No Refunds

Chapter 53

Sam had returned home a few hours later, having driven Garth's car back at a speed that the poor vehicle hadn't seen before. Dean's phone wasn't picking up, was sending him straight to voicemail, due to the fact that when Sam hadn't picked up, it had fallen from the bed and fallen apart. Sam, who had been imagining the worst, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Dean and Cas sitting at the table, eating leftovers from last night's meal.

Five Months Later

A black Impala drove up the drive, conspicuous in the dry dust. There wasn't much else around, a few farms, here and there, but none within a few miles of the place. They parked, and three men got out, two in plaid layers and jeans, one in a long trenchcoat. They looked up at the building, glancing to each other.

"You sure this is the place?" The second tallest asked, and the taller shrugged.

"It's where he sent us." He replied.

Frank Devereaux had given the boys co-ordinates to the warehouse. It was another of his latest paranoid assertions; the Leviathan's were taking charge of this place and turning it into something or other.

But there was nothing going on there. Not yet. All the better for the boys to stake it out, see if there was anything remarkable about the place.

Sam and Dean took out guns, whilst Cas took out the long angel blade. Even after all this time, he still felt the cool weight in his hand was more powerful than a gun. Slower, but certainly more effective against a Leviathan.

They kicked open the door, unlatched as it was, and blinked in the darkness. Light filtered through slats in the roofing, but not much, only leaving stripes of light hitting the dusty floor below. They couldn't see anything going on past the large room, but they could see that there was plenty to hide behind; stacks of timber lay here and there, and heavy machinery was dotted around.

"Sam, you alright to take upstairs?" Dean asked, not looking to his brother as he raised the gun, scouring the place with his eyes.

There wasn't much of an upstairs; a gangway to walk along at the top of the stairs, and what seemed to be a vacated office, the glass punched out. Sam rolled his eyes at his brother before nodding, and made his way to the stairs. This left just Dean and Cas, slowly looking round, each with their weapons raised. They knew better than to be anything less than on guard around the threat of Leviathan's.

"You getting anything, Cas?" Dean asked, sparing a glance to his partner. The man turned round to him.

"I'm not sure..." He murmured. "I can't tell."

Dean could see his frustration. It had been months since Cas had given up his heavenly powers, since he had woken up human, and he knew it frustrated him no end. So easily injured, so slow in a fight. He was, in reality, practically as good as Sam and Dean at the business, but he knew he felt the ache of what once was. Dean just hoped what he got in return was enough to weigh that out.

Not to mention, Cas had a very useful skill against their current Big Bad's. Having had them rocking around in his body for a little while, he had knowledge about them, a sort of sixth sense when dealing with them. He could tell them apart with ease, and he could track them as if by scent.

"Hey, it's okay." Dean said, turning his attention to Cas, who exhaled in frustration. "Frank's sent us on wild goose chases before. I'll bet this is no different."

Cas tilted his head slightly, allowing his features to soften as Dean stepped forward and reached out to him, fingers stroking his jaw slightly and coming to rest on the back of his neck. It was familiar contact now.

"You're doing fine, Cas." He finished reassuringly, squeezing gently. He couldn't help the small flicker down that his eyes travelled to Castiel's lips, and both of them caught it.

"Dean." Cas sighed, but suddenly straightened up, eyes alert.

"What is it?" Dean asked, all business again, brought his hand back to the blade concealed at his waist. He watched Cas's face in anticipation for a few seconds before his face focused.

"Over there." Cas instructed, holding up his blade and indicating to the far side of the room.

Dean turned, two steps ahead of Cas as he moved forward, one hand holding the gun steady and the other reaching for his blade.

"How many?" He whispered, and Cas shook his head.

"I can't tell," He replied. "Something's..."

The question was answered quickly. The ground seemed to give way beneath Cas's feet as he was knocked backwards, landing hard on his backside, and by the time he looked up, Dean wasn't there. He knew where he was, though. He scrambled to his feet and ran round the corner, blade raised to see Dean on the floor beneath the Leviathan.

It was kneeling over him, strong in the form of a middle aged woman. She had Dean pinned by the throat, tight, but took the time to turn and smile at Cas, teeth wide.

"Castiel, so good to see you again." She smirked, looking him up and down. "You look different. You done something to your hair?" She grinned as Cas advanced, blade drawn undaunted by the rapidly approaching figure.

Cas charged, ready to slice for the neck, decapitation. He reached for the bottle of cleaning fluid in his pocket, going for the splash'n'slash, as Dean had once named it, but once again found his journey obstructed. Within a second he was pulled back, held tight by a second Leviathan that he cursed himself for not being able to notice.

"No, no." She cooed. "Dick's got plans for you."

Cas didn't look at her, instead frantically craned to see past her. "Dean!" He called, seeing the man's limbs flailing slightly at the lack of oxygen. He knew somewhere in the back of his head that Sam was dealing with his own Leviathan upstairs. This hadn't been a research mission, someone had laid a trap for them.

The Leviathan's grin widened, and suddenly it snapped, jaw splitting wide, teeth flashing, huge black gaping hole ready to devour Dean down whole. Cas strained, unable to reach his weapons as he watched helpless as-

She was pulled back by a force stronger than a Leviathan, yanked from Dean and sent hurtling across the floor with little more grace than a goldfish that had jumped from its bowl. Something else was on her in an instant. Someone.

Cas took the distraction gratefully, feeling the arms slacken around him, he shoved the angel blade into the stomach of the Leviathan, and using its distraction and pain to spin out and slice the head straight off. He didn't truly see what happen, but he sensed it, near enough.

Dean, however, had sat bolt upright, gasping for air but desperate to see what had happened. He saw the Leviathan crash into a pile of timber, half held up by it, and he saw someone else speed over to her, following almost as fast at the rate as the throw. It was a girl who now grabbed the Leviathan by the collar, hoisting it up and placing a palm flat against its forehead. Dean had the presence of mind to close his eyes for this part, and he saw the room behind his eyelids go bright with the light. He then heard a splatter, and he shielded his face from the black goop that sprayed out. When he opened them, he saw the girl drop the body in disgust, and turn around to look at him and Cas.

"You guys! Finally!" She cried, looking the two of them up and down, smirking at what she evidently saw as Dean rose to his feet. He glanced for Sam, who was exiting the office upstairs, severed head in hand, who paused to look down at the sight below.

"I heard you needed some help with a vermin problem." Livvie said, looking at them, and to Sam, a smug grin on her face. "Figured I might be able to lend a hand."

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