Sirius' Potion Mistake

The Big News

Chapter 31: The Big News

"Hi Mum. Hi Dad. You wanted to see me?" Harry said as he went into the DADA office.

"Harry. Come on in." James told his son.

"Where is everyone else?" Harry asked them.

"Remus is teaching 1st year Ravenclaws; Melissa and Spica are shopping at Hogsmeade; John is in Diagon Alley getting something for Valentine's Day; and Sara and Sirius are planning a war with Snape." Lily answered.

"Do you know anything about this war?" James asked.

"Kind of. Snape freaked out when he saw Sara and she threatened that if Voldemort got word of her being alive, she would do something horrible to him."

"Sounds right." Lily said. "If anyone hated Snape more than your father, it was Sara."

"And vice versa." James added.

"Sara said that you wanted to talk to me about something." Harry said.

"Right." Lily said before looking at James.

"Well Harry, it's like this, you know how your mother and I hadn't really had any alone time together these past 14 years?"

"Yes. You two were dead."

"Well, anyways, it's like this. Your mother…I mean…How would you like..." James said hesitating.

"I'm having a baby." Lily told her son.


"Really?" Harry asked

Lily nodded.

"I'm going to have a little brother or sister?"

James nodded

"ALRIGHT!" Harry cheered.

"That went better than I expected." James said

"When will it be here?" Harry asked excitedly.

"Not until October." Lily said.

"Do the others know?"

"Not yet. We wanted you to be the first to know." Lily told him.

"Can I tell Ron and Hermione?"

"Of course."

"Speaking of Ron and Hermione," James added, "Did you ask them?"

"Yes. They really want to do it. I haven't gotten around to asking the others, but I can tell you right now they'll want to do it."

"Alright. The Marauders and Maraudettes will teach them. The first lesson will be Friday night at 10:00 P.M sharp."

"We'll tell the others about the baby so don't mention it to anyone other than Ron and Hermione."

"Ok. When will I know?"

"Trust us. You'll know."

Gryffindor Common Room,

"Hey guys." Harry said as he entered to see Hermione with her nose buried in a book and Ron was engulfed in a game of chess with Ginny.

"Harry, what spell is used to silence someone?"

"Why are you asking me Hermione?" Harry asked.

"OWLs are coming out." Hermione answered

"Well, anyways, I have some news." Harry said with a grin.

"What?" Ron asked

"This is just between us four and my parents right now, but, Mum's going to have a baby."

The girls squealed.

"Shhh. The other Marauders and Maraudettes don't know about it yet."

"Don't know about what yet?" Fred asked coming in.

"Don't tell Remus, Sirius, John, Spica, Melissa, and Sara yet, but my mum is pregnant."

"Wow." George said hearing the news.

"When is it due?" Hermione asked.

"Not until October." Harry answered.

"Plenty of time." Ron said.

"Hey Harry, do you know when we can talk to your dad about a prank we want to pull. We want an expert opinion." Fred asked.

"Friday night at 10. That is when you five will be learning to do something like this." Harry said before looking to see if the coast was clear and transforming into the black owl.

"You mean…" Fred started.

"We will be learning to be animagi?" George added.

Harry transformed back and nodded.

"YES!" the Weasley twins cheered.

"So Friday night is the big day." Hermione clarified.

"Yes. Only this time, you will be having help from practically every unregistered animagi with the exception of Rita Skeeter."

"Well, we better head on to dinner." Ginny suggested.

"Good idea. I'm starving." Ron said.


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