Sirius' Potion Mistake

Christmas Surprise

Chapter 25: Christmas Surprise

A few hours later, the Marauders and the known living Maraudettes were waiting downstairs for the "Golden Trio" who were still sleeping from their late night extra credit homework assignment in potions. The rest of the Weasleys were awake and already hitting some of the presents

"What is keeping them?" James asked.

"They're not kids anymore James. They must be taking advantage of the fact they can sleep in." Spica told him.

"But if Harry lived with my sister, then he has 10 wasted Christmases that he needs to get caught up on. He's supposed to come and wake US up. Not the other way around."


"SHUT UP PADFOOT!" Voices came from the dorms.

"What? Did you guys here that? Honestly. Kids nowadays have absolutely NO respect for adults." Sirius complained.

"Don't you mean elders?" John asked.

"That makes me sound old."

The adults laughed.

Just then, three very sleepy kids came downstairs.

"How late did you three stay up?" Ginny asked

"Until about 2 o'clock." Hermione answered truthfully.

"Maybe Dobby can fix us some coffee." Ron suggested.

"I don't feel like arguing about house elves Ron." Hermione said.

"Wow. You MUST be tired." Fred said.

"What were you three doing?" George asked.

"Actually, you three have been very tired for the past WEEK." Lily pointed out.

"We have our reasons." The three told her.

"And those would be?" Remus asked

"You'll see." Harry said with a grin on his face.

"Well you sleepyheads, I guess you three are too tired for presents." James said with a grin on his face. No one is ever too tired for Christmas presents

"Got that right." The threesome told him.

Everyone's mouth dropped.

"How is that even possible?" James asked amazed.

"CALL POPPY! THEY'RE SICK!" Sirius yelled

Lily, Spica, and Melissa went up to the three kids. Lily placed her hand on her son's forehead while Spica did the same to Ron and Melissa felt Hermione's forehead.

"Harry doesn't have a fever." Lily declared.

"Likewise for these two." The other Maruadettes added.

"Guys. We're not sick. Just tired." Ron told them.

"What were you guys doing?" Melissa asked.

"Working on your Christmas present. Don't worry. We won't tell anyone how it was done." Harry said.

"And this present would be…" John stated.

"Us." Two voices came from the dorm.

Everyone looked up. Harry, Ron, and Hermione smiled as they picked up a present each. The adults had looks of pure shock written on each of their faces.

"Sara?" John asked.

"John." She said to her crush since 1st year when she went to embrace him.

"Cedric?" Remus asked.

"Hello Professor." Cedric greeted his old DADA teacher.

"But…How?" Sirius asked then glared at the children.

"Didn't we say…?" James asked his son

"Maybe. But since when did WE ever follow the rules?" Harry said ripping the paper off his present.

"He is definitely YOUR son James Potter." Lily said glaring at her husband.

"Well excuse me. But if my memory serves me correctly, you became Miss. Foxy before I became Mr. Prongs."

Everyone welcomed Sara back to the realm of the living. (Even though John still had no idea she even left).

"Hey Lils. Where's the camera?" James asked Lily as he looked towards his son.

Harry had his head on Hermione's head who had her's on his left shoulder while he held his very own Pensieve in his lap and she held a new edition of Hogwarts, a History. Ron had his head on Harry's other shoulder while holding this year's Weasley Sweater. All three students were sound asleep.


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