Sirius' Potion Mistake

The Girls

A/N: Alright. You all have been wondering Lily's animagus form. Well, it will be revealed today.

Chapter 14: The Girls

Later in Dumbledore's office,

Rose, Hunter, Hermione, Ron, Spica, and Melissa were all telling Dumbledore what had happened. Mrs. Weasley had allowed Ron to go so that Madame Pomphrey could look at him as well just to be safe. She was going to join them later when she gathered the rest of the children

"Well, that was very brave of you for taking the curse." Dumbledore complimented Hunter.

"Thanks. I couldn't let them get hurt."

"Oh. While you women are here," Dumbledore said turning to the women, "I'm afraid I'm the bearer of terrible news."

"What?" the women asked

"Sara Montgomery was killed by Voldemort."

Rose, Spica, and Melissa gasped. Sara had been the fourth member of the group. Sara had dated Peter (but that didn't last too long. One week to be exact.).

"Not Sara." Melissa refused to believe.

"I'm afraid so Miss. Oxford. Miss. Montgomery is dead. Unlike Peter, she refused to turn traitor. She was not afraid to die. Miss. Montgomery was a friend of theirs." Dumbledore explained first to the adults and then to the children.

"She stood up to Voldemort?" Spica asked


There was a moment of silence.

"What did Voldemort want with her?" Rose asked.

"She had been studying Potions. Apparently, she had found a cure for the Longbottoms, which shehad already sent toSt. Mungos,and was working on a cure for death. She refused to give it to Voldemort."

"At least the Longbottoms will be alright." Melissa smiled at her friend's work.

"So what does Hunter have to do with this?" Ron asked.

"Would you like to explain?" Dumbledore turned to the two people in disguise.

They sighed in defeat and pulled out their wands.

After they tapped themselves with it, the blond woman had turned into a redhead while the redheaded boy turned into a boy with messy black hair and a lightning bolt shaped scar.

"Miss. Montgomery was a friend of Mrs. Potter. Well. I need to go make sure Mr. White hasn't killed Mr. Pettigrew yet." Dumbledore said before flooing out of his office.

"You know? He's making a habit at leaving at times like these" Lily pointed out

Everyone was still starring in shock. The two people previously known as Hunter and Rose Jarter had transformed into Harry and Lily Potter.

"I knew I'd seen those eyes before." Hermione stated.

"Man. I really fooled you guys." Harry managed a laugh.

Ron whacked him. "That was NOT funny. Don't you realize how worried we were?"

"I just wanted to see just how good Dad was at Transfiguration." Harry told him

"Dad?" Ron asked as he turned toward Lily

Lily was embracing her old school friends

"Lily. I'm so glad you're alive." Spica sobbed.

"How did you survive?" Melissa asked.

"I didn't. Apparently, Sirius finished what Sara was trying to do."

"So James is…" Spica started

"Alive? Yes."

"Lily. Just so you know; I would have taken Harry in. But," Spica started.

"I understand. You two were out of the country when it happened." Lily told them.

"We didn't find out about it until a couple of years ago." Melissa confessed.

"We were completely cut off from the Magical World."

"No thanks to my strict Muggle Parents who insisted that I go to college in America."

"I was always amazed how you managed to keep Hogwarts a secret from them." Lily admitted.

"It was easy. They drop me off at Kings Cross, and then left. They never saw me go into Platform 9 and ¾." Melissa told her.

"So what brought you back?"

"Well. I think my parents had some suspicion. They wouldn't leave me alone. They kept sending me boyfriend after boyfriend after boyfriend. But you two know that there is only one man for me. My love for him just grew too strong."

"Don't we know it?" the other two women said simultaneously.

"I think part of the suspicion was Spica." Mel added

"What did you do?" Lily reprimanded her best friend.

"I only sabotaged one or two of the dates."

"Try every single date that wasn't with Remus." Melissa glared at her friend

"So anyways. Harry. You look just like James when he was your age." Spica said changing the subject.

"I've heard." Harry said entering the conversation.

"So the three of us will be teaching." Lily said.

"Dumbledore approached you to?" Melissa asked

"Well, Remus is teaching DADA. And you know of his "problem"."

"Oh yeah."

"So, I'll be substituting for him. Oh. And I found out something about the Mauraders."

"WHAT?" the other two women were on the edge of their chairs.

"Remember when we decided to take the largest risk of our lives and do something that even THEY wouldn't do?"

The other two girls nodded at Lily.

"Apparently, they did do it. Just after we completed it."

The other girls groaned.

"Mum? Did you become an illegal animagus too?"

Spica and Melissa starred at Harry.

"How did you know about that?" Spica asked him

"Sirius told me my third year."

"What animals are you?" Ron asked excitedly

Hermione elbowed him.

The women looked at each other and then with three pops, each woman was replaced with an animal.

Where Lily stood, was now an average size red fox. In the place of Spica, was a brown squirrel. Melissa had turned into a gray wolf.

After they transformed back, Lily said, "Sara was a white rabbit."

Just then, the floo network was activated and Procyon, Romulus, Jim, and Dumbledore came out (one at a time of course). When Procyon came out, he was acting weirder than usually.


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