Sirius' Potion Mistake

Sara vs Snape War Begins

Chapter 30: Sara vs. Snape War Begins

The next morning,

"I can't believe you didn't tell us." Ron said for the 10000th time.

"Would you like me to make it up to you?" Harry asked.

"How?" Hermione asked.

"Well. I talked to Mum and Dad earlier, and they said that after I perfected my form, which you had witnessed last night, that they would be more than happy to…"

"Teach us?" Ron finished.

Harry nodded.

"Good enough for me!" Ron said.

"What about the others?" Hermione asked.

"If they want to learn. It might help in the long run." Harry answered.

"I know Fred, George, and Ginny would love to do it." Ron said.

"Especially Fred and George." Harry added. "The look on their faces when we offer them the chance to truly follow in the Marauders footprints."

"It will be classic." Hermione said.

"Today, we will be learning about Felix Felicis" Snape said. "Can anyone tell me what that is?"

Naturally Hermione raised her hand.

"Potter." Snape said thinking he'll get it wrong.

"Felix Felicis is a potion that makes the drinker extremely lucky for a certain period of time depending on how much is drinken." Harry said getting it right.(It helps to have Sara as a tutor)

"I'm sorry that's incorrect." Snape said smirking.

"Actually that's the correct answer Severus. I should know since that was the potion I beat you with when Professor Slughorn did that Potions Making Contest back in 5th year." A female voice came from the entrance to the dungeon.

"YOU!" Snape exclaimed. "What are you doing alive?"

"Is that the type of greeting you give to the one person who was superior to you in Potions?" Sara asked.

"Just answer the question." Snape snarled.

"For your information, a few of my friends managed to complete my latest project. Unfortunately for you, I wasn't the original test subject." She answered

"So who were?" Snape snarled at his rival

"That's not the point at this moment. I just wanted to let Mr. Potter know that Professors Rose and Jim Jarter want a word with him."

"You interrupted my class for that?"

"Also to see how good a teacher you are. I just might have to tell Dumbledore about how you don't know your potions."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Alright. I'll tell the girls we need to pull an Operation Severus." Sara said as she left the room.

Snape paled.

"What? Are you going to go cry to your Master? I know Dumbledore trusts you, but I don't. And the others don't trust you either. So if Voldemort ever gets wind of my being alive, I swear I will do something worse than what Sirius did in our 5th year. And this time, James Potter won't be around to save you slimy neck"

If it was unknown if someone could pale and go red at the same time, Snape proved that it was possible.

After Potions,

"Did you see the look on Snape's face when Sara said "Operation Severus"?" Ron asked his friends.

"I was more interested with the reaction to her last part of the speech. You know, with my dad." Harry said

"What do you think your parents want to talk about?" Ron asked.

"If it's my parents, who knows?" Harry said.


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