Sirius' Potion Mistake

The Return of Mr and Mrs Prongs

Chapter 3: The Return of Mr. and Mrs. Prongs

From his position on the floor, James Potter couldn't really see where he was. The last thing he remembered was fighting Voldemort and seeing a flash of green light. Now, as his vision came into focus, he saw two pairs of feet. His eyes traveled up to the faces of the two men in the doorway and he saw the last two people he expected to see at a time like this. He sat up still starring at older versions of his two friends from school and no one said a word for five minutes.

Just then, there was a groan from behind James.

"Lily!" James said as he went to his wife completely forgetting his friends.

"James? You're alive?" the redheaded woman asked her husband.

"Looks like it."

"Where are we? Wait a minute. HARRY! WHERE'S HARRY?" she said while grabbing her husband's shoulders and shaking him.


James and Lily turned to the doorway where Remus was still standing and starring. Sirius, however, had taken a new position: out cold on the floor. (A/N: Wouldn't you if you had accidentally brought your best friend and his wife back to life?)

"P-Prongs?" Remus finally managed to say.

"Moony? You're alive?"

"But. You. Voldemort. Killed." Remus was having a hard time believing what he was seeing.

"What's with Sirius?" Lily asked.

"E-Enervate." Remus said pointing his wand at Sirius.

Sirius stirred.

"What a dream. Hey Moony. I just dreamed I brought Prongs and Lily back to life. Isn't that weird?" Sirius said before seeing Lily and James.

"Sirius. Quit it with doing the impossible." Remus told his friend.

"And if you faint without telling us what in Merlin's name is going on, I swear I'll hex you to where you look like Snape." Lily threatened.

"LILY" Sirius gave her a huge hug to welcome her back. The threat was common between her and the Marauders.

"Hey! She's MY wife. And also, I'M your best friend. What are we going to do with him Moony?" James said.

"PRONGS!" Sirius mimicked his own action however, had a tighter hug.

"Padfoot. Can't. Breath."

Lily grinned at the reunion of the two best friends. She and Remus had a short and sweet reunion while James was trying to get some air. Just then, Remus paled.

"What's wrong?" Lily asked

"Excuse me." Remus said as he ran to the book and tore out the recipe for the potion and threw it in the fire.

"What was that for Moony?" Sirius asked after he let go of James.

"We don't want any death eaters to get a hold of that recipe. If anyone found out how it was done... I don't want to think of the possibilities."

"Good point." Sirius said. "It's bad enough Voldemort's back."

"What do you mean BACK?" Lily asked.

"Lily. James. Let's go to the living room to talk."


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