Sirius' Potion Mistake


Chapter 20: Plotting

The next few days were chaos for the Slytherins. The Marauders and Maraudettes were making good their threats. Then, things went from bad to worse for them when the Daily Prophet arrived.


More death eaters responsible for the attack on Diagon Ally were arrested yesterday after admitting they were involved with You-know-who and were not under the Imperius Curse. Traces of vertiserum were traced in their system and the Dark Mark was found on their arms. Some of these people include Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and McNair. All of these men admitted to being present at You-know-who's resurrection. Harry Potter's story checks out. You-know-who has indeed returned.

"It's about time they admitted that." Ron said

"Wish they did that earlier." Harry said remembering the incident at Diagon Alley while looking at Draco who had turned white then red in 5 seconds flat as he read the Prophet.

"Yeah. Could have prevented a few deaths."

"I wonder if Sirius could remember that potion. Then we could bring back Sara. Even as a ghost." Harry said.


"I overheard Neville saying that he wanted to thank the person who brought his parents back to him. I've never seen him so confident in Potions before." He explained.

"If Sirius did remember, we'd have to protect him and anyone who knew the potion. I have a feeling Voldemort would love to get his hands on it." Hermione said.

"I don't think he knows about my parents yet. I read the article about Pettigrew and it only mentioned how they were betrayed. And I don't think anyone recognized them that day on Diagon Alley."

"And Snape doesn't seem to recognize your dad. I've seen them actually having a civil conversation. Even though your dad seemed to be having a little trouble trying to keep from hexing him."

"Yeah. If Snape did recognize him, they'd have a prank war."

"I think Sirius is having fun with the one-sided prank war."

"Maybe we could bring Sara back." Harry thought of an idea.


"I could find out which potion was used and what the mistake was." Harry answered.

"Alright. But where would we brew it?" Hermione asked.

Everyone thought.

"I think we need to pay Myrtle a visit." Harry said.


Later that day,

"Did you talk to Myrtle?" Harry asked Hermione.

"Yes. She said as long as we visit, we are welcome to use her toilet."

"Maybe we could even bring her back." Ron suggested.

"I already thought of that. She's already a ghost so it wouldn't work on her." Hermione answered.

"Great. I'm sensing déjà vu from second year." Ron complained.

"Oh shut up. Do you really want a boring year?"

"Actually, that would be a nice change. First was the Sorcerer's stone, then the Chamber of Secrets was open, then I find my rat was a two-faced traitor and someone broke out of Azkaban, and then there was last year with the Triwizard Tournament with You-know-who rising."

"I'm starting to agree with Ron." Harry told Hermione.

"Well too late now. All we need next is the Potion. We can check out the restricted section when we find out what it was."

"I'll ask Remus." Harry said.

"But didn't Sirius make it?"

"Remus has a better memory."

"How are you going to get him to tell?"

"I'm not sure. I'll think of a way."


In the boys dorm,

"Remus? I have a question." Harry said to the mirror. "Uncle Moony? Can I ask you something?" Harry begged in the mirror giving the puppy-dog pout.

Ron laughed at the last one. Harry shot him a death glare.

"That would work if you were five." Ron said laughing.

"I'm TRYING to figure out how to bring up the subject." Harry snapped at Ron.

"Bring up what subject?" a voice said from the door.

"Dad? How much did you hear?" Harry asked as his father took off his invisibility cloak.

"Enough. I haven't heard you call Remus "Uncle Moony" since you were one."

"Surely he pronounced it wrong." Ron stated wanting a story.

"Of course. But I didn't come up here to embarrass my son." James told him

Ron pouted at the denial of dirt he could have had on his friend.

"Anyways, what are you trying to get from Moony?" James asked his son.

"Just a potions question." Harry told his father the half truth.

"Anything having to do with your Mum and me?" James asked

Ron's and Harry's mouths dropped.

"I thought so. I don't think you kids should be trying it. If Voldemort found out about it, then Sara's death would be in vain."

"What was Padfoot trying to do anyways?" Harry asked.

"I think trying to bring back our ghosts so we could haunt Snape. I don't know what went wrong though."

"Oh. Well, I doubt you came up here to tell us how Padfoot brought you back."

"No. I came up here to tell you that your mother and I would like to have some family time tonight at 10:00."

"Alright. Thanks Dad."

"No problem." James Potter said leaving.

"That was close." Ron said.

"At least we got some answers. And I didn't even have to call Remus "Uncle Moony"."


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