Sirius' Potion Mistake


Chapter 19: Plans


They nodded.

"You bet! What is the condition?"

"You can't tell ANYONE. Not even Ron and Hermione." Lily said.

"We will be teaching you the basics. We aren't even going to tell Sirius and Remus. Even though Sirius was the one who suggested it."

"He did?"

"Of course. What else would that troublemaking mutt suggest?" James joked.

"Your father is feeling guilty about the fact it wasn't him who taught you about Quidditch." Lily told her son.

"Ah. Well, the condition isn't that bad. I'll accept."

"Great. We'll start next week."

"Do I still have to go the Potions?"

"Yes. Here is your hall pass."

"And tell Snivelly that the Marauders are watching." James added.

"Sirius is spying underneath Spica's cloak." Lily explained.

"This ought to be interesting."


"Mr. Potter. 10 points from Gryffindor for tardiness." Snape said as Harry entered the dungeon.

"Sorry Professor. I was talking to Professor Jarter. Here's the hall pass." Harry said handing him the pass.

"Very well. The points will not be deducted THIS time." Snape said after studying the pass.

"Oh. And someone said to tell you the Marauders are watching." Harry added. "I'm only relaying the message."

"Very well. Please take a seat next to Mr. Malfoy." Snape said glaring at Harry

"Well Potter, I bet you're happy about the monster being back." Draco teased Harry.

"He's not a monster and yes I'm happy." Harry said.

"Well my father isn't. It's only a matter of time before he's sacked."

Harry decided to ignore his partner but the Gryffindors could see Harry shaking with furry.


"I don't know who the bigger git is, Snape or Malfoy." Harry yelled in his parents' office after Sirius told them what he witnessed.

"Don't worry Harry." Spica said, "I have a plan."

"Pranking Malfoy won't work. He'll only tell his father. I am SO glad I got Dobby away from that family."

Only Melissa and Spica were confused.

"It's a long story." Harry explained.

"I meant a plan for Malfoy Sr. Everyone seems to forget I still work for the Ministry. I could "accidentally" make his robes sleeveless and sneak some vertiserum in his drink. I'll have him in Azkaban before you could say "Bushtail"."

"But aren't you suppose to stay in Hogwarts?" Hermione asked.

"I'm a squirrel animagus. I'll be in and out so fast, I won't be able to see the arrest."


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