Sirius' Potion Mistake


Chapter 26: Talking

Dumbledore had been told about what the fifth years did and had welcomed Cedric and Sara back warmly. Before Cedric was taken back to his family, he had a very quick dispute with Harry over the Triwizard Tournament at breakfast. (Harry still had the trophy even though he had given away the money.)

(A/N. To set the scene, picture the Great Hall in the morning. Harry, Ron, and Fred are sitting on one side of the Gryffindor table and Cedric, Hermione, George, and Ginny are sitting on the other side of the table. Cedric is across the table from Harry and Harry had brought down the trophy)

"You take it." Harry said pushing the trophy towards Cedric at breakfast

"No you." Cedric said pushing it back.

"You got there first. You deserve it." Harry pushed it back Cedric's direction

"But you save me."

"No I didn't. I practically killed you by suggesting we take it together"

"Neither of us knew it was a Portkey. You risked your life to get my body back to my family. You deserve it."

"I have more than enough glory from something I barely remember. You earned this."

Throughout the argument, the others were watching the argument like a tennis match.

After a half hour, they had decided to announce it as a tie, but Cedric got to keep the trophy.


The day before the start of the second term,

"So you're telling me that Sara had been DEAD for five MONTHS!" John asked when where Sara has been had been told.

The Marauders and Maraudettes nodded.

"I don't believe it." John said half to himself.

"There's more." James told him.

"You know, we don't HAVE to tell him." Sirius suggested.

"What MORE could there be?" John asked.

"We have to Padfoot." Remus told Sirius, "Severus still doesn't know James and Lily are who they are. The look on his face would be more than enough to tell John. It's best if we just get it over with."

"Guys. What are you not telling me?"

"You know how I said that Lily and I had been married for 16 years?" James asked.


"We've been dead for 15 of those years." Lily explained.

"Sirius brought us back by accident." James told him

"Best mistake of my life." Sirius sighed.

"I don't understand." John said.

"It's best to start in the beginning." Melissa said. "After you were sent to America, James and Lily got married. A year later, they had Harry. Naturally, Sirius was Best Man at the wedding and was named Harry's Godfather."

"Ok." John said.

"Anyways, there was a prophesy made about Harry before his birth. I don't know the particulars, but the gist of it was that a kid born at the end of July and marked by the Dark Lord would be the one to defeat him. Since Harry was born July 31st, everyone feared for him." Spica continued.

"A year later, the plan was to put James, Lily, and Harry under the Fidelius Charm. The original plan was for me to be the Secret Keeper. I wish I was though." Sirius picked up where his girlfriend left off.

"You weren't?" John and Sara asked.

"No. We decided to pull one over on Voldemort. Everyone would think Sirius would be our Secret Keeper. No one, not even Voldemort, would suspect Peter would be our Secret Keeper. So, they switched at the last moment." James informed them

"However, no one knew that the traitor WAS Peter." Lily finished

"So Voldemort found you?" John guessed the ending.

"Right. He killed James first, then Lily. But when he turned his wand towards Harry, the love Lily left protected him and made the curse backfire, leaving Voldemort weak and helpless for almost 14 years." Remus continued

"14 years?" John asked while doing some quick math.

"He's back John." Sara told him before he came to the conclusion. "He came back last June."


"She's right. Harry witnessed it." Lily told him.

"I don't believe this." John said again. "Sirius. What kind of a boy was Harry growing up." He asked thinking he was changing the subject

"I didn't raise him. That night that Lily and James died, I went after Peter. He framed me and after killing 12 muggles, he faked his death. I was blamed not only for the death of Lily and James, but for 12 muggles and a wizard. So, I was sent to Azkaban for 12 years." Sirius told him.

"Azkaban? But a crime like that would be a life-sentence. Innocent or not. Why only 12 years?"

"It would have been longer if I hadn't escaped." Sirius informed him

"Escape? Azkaban?" John asked shocked

"That is a story for another day." Lily said looking at the time. "I believe the Marauders and Maraudettes have some work that needs to be done."

"That's right. Snivelly returns tomorrow." Sirius stated.

"Now, is my job just to cover for you guys, or can I actually DO something?" John asked.

"Johnny. You're a Marauder now. Of course you can help." James said putting an arm around Wormtail's replacement.

"We need to think of a nickname for you." Remus realized.

"He needs to be an unregistered animagus first." Sirius told his friend


The Marauders and Maraudettes turned to the noise.

There, in the place of John Newton, sat a small,black catwith blue eyes.

"You've GOT to be kidding me." Remus said.

Everyone else laughed.

"Can anyone think of a nickname?" Sirius asked while laughing as John turned back into himself.


"I have it." Sara said.


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