could make a step.

When his eyes met your sad ones, he immediately smiled and lean in just so he could pat your head slightly.

“I’ll be back, just wait here for a second.”

He attended to your wounds, all the big, and all the small ones. He was very gentle, his touch felt like feather that it didn’t hurt at all when he was cleaning your bruises and cuts.

Soon he went out to dispose some of the dirty cotton balls and bandages and when he came back, he was carrying the strange box you saw earlier.

“Sit up,” and you did as you were told.

He sat beside you by the edge of the bed and opened the box revealing an enticing blueberry cheesecake.

“Happy birthday,” he greeted with a smile and you couldn’t help as the sides of your lips curved into a smile as well.


And you both spent the evening laughing happily while you talk about your lives. Knowing each other little by little, word by word.

Getting closer, getting more open, getting more bold.


-*-*- nope they didn’t had sex, they just talked okay?

(This is important, so read this!)


The topic of this short FF sure is sensitive, which includes one of the biggest problem our society is facing right now.


For sure some of us have gone through or going through these tough times in life where you felt alone ,unloved, unimportant. Where you just wanted it end, and you wanted to hurt yourself instead of them hurting you.

But that is WRONG.

Like what Jungkook said here in this chapter, there will always, always someone out there that loves you, that cares for you, that would hurt if you’re hurt.

They might be someone near by or someone far away.

They might be your little brother who annoys the hell out of you or they might be your online friend who haven’t even met in real life. Sometimes the people farthest to you physically were the ones who actually could make you feel safe and happy. Either way, I assure you that there is someone that loves you no matter what.

I’m here 😊😉

Pray for guidance and strength.

I know you are strong that’s why you’re still reading this passage.

Keep it up, because you are doing just great, and soon you’ll be able to achieve things and prove to those who looked down on you your true worth.

I love you!

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