Sirius' Potion Mistake

Diagon Alley

Chapter 12: Diagon Alley

"Wow Dad. Nobody would recognize me as the Boy-Who-Lived." Harry said admiring his father's handiwork in the mirror.

He was no longer the scrawny boy with messy black hair, green eyes, and a lightning bolt shaped scar. The scar was missing; some height was taken off and added to his hair, which now hung down to his neck. (Long for a boy, but too short to be put in a pony-tail like his father's disguise). The color of the hair was no longer jet black, but now red with blond streaks. He still had his mother's eyes though. That would be the one dead giveaway if anyone looked closer.

Remus and Sirius had pretty much switched hair color.Both men werelooking younger. As if the affect of Azkaban and being a werewolf had never happened.

"Think we could pull this off?" Sirius asked.

"Padfoot. Your own mother wouldn't recognize you."

"I hope so. I'd hate to run into her."

"I thought your mother was dead?" Lily asked.

"She is." Sirius said.

"Anyways. I have the list." Harry said. "I love not having the scar."

"He's constantly trying to hide it." Remus whispered to a confused Lily and James.

With that, the family walked towards the fireplace.

"Wait a minute." Harry said before turning to his parents. "What are we going to do about names?"

"Well, your father is Jim Jarter. I'm his wife, Rose." Lily answered. "I don't know about the rest of you."

"Jarter? Isn't that a bit obvious?" Remus asked

"No it's not." Sirius stated.

"A jar and a pot are types of storage containers." Remus told him. "Replace Jar with Pot, and you get Potter."

"Not if people believe us to be dead." Lily pointed out.

"Good point." Remus said.

"So you guys don't have a name for me?" Harry asked.

"We thought you'd like to pick out the name. Goodness knows what these three could come up with." Lily told him.

"Hey." The Marauders said looking hurt.

"Hmm." Harry thought.

"What name did you chose on the Knight Bus?" Sirius asked.

"Neville. I still feel a little guilty about that though."


"How about Hunter?" Harry suggested

"Alright. Hunter Jarter."

After a few more minutes of thinking and weird looks given between friends,

"I'll be Romulus Lupus."

"And I'll be Procyon White."

(A/N: I know the names aren't that good)

"Now that the name issue is settled, why don't we go get Harry's, I mean Hunter's things?" James asked.


In Diagon Alley,

"Hey Hermione! Guess what. I made Prefect." Ron Weasley told one of his best friends when he ran into her on the streets.

"Me too. Too bad Harry didn't."

"He deserves it though." Ron said


"What do you think happened with Sir…I mean Snuffles?"

"I don't know. Harry said something about him not being able to pass potions though." Hermione said.

"Of course not. Not with a slimy git like Snape."

"Ron. Watch your language."

Just then, a group of people came out of the ice cream parlor.

"I've never seen that boy before." Ron said to Hermione as they noticed the red headed boy with blond streaks who was about their age.

"Where to now Dad?" the boy asked the taller redhead.

"What do you guys think?" the man turned to the people around him.

"I think it's time we bought Hunter his birthday present." The only woman of the group said winking at the boy.

"Why don't we make friends with him?" Hermione mentioned to Ron.

"Yeah. That way Harry could have some company while we're in Prefect meetings." Ron agreed.

The two Prefect walked up to the group.

"Hi. I'm Ron Weasley."

"And I'm Hermione Granger. I don't think I've ever seen you before."

"Uh yeah. Hi. I'm Hunter Jarter. I just transferred to Hogwarts from…Australia." The redhead told them. "These are my parents: Jim and Rose Jarter, and my Uncles Romulus Lupus and Procyon White."

I've seen those eyes before Hermione thought to herself as she shook their hands.

"We have another friend too. But he's visiting some relatives and we won't see him until school starts. We'll introduce you then." Ron said

"Really? What's his name?" Procyon said with a grin.

"I'm sure you guys have heard of Harry Potter." Hermione mentioned.

"Yes. He's the sweet, little boy who defeated Lord Voldemort when he was just a baby." Rose clarified.

Harry gave her a look. (The same look any teenager gives their parent when they are embarrassed.)

"How do you know he's sweet?" Hermione asked.

Before Rose could answer,

"Ron! Hermione! Glad to see yer" a thundering voice called out to the two Prefects.

"HAGRID!" the two waved at the half-giant.

"Oh. I see you made a new friend. Rubeus Hagrid at yer service."

"Hello Hagrid." The fivesome greeted him.

"This is Hunter. He'll be joining us this year." Ron introduced. "Hagrid's the Care for Magical Creatures professor."

With that bit of knowledge, Rose and Jim both raised their eyebrows.


"Oh yeah. He's great. Hey Hagrid, who is our new Defense teacher this year?" Ron asked.

"We've had a new professor every year since first year." Hermione explained

"Actually, it's Remus Lupin again." Hagrid told the two.

"ALRIGHT!" they cheered.

"Professor Lupin's the best!" Ron explained "Even if he is a MMPH"

Hermione covered his mouth

"Ixnay on the erewolfway." She told him.

Romulus blushed.

"He's going to find out anyways." Ron argued

Just then, Procyon and Romulus paled.

"HIDE US" they said before ducking underneath a table at the ice cream parlor.

Everyone turned to where the two men were looking and saw what they were scared of. Sure enough, two women about there age were walking out of the store across the street.


A/N: In case you're wondering why Remus also changed his looks, it's because nowadays, when people see him, they are prejudice against him because of him being a werewolf. With the disguise, he can be treated like any other person. Also, the small fact that he is posing as an "Uncle" and some people know that he has no brothers or sisters (biological ones) is a reason for the disguise.

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