Bittersweet Destiny

Chapter 19

Tinkerbell saw Regina's pale body resting in the floor. The Queen looked lifeless, and the Fairy had to remind herself that Regina had not died, she was simply in a deep slumber. However, it reminded her of Juliet, and how bad that episode had turned out. But not this time, Regina had given her a second chance, and she would right her wrongs - she owed it to Regina and to Juliet: Love had to win this time.

The fairy knew it wouldn't be long until one of the Queen's maids came into her chambers in order to assist the Queen with her bath and will find a corpse-looking body instead of a living woman. She knelt next to the woman, and caressed her forehead, "Have sweet dreams, Regina," she whispered before flying out of the window and towards the dungeons, making a quick stop at the stables first.

The two Merry Men posing as guards, Will and Arthur, had a hard time believing that she was Regina's friend and that the Queen had sent her. However, after much insistence, they let her pass to talk to Robin, following her close behind.

The fairy tried not to twist her mouth into a grimace when she saw Robin's physical state, it made her understand why Regina had been seeking revenge against the King. Without asking for consent, Tinkerbell waved her wand over Robin's body to heal him. The Outlaw winced as his skin stitched together, leaving nothing more than faint scars, enough to remind them of the torture he had survived in the name of true love.

"We've got to move," Tinkerbell told Robin.

"You are Regina's fairy friend, aren't you?"

The fairy nodded, touched that Regina had told Robin about her. "Now," she turned to the two healthy Merry Men, "Help him stand up. You will have to help him walk until we are outside the castle's wall,"

"How are we going to walk across the bloody castle's door without being seen by any guard?" Will asked, as Arthur helped Robin to his feet.

"I have enough poppy seeds to keep them all asleep as we walk," Tink explained, "But they wear off fairly fast, that's why we need to hurry,"

None of the three men questioned Tinkerbell's plan anymore, they simply followed her through the maze of hallways and secret passages that the castle had. The foursome encountered few guards on their way to the stables; but the Fairy was fast, and before they could alert someone else, she would put them to sleep.

The night was clouded and chilly, a storm was definitely brewing above their heads. A little bit outside the castle's walls, there were three horses tied to a tree. The fairy had managed to steal three horses before she went to get the Merry Men, she had on purpose taken Rocinante, Regina's horse, with them. Tinkerbell knew that no one would miss Regina's horse, but it would mean the world to Regina to have him with her once she woke up.

Will and Arthur climbed their horses, not noticing something that had caught Robin's attention.

"Where's Regina?" he asked Tinkerbell.

"She's not coming with us," Tinkerbell stated, "She'll join us later, we need to go,"

"I'm not going without her,"

"Robin," the Fairy said in a serious voice, "We have a plan, Regina and I. You have to trust me,"

"And why would I trust you. I don't know you!"

"Because Regina trusts me,"

That seemed enough for Robin, who climbed onto Regina's horse. "There's a tavern in the edge of the woods," he told Tinkerbell, "We'll rent a room for the night. Meet us there and you'll tell us about this plan of yours,"

Tinkerbell nodded. The fairy was about to reply something when the tower bells started sounded, which meant that either they found Regina's body or they realised that Robin had escaped - maybe both. Either way, the Merry Men needed to put some distance between them and the King's guards. "Go!" she yelled, slapping Rocinante in the back, the horse reared and then took off. Will and Arthur followed their leader close behind.

The fairy knew she had some time to go to the castle before making her way to the tavern were she was supposed to meet Robin, so she decided to go to the castle. It turned out that the bells were sounding to announce the Queen's death. Luckily for the Merry Men, the commotion created by Regina's unsuspected death had served as cover to their escape, and no one was currently looking for them.

It seemed that news flew faster than fairies in this realm, because by the time Tinkerbell reached Robin's rented room, he was already reduced to angry tears.

"She died!" he yelled at her and hit the table with his fists "You asked me to trust you and now she's dead!"

"No, she's not," Tinkerbell said trying to remain calm.

"What do you mean she's not dead?!" Robin demanded, "Don't you dare lie to me, fairy! How can she not be dead, when the news of her vigil have already reached the ears of everyone in the kingdom,"

"This is part of our plan,"

"What kind of plan involves killing someone?"

"She's not dead,"

"So, you are faking her death?" Tinkerbell nodded at Robin's question, "That's even more ridiculous than faking a pregnancy! If the King finds out, he will kill her,"

"But he won't find out," the fairy replied, "Why don't you take a seat, and let me explain everything to you?"

Robin did as Tinkerbell asked. And in turn, she did as she promised. She started with the day she had met Regina, and how she had decided to keep an eye on the Queen to make sure that she got her happy ending. The Merry Men listened to the fairy in silence, keeping their comments to themselves.

"Let me see if I understood this correctly," Will placed his elbows over the table and leaned his weight on them, "You gave Regina a sleeping potion, that makes her look dead. And you are asking us that after she's buried we have to break into the King's graveyard, dig her grave open and make Robin kiss her not-so-dead-corpse to break the curse?"

"That's the plan," Tinkerbell nodded.

"And are you certain this will work?" Robin asked quite skeptic, "How do you know she's not dead? How do you know the potion didn't kill her?"

The fairy looked at him and smiled before answering, "Listen to your heart. What does it tell you?"

Robin shifted his gaze from his two men to the fairy, and then closed his eyes and felt his heart beat.

Lubdub. Lubdub.

Even with his eyes closed, he could feel his companions staring at him. But he didn't mind, he wasn't pay attention to them. Because the moment he closed his eyes, he only saw a pair of dark chocolate eyes looking back at him.

Lubdub. Lubdub.

Regina was not dead.

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