Sirius' Potion Mistake

Talking about the Past

A/N: Word of warning. This chapter is mainly Harry telling his parents about his past. You may find it a bit boring. I apologize for this chapter in case that is your impression. It will get better. I promise.

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Chapter 10: Talking about the Past

A couple of weeks had passed since Harry was abducted by his parents and godfather. Petunia had admitted to the way she and Vernon had treated Harry, hence why Lily was angry. She cooled down after a while. Harry loved the new life he led. Mainly because what everyone in the wizarding world had told him was true: His parents really did love him.

His parents loved to hear about his life after the Dursleys. Harry had told them about when Hagrid had toldhim about being a wizard and his friends. When he described Hermione, the Marauders all looked at Lily. When she asked what they were looking at her for, they started to whistle.

The fact of his parents love had been proven by the amount of time he would have been grounded if they had been alive before. His mother was not too happy about the fact that he broke a rule when he was helping Neville when the Rememberall was stolen, but she dismissed that when she realized he was helping a friend. His father on the other hand was pleased with the fact that not only did his son break a rule, but became the youngest Quidditch player in a century.

"Remind me to ask Minnie why she broke the First-Years-No-Brooms-Rule" James had whispered to Sirius.

The troll incident did not go over well with Lily even though James found it hilarious how Harry had stuck his wand up the troll's nose. However, the incident with Quirell and Voldemort did not go over well with either parent or godparent who had not been told this.

Harry had been nervous about telling his parents about the parselmouth thing, but Dumbledore had informed them earlier about the fact that Voldemort had transferred some of his powers to Harry. He did neglect to mention what the powers were though. So naturally they were shocked, but had gotten over it quicker. James had loved the entrance with the flying car. Harry had received very tight hugs from his family when he informed them of what happened in the Chamber of Secrets. However, James and Sirius got over it pretty quickly because they asked for the Map and asked Harry the password to the Chamber. They ran into the kitchen and added the Chamber of Secrets onto the Marauder's map.

When they returned, Harry told them about his third year where Remus had taught him how to conjure a Patronus. When Harry told them why he learned, James had secretly thanked Remus for helping his son out. He also thanked Sirius for replacing the broom. When Harry had gotten to the part about Peter's escape, Lily hugged him and told him that it was alright and that Harry had been correct about them not wanting Sirius and Remus to become murderers just for them.

Last year was the worst. With each task, Lily and James hugged their son (who was sitting between them on the couch) tighter and tighter. Harry had a hard time with the third task, but managed through with the help of his parents.

"Don't worry Harry. Everything will be just fine." Lily comforted him.

"But even if he is defeated, you guys came back. What's to stop him?" Harry voiced one of his fears.

"Sirius and Remus are the only ones who know the potion." James told him.

"When James and Lily woke up," Remus told Harry, "I ripped the specific potion from the book, tore it up, and tossed it in the fire. I then hid the book."

"And I messed up an ingredient." Sirius added. "To tell you the truth, I can't remember what I did wrong."

James and Harry laughed while Lily and Remus rolled their eyes and shook there heads.

"Well Harry. It's time for bed." Lily told her son.

Harry and Sirius groaned.

"What are you groaning about?" James asked his best friend.


"It might help you if you took some dreamless-sleep potion" Remus told Harry.

"Thanks Pro-I mean Remus."

"You better get used to calling me Professor Lupin again." Remus said with a grin.

"You mean…"

Remus nodded.



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