No Refunds

Chapter 27

Dean waited impatiently, eyes darting, used to Cas's habit of appearing just behind him, just out of sight. Between him and Sam, they had pretty much the entire room in sight-line, but no angel appeared.

"Cas?" Dean tried again, voice unwittingly a little more pleading, trying to ignore the words that Sam had spoken that were ringing through his head. "Please, Cas?"

A few more seconds of silence passed.

"Before he decides he's finally had enough of you"

Sam cleared his throat. "Dean?"


"He's not coming..."

"Really? You think I hadn't noticed that?" Dean retorted. He ran his hand through his hair, looking around in the vain hope that the angel may have appeared without him noticing. "He does that. He doesn't always come when we call."

"Cas?" Sam tried, knowing that his calls were usually ignored, but tried nonetheless. No angel appeared.

"Why isn't he coming?" Dean asked.

"Maybe he can't?" Sam suggested. "His mojo is draining, and he's already used some being at your damn beck and call."

"Crap." Dean said, picking up a bag and scrawling a note to the angel, telling him to call if he returned.

"Or Olivia might've got him."

"She doesn't." Dean told him, walking out of the door, followed by Sam.

"What makes you so sure?" Sam asked his brother as they got in the car. "We need to consider it."

"Because she's waiting until he's human."

"He told you that?"

"She did." Dean told him, and Sam looked at him.

"When did you see her?"

"Last night." Dean said a little too quickly as they drove off.

"She was at the bar?" Sam asked, accusation in his voice, knowing that more had happened that Dean wasn't letting on. Sam knew his brother well. "What did you do, Dean?"


"Dean." Sam warned, and Dean glanced sideways.

"I'm driving."

"What the hell did you do?"

"Nothing, really..." Dean avoided, but found himself getting nervous under his brothers glare, and suddenly dying for a drink. He reached into his pocket, bringing out Bobby's flask and taking a swig.

"You slept with her, didn't you?" Sam asked, sighing. "You stupid-"



"I didn't get that far." Dean begrudgingly told him, ignoring his brother's huff. "I was drunk and it seemed like a good idea at the time." He looked to his brother, attempting a smile. "Plus, have you seen her? That girl is-"

"I really can't believe you." Sam sighed, looking out the window. "This is the girl that is trying to kill our friend and you slept with her! No wonder the guy didn't come when you called."

"I didn't go through with it!" Dean protested. "I couldn't-"

"Couldn't what?"

"I'd had a lot to drink." Dean huffed, looking out of the windows at the pavement as he drove.


"And she kept talking about Cas..."

"You couldn't get it up?" Sam finished for him, anger leaving his face ever so slightly as he began to smirk. "You?"

"I had a rough day-"

"Was it long and hard?" Sam smirked.

"Shut it." Dean said. He pulled the car onto the pavement, getting out and walking towards the bar that he had been in the night before. Sam rolled his eyes and moved to get out too, but Dean soon returned. "He's not there."

"Did you expect him to be?" Sam sighed.

"I figured it was worth a try." Dean got back into the car, starting it instantly, barely giving Sam a chance to get back in the seat. He pulled the car out and started driving again, faster than before. "Why didn't we give him a phone?"

"So what happened after... Olivia." Sam asked, looking at Dean.

The elder hunter clenched his jaw, not wanting to say, but recognizing he probably should. "I called Cas."


"Because I was pissed. Livvie had just-"

"Wait, Livvie?" Sam repeated, looking at his brother incredulously.

Dean glared. "Shut it."

"You have pet names for each other now?"

"No, it's just what she's called." Dean told him. "She told me about Cas. She knew, I didn't; I was pissed."

"And that was a change to how you've been the rest of the time?"

"Yeah." Dean told him, ignoring his brother's sarcasm. "So I called him."

Sam sighed and shook his head.

"What?" Dean asked, barely looking at his brother as the car moved faster and faster.

"You're a selfish bastard, that's what." Sam told him.


"No. You find out that he's got a finite amount of mojo and you call him over? You make him use it unnecessarily?"

"Yeah, I get it. I'm an asshole." Dean told him.

"Yeah, you are." Sam agreed. "And I bet you were real grateful to him."

"Not exactly." Dean winced, remembering his words. "I said what was on my mind."

Sam just shook his head, silent anger across his face. He was beyond words now.

Dean's voice turned quiet, his hands gripping tight onto the steering wheel. "I told him we didn't want him here. I told him to leave."

"And I bet you put that in the nicest possible manner."

"Not exactly." Dean told him.

"Guess we know now why he didn't come when you called."

Dean didn't say anything, instead pulling the car into a familiar looking car park.

"You think he's here?" Sam asked, looking out the window.

"Worth a try." Dean said, jumping out of the car instantly, quickly followed by Sam. He barely glanced around at the car park, heading straight for the footpath, heart thumping in his chest. He felt sure that Cas would be here, he was sure that as soon as he rounded the corner, as soon as he peered through that mesh fence he would see his friend in the worn out suit by the water. He would be there. He would be.

But he wasn't. No-one was by the water. It was deserted, looking for all the world like a normal lake. As if nothing had ever happened there.

"Damn it!" Dean yelled, frustrated, and Sam blinked. Dean was genuinely upset - he couldn't find Cas, he was searching frantically and for once, his care for the falling angel was showing.


"Where else would he be?" Dean cried, thinking hard. "Where did he used to go?"

"He was your friend." Sam pointed out.

"Real helpful, Sammie." Dean huffed, pacing back and forth. "A church? Would he go to a church?"

"Maybe he doesn't want to be found." Sam suggested. Dean stopped, turning the full force of his frustration onto his brother.

"Shut up."

"Maybe he's finally had enough. You told him to leave, and he left." Sam told him gently, shrugging. "He might just be... done."

"I'm not!" Dean yelled, stepping close to his brother and yelling into his face. "I'm not done with him!"

Sam blinked. "Well, then tell him that." He said simply, and the older Winchester stepped back, returning to his frantic pacing.

"Cas?" He called again, looking around frantically. "I'm sorry, Cas. Just... get back here? Please?"

They waited as the seconds ticked by.

Dean's phone started ringing in his pocket. After looking confused, he fished it out and answered it.

"Cas?" He asked quickly, but his face fell instantly.

"Not quite, Dean." The voice on the other end of the line smugly purred.

"Livvie." He sighed. "Really not a good time. In fact, never is probably a good time."

"Shame, I really thought you might've been interested in what I had."

"Yeah? And what's that?"

"Thought you might want to say goodbye to your guardian angel while you've still got the chance." Livvie told him. "Didn't realise you cared so much about him. It's touching how you've been calling for him, it really is."

"You bitch." He hissed down the phone. "What happened to waiting until he's human?"

"Plans change, lover boy. Decided I'd kill him now instead."

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