No Refunds

Chapter 42

Sam's hand clenched around Ruby's knife.

Dean's hand clenched around the angel blade.

Balthazar stood in front of them, a smile on his face. At least he could see what he was fighting.

Crowley blinked out, apparently unaffected by the angel proofing he had put on the place.

"What we got?" Dean barked out, looking at, from what his eyes could tell, anyway, the empty room.

"Three hounds at the door, and a hospital completely full of demons." Balthazar told him, lifting his own blade.

"Great." Sam said.

"You're going to have to be our eyes here, Balthazar." Dean called out, and the angel rolled his own.

"Seriously? Just kill anyone who tries to kill you. Easy."

"Helpful," Dean huffed. "The hell hounds?"

"Guarding the door."

"And how do we get past?" Sam said.

"2 o'clock, Dean." Balthazar instructed.


The angel threw his blade towards the door, and it caught in midair, suspended in nothing, as it appeared to the boys. While it wobbled and flailed, and black splashed to the floor, Balthazar descended, a hand outstretched, and the boys looked away as the room went bright. Dean focused instead on his own knife, aiming slightly to his right as the angel had instructed, and slashed the air. It met resistance, and he dug in, shoving and gouging as his brother came to the side and used his own knife on the air, stabbing at what he supposed was the torso.

"Next!" Balthazar called.

"Demons?" Sam asked, but Balthazar didn't answer, deeming it unnecessary as black-eyed meat suits began to make their way into the room. Leading the group of at least a dozen was a surgeon, mask pulled down under his chin, blood splatters on his gown, and a scalpel in his hand.

Sam and Dean both stepped forwards, towards the crowd of Doctors, Nurses, and patients trying to get in the room. Keeping them away from the bed was bullet point one.

"I think you boys can handle these?" Balthazar called back, sarcasm evident in his voice.

"In my sleep." Dean grunted, spinning the blade in his hand and stabbing it straight into the gut of an elderly nurse with a large saw in her hand. He slashed up, feeling her go limp under him before throwing her to the floor, the light flashing out of her eyes. Balthazar began to smite, but with so many demons at once, and all prepared to fight, he found himself swamped; the preferred method of palm-to-forehead-burn-out too slow when only one, or possibly two can be done at a time. Dean fell back, staying close to Castiel, while Sam stepped forward, attacking any that made it past Balthazar, while Dean took the rest.

And it worked, to a certain extent. Between the three of them they were killing a lot of demons, and none would make it past the three of them to the comatose man on the bed, but more kept coming, with apparently no end in sight. With the near constant flood, they couldn't even move from the room, could make no form of advance through the narrow door.

Sam looked back and Dean briefly and they exchanged a look, contemplating just that. They needed to get out of the hospital. Two managed to get past Sam during this slight distraction, and Dean stabbed one in the jugular and body tackled the other, flooring the cute intern from paediatrics. He got pulled down with her as she clawed at him, and he barely had time to whip the blade from the first demon and slit this one's throat.

"Balthazar?" Sam called. The angel didn't turn round, smiting a demon with one hand and slamming his blade into the belly of another.

"I'm a little busy right now, darling." He replied, completely oblivious to the blood splatter that sprayed across his suit.

"We need to get out of here." The younger Winchester yelled over.

"Very astute observation, however there's a bit of traffic, if you hadn't noticed." He kicked a stray corpse across the floor, getting tangled in the mass that was now there.

"We could make a barricade out of that lot." Dean suggested as he took down another. He felt himself taking another step back towards the bed, noticing that the gap between him and the back wall was getting a little too small for comfort.

However, being at the back, and behind two very competent fighters, he was the most available to try different methods, other than pure hand to hand combat.

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus," Dean yelled out, as fast as he could muster. "Omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio ."

The demons paused to look as he continued, and all suddenly decided to go solely after Dean, rather than fight down the two blocking the path. Sam and Balthazar still took out several while Dean continued, slaying three demons in the next sentence.

"infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et sectra diaolica," he yelled out, making sure it could reach as many demons as possible, remembering how Sam and he got out of a similar situation a few years ago. "Ergo draco maledicte et omnis legio diabolica adj-"

He stopped when a demon shouldered him in the chest, flinging him back, knocking the air from his lungs and the words from his mouth.

"DEAN!" Sam called out, and his brother motioned as best as he could as he stabbed the demon for him to continue the chant.

"Adjuramus te. Cassa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque," Sam paused to trip a demon pushing past him, getting knocked back a few steps, his legs hitting the bed frame. " eisque aeternae perditionis venenum propinare."

"Balthazar!" Dean called from across the room. He had now been forced back around the side of the bed, and was trying to ignore the sight of Castiel in his peripheral vision. Sam continued chanting. "Isn't there anything you can do?"

A teenage boy had managed to get a proper hit on Sam by this time, grazing his cheek with a scalpel, and stabbing it deep into his shoulder. He cried out, rolling his shoulder back and stumbling. Dean picked up the latin.

Balthazar smited two more in front of him, managing to gain some headway and stepping forwards, though one pushed around him, a little girl who reminded Dean a little too much of Lilith. He groaned and dispatched of her, barely flinching in his latin.

"Libera nos, Domine. Ut Acclesiam tuam," Dean recited, nearly at the end. He could see the demons struggling now, their eyes turning black and their movements becoming more desperate. Fortunately, desperate meant careless, making them far easier to finish off. Balthazar slammed the head of a pensioner against the door frame before burning him out.

"I left my grenades at home." Balthazar spat back.

"Secura tibi facias libertate servire te rogamus," Dean inhaled in anticipation, the demons frantically trying to get some last seconds wounds in. "Audi nos."

The demons stopped, and the familiar sight of black smoke escaping from bodies appeared, dozens at once being sent back to hell as they got sucked through the floor. The meat suits crumpled shortly after, none remaining upright; whether unconscious or dead, it was impossible to tell.

"How many more?" Sam asked, clutching his shoulder.

"Hundreds." Balthazar stated.

Dean reached for Cas, loosely holding his wrist. The adrenaline had taken over during the fight, squashing down any emotion, all panic that he'd had over the last few days, and he wasn't going to allow it to bubble back up during the lull. He allowed himself this brief interaction, fingers closing over the pulse, checking, just checking, a small reassurance that Cas was still with them.

"What next?"

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