Sirius' Potion Mistake

The Attack

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Chapter 13: The Attack

Everyone turned to where the two men were looking and saw what they were scared of. Sure enough, two women about there age (the adults) were walking out of the store across the street.

"Hagrid!" the two women called to the half giant when they noticed him. (How can you not?)

"Spica! Melissa! Long time no see!" Hagrid greeted them.

"What brings you to Diagon Alley?" the blond woman named Melissa asked Hagrid.

"Gettin' some material for the new school year. I'm a professor you know."

"Really? Dumbledore asked us to teach in the case that some of the professors have to leave for some you-know-what business." The brown, bushy haired woman named Spica told the tall man.

"These are some of the students. Hermione, Ron, and Hunter. Guys, these are Spica Jenkins and Melissa Oxford. They were good friends of Harry's Mum." Hagrid introduced them. "Melissa dated Professor Lupin when they were in school." He leaned down and whispered into the kids' ears

Hunter looked towards his hiding uncles.

"And Spica?" Hermione asked.

"Dated Sirius Black." Hagrid whispered before standing up straight. "Well, I best be off now."

"And Sirius is innocent." Spica told him.

"I know THAT. You lot won't let me forget. First Harry, then Dumbledore, now you."

With that, Hagrid walked away.

"I'll see you September 1st!" He called back to them.

"It's nice to meet you three." Melissa shook the kids' hands.

"Same here. What will you teach?" Hermione asked.

"I'm going to be teaching Transfiguration while Mel will be teaching Potions in case the teachers have to do something concerning the war." Spica answered.

"Are you two scaredy-cats going to come out or what?" Jim asked his two best friends.

"Hey! We are far from cats!" Procyon stated indignantly refering to his animagus form and the "wolf" inside his friend.

"The come out from under that table." Rose told them.

"Yes Mum." They said while climbing out.

"Just for that, there will be no trip to Zonko's this week." She said in a motherly voice.

"But, But" Procyon started to complain.

"But we need to stock up on supplies." Romulus complained.

"You are the last person I'd expect to say that Uncle Romulus." Hunter said.

Just then, Hunter winced.

"Dear, what's wrong?" Rose asked while everyone looked at him worriedly.

"Oh no. I told you about you-know-what. Right?" he asked his mother while pointing to his forehead.

"Oh no. Not now." Rose said while looking at her husband.

"Not here." Jim stated.

"What's going on?" Spica asked.

Just then, there was a scream further down the alley. People came rushing from that area being followed by a band of Death eaters.

"Sh**" Procyon said.

"Normally I'd tell you to watch your language, but I totally agree with you." Rose said.

"Where's Dumbledore when you need him."

"Psst. Prongs." Romulus whispered the Jim.

"What?" he whispered back.

"I used my werewolf sense. The man to the right is Wormtail."

"So we need to at least take him prisoner if we want to free Padfoot."


"Aren't you going to run?" A Death eater who sounded suspiciously like Malfoy asked the group.

"We're not scared of you." Ron said.

"Your friend is very bold." Jim whispered to his son.

"Too bold." Hunter starting to run to his friend's side.

"H.." Rose started to go after her son before being stopped by her husband

"If our son is as close to his friends as I am, then there would be no stopping him." He told his wife.

Just let Harry get out of this alive. He prayed before taking a stance to take on the Death eaters.

"Dumbledore. Where are you?" Rose asked.

"You little brat!" Malfoy said to Ron.

Then pointing his wand at Ron and Hermione, he started to say:


Hunter ran between his friends and the attack and screamed in pain.

His mother was trying her hardest not to scream out his real name.

"Stupefy" Procyon sent the stunning spell at Wormtail.

"Expelliarmus" James shot the disarming spell at the man at the same time his treacherous ex-friend was stunned

The Unforgivable curse stopped and Hunter dropped to the ground unconscious.

Just then, Dumbledore appeared.

The Death Eaters retreated leaving poor Peter Pettigrew behind at the sight of the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Hunter stirred, completely confused about what just happened.

Rose ran to her son and enveloped him in a very tight hug which he gladly returned.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" a shrill voice came from behind them.

"Oh no. Mum."

"Are you alright?" Molly Weasley asked her son while squeezing him in a tighter hug than the other mother/son duo.

"I'm fine Mum. But can I have some air?" Ron asked him mother.

"Sorry Honey. Were you attacked?"

"Yes. But," Ron said turning to the mother/son couple who were still hugging. Jim, Romulus, and Procyon had gone over to their stunned ex-friend.

Just then, the Minister and Moody appeared.

"Is everyone alright?" Cornelius Fudge asked everyone.

"There were a few deaths, but everyone that was in our group is still alive." Hermione answered still shocked after what just happened. "How it is, I'm not so sure." She added looking at Hunter who had started to sob into his mother's shoulder.

"Minister." Jim came up to Fudge dragging the Death eater. "May I present, Peter Pettigrew." He said taking off the mask revealing the short, pudgy man who everyone believed to be dead.

"How in Merlin's name…?" Fudge asked

"Why don't we go to the Ministry and administer some veritiserum?" Romulus suggested.

"Yes. Of course. Come with me. Dumbledore? Are you coming?"

"I shall be with you in a while. I'm going to take Mrs. Jarter and her son to Hogwarts and have Madame Pomphrey look at him."

"Of course."

"I'll see you two later." Jim told his wife and child before realizing his mistake of leaving Pettigrew with his best friend.



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