NAKED: Jeon Jungkook


You’ve grown incredibly close to Jungkook.

He’s someone who’s annoyingly full of himself whenever he’s around you, but that weirdly only added to his charms.

Plus, more bare chest exposure for you.


The guy just loves to walk around the apartment with only his boxers on!

Not that you’re complaining or anything.

But, it makes you feel things.

After that incident, you’ve also came to realize that he was different from the other boys.

The usual boys you hated so much,-- with their heads held up so high whenever they walk on the corridors, winking or smirking on the girls screaming their names, touching those girls’ bodies as if it was their own, whispering fake words just for the sake of getting layed.

Jungkook on the other hand was someone who would keep his head down as he walk through the halls, striding as fast as he could, ignoring the sweet calls of those itching females.

You couldn’t help but smile whenever you see him like that, it somehow gave you unexplanable energy seeing those girls pout whenever he would shrugged them off.

He was caring, the kind that would occassionally check upon you from time to time, asking you how were you doing, your studies, your upcoming exams, your family.

It was nice having someone to ask you about those thing, making you feel not so alone anymore, and having the privilage of letting out your emotions if you needed to.

He never judged.

Instead he would just pulled you close to him and would start caressing your hair until you’d stop your silent whimpers.

Whenever you were both on that position, with your head upon his chest and his hands around your physique, you couldn’t help but thought about the kiss you shared.

But of course you didn’t dare to bring it up.

Both of you never talked about that kiss.

It never was repeated, though you definitely felt closer to him, more comfortable, more attached.

You didn’t even know what relationship you both had. All you know was that you enjoyed being with him, feeling his warmth, hearing his angelic voice while he comforts you and just seeing him smile until the sides of his eyes would wrinkle,--that would always make your day.


It was the weekened but you ended up waking earlier than expected, tossing around your bed trying to get back to sleep but failed, you finally gave up and left the comforts of your warm mattress.

Jungkook was still sleeping you assumed since his bedroom door was closed.

You headed to the kitchen and decided to make some breakfast.

Preparing the ingredients, whisking the raw eggs until the white mixed with the yolk, you were humming, enjoying your time when your hand suddenly stopped frozen as you felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist, hugging you from the back.

“Uh--h,” you sounded while you let your hands dropped on the counter top for support, gulping.

Instead of letting go, Jungkook gripped on you tighter, letting his head rest on your shoulder and soon burying his face on your neck.

You felt his warm body pressed against your back as he inhaled your scent. The soft fabric of his white shirt glided with your clothing creating a warm and comfy feeling around you.

“You smell nice,” he mumbled with his husky voice on your skin, sending shivers through your whole body.

You had to hold on to his arms, you wanted to get away from there because you were starting to feel hot and with the thin fabric of his boxers, you could definitely feel his hardness poking behind you.

“Mmhh,” he hummed while he let his arms slid upwards stopping just below your breasts.


Your breathing was starting to get heavy as you felt weaker being so close to him,-- then you realized something.

“Are you sleep walking again?” Your voice was louder than before and a hint of annoyance could be heard from it.

“No,” he said pressing you even more on him and you couldn’t hold back a small whimper escaping from your throat at the contact.

“Let me just feel you for a little while,” he whispered,“it’s my birthday anyway,” he added.


“It’s my birthday,” he said as he spun you around to face him.

He was smiling like a little kid.

“Come to my small birthday gathering later please,” he pleaded pouting his lips a little.


“I want to introduce you to my friends,” he continued, “I promise it’ll be fun.”

He wrapped on to your arms, swaying back and forth as he convinced you.

You sighed while you pursed your lips into a smile and nodded once.


It was fun like what he just said, his friends were cool and easy to hang out with, and Jungkook made sure you were enjoying while he sat beside you in the noraebang.

You ended up singing your heart out to the high notes of the song you just randomly picked.

Your words were muffled as you threw your head back trying to get into the beat of the music, you were kinda light headed maybe because of the few drinks you had earlier but you didn’t care anymore.

It felt nice being able to breakfree sometimes.

Reaching for the liquor seated on the table in front of you, you extended your hand grabbing it and aiming it to your mouth when Jungkook suddenly snatched it out of your hold.

“Hey!” You complained throwing a sharp gaze at the guy.

“I think you already had enough of this Y/N.”

“Give it backkk!”


“I want it.”

“Don’t be childish, it’s not you.”


You get on your feet ready to stomp around and make him give you the drink but as soon as you stood up, your head spun around causing you to almost fell back but Jungkook caught you.

With your head rested on his chest and his arms holding your body to support you, you looked up at him meeting his eyes.

You smiled.

He stared down at you, eyes sparkling like it holds the whole galaxy on them.

His lips were plump and red from the alcohol he’s been drinking as well.

His jawline enhanced with the shadow casted by the lights above.

His Adam’s apple moved back and forth as he gulped down while he rested his orbs on you.

His beautiful features hightened through the dim lit room of the room. And it made your heart beat faster than it should be.

“I---,” you started.

You wanted to say something important but with the ache on your head, prickling like a needle was being shove through it, you couldn’t think properly.

Is it okay to say that?

Am I even on the right mind right now?

Ugh! Whatever.

“Y/N,” his voice was sweet as it vibrated on his chest through your body, it felt warm just hearing his soft voice saying your name.

You extended your hand, placing it on his warm cheeks.

Smiling at him with your half closed eyes.

“I love you,” you mumbled, before closing your eyes and decided to fall asleep.


Sorry for the long wait 😔
I’m having a writer’s block right now, but I’m trying my best to write slowly.

Please be patient.

Love you all.

Also, I love Jungkook.



Nom. Nom. Nom.

I’m so confused with this gif. 😂
Cute > Hot > Sexy > Cute

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