No Refunds

Chapter 8

"Where's the car?"

Dean finally spoke, and it was about the car. But he had a good point. It wasn't where he had left it, in the car park of the reservoir. The lot was empty, of cars and of humans.

"Where's the girl?" Sam contributed.

Dean just sighed, defeated. It's not like he liked the car, anyway. It wasn't his beautiful baby that was tucked away in a far corner of Bobby's scrap yard, far enough away from the house to have not been touched in the fire that destroyed the house. But it still sucked.

"Looks like she's got herself some weapons." Dean pointed out. "Everything that's not on us right now was in the trunk."

"Including..." Sam sighed. "Cas's sword."

"So now she can do some damage, if she gets close enough."


"And we have next to nothing to protect ourselves with." Dean pointed out. "Great. Just, great."

Dean kicked at the gravel on the floor, scattering tiny pebbles everywhere. It just wasn't his day.

"What do we do now?" Sam asked. "Walk?"

"I..." They heard Castiel behind them, and turned round. "I could take you where you need to go."

"I'd rather walk." Dean huffed.

"Dean..." Sam said quietly.

Dean recognised that Dean. It was Sam's stop being stroppy and start being reasonable voice. For a few seconds they caught each other's glare, battling to win with facial expression alone, but Dean conceded.

"Fine. We'll take the angel-mobile."

Castiel carefully approached them both and, after a brief hesitation, placed a fingertip on each of the brothers' foreheads. With no more warning than that they found themselves back in civilisation on a main road, on the edge of a driveway of another motel.

"Thanks." Sam said graciously, not quite meeting Cas's eyes.

Dean didn't say anything, instead choosing to walk towards the motel, ready to book a room. Sam looked at the forlorn angel, and Sam, despite everything, despite what Castiel had told him, still felt a wave of pity for the man who was standing there looking hopelessly lost.

"Cas?" Sam called, and the angel looked up at him. "You coming?"

The angel looked bewildered, and Sam clarified. "You can stay with us."

"You would let me?" Cas seemed disbelieving. "Dean would?"

"He's not happy about it, but he agreed." Sam shrugged. "We need your help."


"The Leviathans." Sam told him. "You probably picked up some info, right?"

"Yes, some." Castiel agreed. He began to walk towards the motel with Sam.

"Not to mention," Sam continued. "It looks like you might be needing a couple of bodyguards."

"I am not concerned about Olivia." Castiel stated.

"She's got the angel blade." Sam reminded him. "Still so sure?"

Cas said nothing, just tightened his jaw. That was enough for Sam.

"That's what I thought." Sam sighed. "You're staying with us."

Reaching the motel they found that Dean had already sorted the room. He certainly hadn't gone out of his way to accommodate Cas in this, had instead chosen the usual two-bed rooms, though, Sam noticed, it did have a semi-comfortable looking recliner in the room, if Cas didn't mind staying on something that probably had never been washed.

They took a step into the room, and Sam sat down on a bed. Castiel stood awkwardly near the doorway. Dean took two steps in, saw how the evening was going to be, and stepped back out.

"I'm going out."

"Going where, Dean?" Sam sighed.

"To Wonderland." He replied sarcastically.

"It's barely five, you really going to go to a pub now?" Sam sighed.

"I'm a maverick." Without another word he left, leaving the angel and Sam alone.

"Guess it's just you and me, then." Sam huffed.

"So it would appear." Cas didn't let any physical reaction through to the situation. He stood straight, his posture as it ever was, as if he had never left the body, looking as uncomfortable in this skin as the moment he had first stepped into it. But on the inside... angels feel pain, have very real emotions, and seeing Dean clearly so negatively affected by his very presence... hurt.

"What I wouldn't give for my laptop, now." He pinched the bridge of his nose, before starting to root around the room.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to find..." Sam pulled out some cheap motel stationary from one of the draws of a nightstand, and a pen to match. "Ahah!"

"Writing implements?"

"You're going to tell me what you know about the Leviathan's." Sam said. "Then you're going to tell me what you know about Olivia."

Castiel furrowed his eyebrows, in what was recognised as a confused, but curious, expression. "You find writing this down helps?"

"It's like taking notes in class." Sam explained. "If you just sit there and listen to the teacher, stuff isn't going to stick."

"You consider this a 'class'?"

"I-" Sam hung his head. "Just sit down and tell me what you know."

Castiel looked awkwardly around, looking down at the other bed. He had no need to sit, he could go for very, very long periods of time with no movement whatsoever. Not that he liked to; it was rather dull. But that was beside the point. Cas sat down awkwardly, perching on the edge of the second bed, opposite from Sam.

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