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Predator and Prey: Amara II


Kilomoon - 1000 years

Chapter Text

They have him bound to a tree, and cutting his bonds he falls to his knees. Helping him to his feet, I take him to the yautjanoid’s community.

“Mother and father...” Says Aduih.

“I know...”

“Bahn, he’s petitioning the elders to exterminate the oomans.”

Bahn’s had his eyes on leading the clan for awhile, and took the opportunity to take it when I left.

“I won’t allow him to do that.”

“We can’t let him do that.”

Leaving him, to rest with his mate, I enter the home that I’d had built for her. The translator has taken her somewhere safe, and refuses to tell me where.

Tomorrow I’ll take back, what was rightfully ours.

“My claim on the clan still stands, and I challenge Bahn for the right as clan leader.”

Standing before the elders, a group of our clan members are witnesses to the proceedings.

“We gave you our terms, and you rejected it. We told you, we won’t have an ooman leading our people.”

“Who I take as my mate, is of no concern to the clan, she poses no threat. My claim is valid...”

“Give him his chance, I’ll send him to meet his father soon enough.” Bahn interjects, coming down from his seat.

A growl in warning, and the elders come to their feet. “For now, we are unable to decide.”

“You can’t deny me my right!”

Bahn draws his weapon, and I draw mine. “We have spoken, if you go against our wishes Bahn, you forfeit your right to lead!” States Astba, the head elder.

“Let him be, you’ll get your chance.” Says Naidka.

She got what she wanted, to be a wife to the clan leader. With her behind him, this can’t end well for any of us.

“Bring them in.”

My heart skips a beat, thinking that Amara had been captured. Instead, it’s Aduih’ and his mate, they’re being led in, chained together.

He was supposed to have her taken somewhere safe. Once they found out that he was missing, they’d go straight to her.

“Release my brother, he’s committed no trespasses.” I state, going to him.

“He attacked me, your mother took her own life, I’m not to blame for that.”

“You forced her hand, the claiming of another’s mate after defeat, hasn’t been practiced in a kilomoon.” Aduih, spits out.

“But it’s still an option... you must make amends for your offense.”

“What do you want?” Aduih, inquires.

“Since I’m down one wife, I’ll take yours.”


“Or your life, if you’re unable to part with her.”

Either way, Aduih loses... “Exile should be sufficient, for the both of them.” I offer.

Everyone’s quiet awaiting his response.


“Is there nothing else, that would appease you? You hate the oomans, why would you take one to wife?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“This discussion is over, what will it be?”

“Let her go, he’ll take her after you’re dead anyways.” I advise quietly.

“Would you give up Amara?”


“What would you do?” He asks.

I would fight, and that’s what I do, my blade’s tossed in Bahn’s direction, who counters with two aimed at Aduih and I.

Hacking his bonds in half, he relieves me of my sword. Two guards coming at us, we take them down. Keeping Giselle behind him, another one attacks, his powerful strikes knocks Aduih off of his feet.

“Aduih!” Her scream distracts me, and taking a blade to the stomach, I cut my attacker’s throat. Three star shaped knives, to the eye, and throat, of Aduih’s assailant, ends their fight.

No one else engages us, and backing towards the exit, Bahn approaches, spear drawn. “Stop, to end this dispute, one last and final challenge for the rights of clan leader, will commence in three days time!” States, Astba.

“I accept.” Bahn and I, state in unison.

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