Sirius' Potion Mistake

The Mistake

Sirius positioned the spoon and the bottle over the caldron. When he poured it in…

Chapter 2: The Mistake


The potion had exploded and filled the house with smoke and poured all over the kitchen floor.

"What on earth?" Sirius coughed.

He opened his burning eyes, and then he read the label on the spoon.


"Oops." Sirius said as he realized that he had used a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon.

Sirius ran to the window in the living room and opened them hoping that the muggles don't call the fire department. When the smoke cleared, Sirius prepared to clean the floor before Mooney returned. However, he was not expecting what he saw.

Instead of the purple potion, older versions of James and Lily's bodies laid on the floor.

"I don't think that was supposed to happen." Sirius said to himself as he stared in the doorway at the clean floor and the two bodies.


Sirius went ridged and through his hands in the air.

"I'minnocent.PettigrewandIswitched.HEbetrayedLilyandJames.HEkilledthosemugglesandblamedme.Youcangivemevertiserum." (1)

"I know that Padfoot."

Sirus turned his head and saw Remus.

"Moony! Merlin you scared me. Don't sneak up on me like that."

"Sorry. Care to explain the smoke?"

Sure enough, there was still some smoke in the house.

"Well, I poured the wrong amount of Dragon Blood."

"Oh Sirius. You didn't. You are so lucky Severus isn't here."

"Tell me about it. He'd be taunting me from now until the end of infinity."

"So what was the result?"

"Well, you know how it was supposed to bring the ghosts?"


"It brought the bodies instead."

Remus closed his eyes and shook his head.

"And HOW may I ask, do you intend to fix this?"

Just as Sirius was about to answer, they heard a groan from the kitchen.

The two men entered the kitchen and looked at the two bodies. And sure enough, the body of James Potter was moving.

"Padfoot. Do you realize what you just did?"

Sirius starred at his supposed "dead" friend as James opened his eyes.


Translation (In case you don't feel like translating it yourself):

(1) "I'm innocent. Pettigrew and I switched. HE betrayed Lily and James. HE killed those muggles and blamed me. You can give me vertiserum."

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