NAKED: Jeon Jungkook


“I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you!!!”

You repeated as you pinched on Jungkook’s cheeks moving his face from left to right on the process.

Both of your legs were on his lap wiggling them while you were seated beside him on the cab.

“I know baby. You’ve said that for like a hundred times already.”

The driver chuckled a little as he looked at the both of you from the rear view mirror, “You got a really lovable girlfriend right there young man.”

Jungkook’s hearts rammed inside him as his eyes darted at the middle aged cab driver up front.


He didn’t noticed it but a smile was formed on his lips.

“Yes, she is indeed.”

“W-vhat-t did y-uu sshay?” You asked him cupping his face and making him look at you.

You squinted your eyes as you look at him doubtfully.

“I said you’re lovable,” he whispered leaning in to kiss you on the lips but your head suddenly fell backwards, eyes closed, mouth wide open as you fell asleep.

Jungkook chuckled at your cuteness as he swiftly held your nape in place, pulling you closer to his chest so you could sleep there.


He carefully carried you bridal style to your apartment, having difficulty to open the door up for a few minutes but still managed to do so.

You moaned burying your face on his neck as he walked towards the bed.

“Mmhh-- Kookie,” you mumbled on his skin sending shivers through him.

He slowly layed you down on the bed placing a kiss on your forehead.

He was about to go when you grabbed his wrist pulling him downwards towards you.

Jungkook was taked by surprise, thus making him lose his balance, falling on top of you.

Good thing his reflexes were fast that he’s been able to put both of his arms on either side of your head putting his weight there so he wouldn’t crush you.

You tiredly open your eyes to look at his shock ones.

“Where are you going?” You mumbled caressing his face.

“I--a--,” he stuttered. His face was way too close to you it was driving him crazy, “I’m going to get some water,” he managed to say.

You bit your lips while you looked at his red ones.

You didn’t understand what he just said.

But the weirdest off all was that-

You couldn’t understand yourself as well, you didn’t know what you’re feeling right now.

It’s freaky.

You’re acting like you’re not yourself.

But who cares. His lips were just so red and looked so delicious.

“Jungkook,” you whispered as you look at him straight in the eyes, “kiss me.”

An apparent shock was visible on his eyes and then lust but then soon his face turned soft.

You wanted him.

You wanted to feel those soft wet lips brushing against yours again but he was taking too long to kiss you so you took matters to your own hands.

You swiftly entangled your fingers on his black soft hair pulling him down as you leaned a bit forward just to meet his lips with yours immediately opening you mouth for him.

A moan vibrated on his throat, you could feel him being shock but soon he responded, giving anwers to your passionate but fiery kiss.

“Mmmh,” you moaned feeling him bucking his hips downwards towards your crotch purposely grinding his apparent hardness underneath.

He left the kiss and immediately started sucking on your neck allowing you to grip tight to his hair.

“Ah--,” you sighed, eyes closed an dhead pushed back, “Jungkook, I need you.”

“Ugghmm,” he sounded as his grinding became more urgent and powerful, “I want you too baby,” he said.

He kissed you on the lips, slipping his tongue in to lace with yours.

The kiss became more hot, and desperate, bodies slowly moving against each other into a rhythm that only the two of you could feel. Brushing your clothed skin against each other eager to feel each other’ bareness.

He grunted on your lips as he pulled out from the hot make out leaving you both gasping for you.

“Make love to me,” you told him.

He then he smashed his lips unto yours once more, your hands voluntarily moving around him, tracing his body, hands slipping underneath his shirt feeling his toned physique on your bare palms.

Soon your hands were going lower, downwards towards his growing member.

He moaned on your lips as he felt your hand grabbing his hardness and he immediately withdrew from the kiss while simultaneously pulling your hand away from his member.

“Ugh! F*ck!” He cursed burying his face on your neck, “I can’t,” he heaved, hot breath fanning your skin sending shivers to your spine.

He pushed his face up to look at your confused reaction, he leaned down to kiss your forehead, then down to your lids as you closed your eyes, then the tip of your nose and lastly he pecked on your swollen lips and whispered:

“You’re drunk baby, I just can’t.”

“But--,” you complained.

“I need you sober to do this with you,” he softly said smiling, “I don’t want you to regret after.”

He paused laying on the bed beside you while simultaneously pulling you against his chest for a snuggle, he buried his head on your neck as he hugged you.

“I don’t want you to regret about us,” he mumbled on your skin as he kissed your neck.

The way he spoke so calm and the way his warm body pressed against yours was too comfortable that your eyelids were starting to get heavy.

You moved your hands against his chest feeling the incredibly fast beating of his heart, it’s like relaxing music, -- you sighed closing your eyes.

“I love you,” he whispered, but you were already deep asleep to hear his confession.



So the thing is.

If you noticed.

This story doesn’t have a ‘Jungkook Smut 21+’ warning on the title.

So, I hope you guys didn’t expect one, because you’re not getting one. 😊

This story’s purpose is to just help me convey my thoughts to those of us who are going through tough times. Reminding you all that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and to always LOVE YOURSELF.

Thank you for reading!

And I am so sorry for disappointing you guys with this short story,--- if ever I did.

PS: I might write a bonus chapter. That is, if you guys want me to. 😂

My baby
3:57am KST

yeps that’s right, it’s 4am, and I have to wake up early for church tomorrow. I am so killing myself rn 😂😂😂😂😂


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