Predator and Prey: Amara II


"Well understand this, you choose him, or you choose me, there's no in between." I feel bad, I care for and want the both of them... Vata's father is killed in a ceremonial battle, and his mother's taken her life after. Aduih, his brother is being held captive, and in order to save him and Amara, he has to fight to the death for his right as clan leader. Following Amara back to Prime, Dominic starts to resent her. She just walked away from him, when Vata showed up, and would have left him, if he hadn't of followed her. She'll have to choose, of he'll choose for her. Amara loves Vata, but she cares for Dominic also. It was easy to walk away, when he didn't know that she was leaving. He followed her back to Prime, and now she's unable to let him go, even when Vata and Dominic's demanding that she choose. Will Vata be able to save them all, humans and Yautja's from the sadistic clan leader, and will Amara choose between the man that she has a human bond with, or the Yautja male, who she's still making connections with.

Fantasy / Erotica
Lizzy Landon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

We’re living underground in a strange utopia, consisting of three communities, naturists, free love and patriarchal.

The nude community, survives solely on their own resources, and refuse to have any interactions with the other communities.

The free love community, seems to be the most friendly, all the members are same sex couples, and they have a celebration for everything.

My favorite and least favorite, is the patriarchal society. I love a take control kind of man, by all means dominate me, but wait a minute...

“What do you mean by, am I aware that women have no rights in this community?”

“What did you think that patriarchal meant?”

“Dom... can you please be quiet, and let me handle this.”

“Okay, so I’m going to need you to apologize to him, and you to reprimand her.” Says, the appointed registration person.

“Say what now?” I ask.

“I don’t think that this is going to be a good fit. You can try the free love community, they’ll let anyone in.”

“How do you mess up free love, and nudity. I mean... you can’t... you just can’t.” States, Dominic.

“Well I guess that I’m the damn exception.”

“Factionless, that’s what the hell we are, I hope that you have a plan Tris.”

“Oh shut up.” I state, agitated.

Heading to the entrance of the community, we’re intercepted by two of the patriarchal folks.

“Ooh.. she has a mouth on her.”

I’m about to tell him to shut up also, when Dominic stops me, with a flick of my nose.

It takes everything within me, to keep the wild kitten raging to get out tamed.

“Yeah, she does.”

“We heard about your misfortune, and as we are a humanitarian society, we can’t let you starve or be without shelter.” He explains.

“So, until we can get you setup in your own community, we’ll accept you temporarily, please keep the missus under control.”

“Yeah, I think that I can handle that.” Replies Dominic, giving me a smack on the butt.

If I wasnt already peeved, I’d have played along also, but all I can do is raise my chin in angry silence.

“Follow me...”

We’re sharing a home with a nice couple, that I’m not sure that I like. She’s taken me on as an apprentice, teaching me how to make food from scratch.

Its “The Little House on the Prairie” days. No electricity, although they do have indoor plumbing. All three communities are vegetarians, and they have somehow built a mechanism to allow the sun in underground, similar to how the egyptians did it.

Everyone shares food and services, they all work together for the enhancement of the society as a whole. It’s not a bad way to live, but I prefer to live above ground.

Olivia, she like everyone below ground were born here. After Vata’s elder grandfather times four passed, the law went into effect that the human numbers were to be limited.

Vata’s elder father, had this place built, and then killed all the Yautja’s that knew about it. He did it for his human wife, so that she could survive.

“He must have loved her.” I state, kneeding the dough.

“He loved us, the humans... he banned them from hunting us on this planet. To bad, that he couldn’t stop them from hunting those on Earth.”

“You know about Earth?”

“Of course, we’re not stupid, we know where we come from.”

“I didn’t mean it like that...”

“I know... now let’s get to making these cinnamon buns, before the men return.”

The men are responsible for growing, and harvesting the food, repairs, and anything outside of the home, while the women take care of the children, and home.

Coming back from their manly duties, she goes to her knees to remove her significant other’s shoes. Dominic’s watching me, waiting...

With an encouraging smile, she nods in his direction, and I proceed to yank his shoes off. Smirking at my plight, I toss them hard, into his stomach.

“How was your day?” She asks.

“Good, nothing exciting or new happened.”

“And how was your first day on the job?” She inquires of Dominic.

“It was good, and educatuonal.”

“Good, I hope that you’ll love it enough, to stay.”

Not me... he can, but I’m gone as soon as I can.

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