No Refunds

Chapter 6

Castiel's appearance from the lake should have been special, it should have been something that was watched with marvel, and preferably with a touching soundtrack to tug at the heartstrings. It should have been graceful, like in the movies, and Dean and Sam should've been watching.

But life for the boys wasn't like a movie. Most of the time.

"CASTIEL, YOU BASTARD!" The girl yelled, and both Dean and Sam turned to look at her. She had risen off the rock, and, panting heavily, was screeching angrily at the water. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

"Woah, lady." Dean gingerly put himself in her line of vision. "It's okay, everything's fine."

"Everything is not fine, you IDIOT!" She yelled. "CASTIEL!" She moved to walk into the lake, but stopped abruptly, looking just past the boys, behind them; her face contorted in rage. The boys looked behind them, and saw the familiar form of Castiel, standing sodden behind them. Wet all over from the lake, his hair was dripping water onto his face, his suit hung heavy, and his tie was extremely discoloured. But his body, his flesh... it was like nothing had happened, like he hadn't exploded.

"Cas..." Dean said, amazed, forgetting himself for a minute, so amazed to see him again.

"Oh, bully for you, Castiel is back." The girl sarcastically proclaimed. "Hugs all round?" She raised her arms furiously. Dean noticed with a wry smile that she had an English accent, something that hadn't been noticeable whilst Castiel had been inside her.

"My apologies, Olivia-" The angel begun, but she interrupted him, taking a step forward.

"I don't care about your apologies, Cas," She fumed, carding her fingers through her hair in frustration, but stopping when she got tangled. "You couldn't have brushed? Seriously?"

"Aesthetics were not my priority." He defended himself, and she scoffed.

"And you left my conditioner in the motel! That stuff is really expensive! You made a huge mistake jumping into me."

"I had no-"

"Don't you get it?" She yelled. "Sure, body hopping and bad hair is annoying enough, but you know what really pisses me off?" She took another step forward, now nose to nose with Castiel. "When you flick through the memories of the asshole that's taking you for a ride, and you find out a little something."

She waited, and no-one spoke. The silence practically echoed round the lake, and suddenly Cas looked very uncomfortable. Shifty, even.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He mumbled.

She scoffed. "Funny, that."

"What is it?" Sam asked, and she looked at him briefly.

"I found out that your little Christmas tree topper is the guy that killed my dad." She whispered, looking back at Cas.

He said nothing.

"And that's why I'm gonna kill you." She said grimly.

"You have no power." He told her firmly. "It has been removed."

"Yeah, Daddy didn't trust me with it." She smiled without humour. "He was planning on giving it back, but I guess other things got in the way..." She took a step back

Sam and Dean had been watching this from the sidelines. Dean, torn between his anger at Cas, and that annoying, gnawing sense of... joy, whilst Sam was simply unsure what to do. Finally, he spoke up.

"What are you?" He asked, fingering the gun that he strategically kept in the waistband of his jeans.

"Oh, of course." She cried, moving away from Cas and turning back to the boys. She took a step back, reaching the metal gate, stroking it with her fingertips. "I'm just an abomination, aren't I?"

"Plenty of those around." Sam told her, casting a sideways glance at Cas, who shifted slightly, both of them remembering Castiel's drunken comments. "So, what are you?"

She laughed, looking up at the grey sky. Regaling in her physical freedom, and the sadistic pleasure of coming face to face with her Fathers killer, she seemed elated.

"I'm a Nephilim." She told them. She pointed at Castiel, and winked as she walked away, calling back "Have fun explaining that one."

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