Sirius' Potion Mistake

Valentine’s Day

Chapter 32: Valentine's Day

Friday night at 10 P.M.,

"Here we are." Harry said when they made it to the RofR.

"We've been here." The twins said. "Only it was a broom closet so we can hide from Flich."

"When my parents first came here, it was also a broom closet. Only, it was a Marauder/Maraudette trick on fellow Marauder/Maraudettes."

"Nice. Did not need to know that." Ron said.

Harry opened the door to see a group of animals: A stag, dog, cat, fox, rabbit, squirrel and wolf.

"Nice greeting." Harry said.

The animals transformed into their human form.

"Where's Professor Lupin?" Ginny asked.

"He's not an animagus." Sirius told her.

"So what's the first step?" Fred asked.

Valentine's day,

"Happy Valentine's Day Hermione and Ginny." Harry said as he gave each girl a present.

"Thank you Harry." The girls said as they opened their presents to reveal two necklaces. Hermione's had a Sapphire while Ginny's had a Peridot.

"They're beautiful." The girls said.

"Your welcome."

"Hey Harry!" Ron called.

"Coming." Harry said as he made his way over to his best friend.

"Come on." Ron said pulling Harry.

When they were a good distance away, aka Quidditch field, Ron stopped.

"Make up your mind. Do you like Hermione or Ginny?"

"I'm not sure yet. A part of me really likes Hermione, but another part really likes Ginny. I have a feeling one of them is a "just-as-friend" like, but I'm not so sure yet." Harry said with a grin.

"I know a way. But I need you to be totally honest with me."


"I need you to tell me how you feel."


"I want to ask Hermione out." Ron said.

"Excuse me?"

"I want to ask Hermione out." Ron repeated.



"It's Hermione who I like just as a friend." Harry finally said. "We were only flirting with each other to get you to realize your feelings."


"Don't you remember how jealous you were last year? When you first saw Krum, all you wanted was his autograph. After the Yule Ball, you spoke of him with disgust and called him "Vicky"."

"I guess I was a little jealous."

"No doubt about that. Come on. I believe you have a girl to ask out."


"Looks like you're finally getting through to Harry." Hermione told Ginny.

"But he got you practically the same thing." Ginny argued

"Where do you think Ron took Harry?" Hermione asked.

"Probably to ask his permission to ask you out." Ginny laughed.

"Why would Ron need Harry's permission?"

Ginny held up the two necklaces.

"Hi girls." A voice came from behind them.

The girls turned around to see Ron and Harry behind them.

"Hey Ron. Hey Harry. What do you two have planned for today?" Hermione asked.

Harry nudged Ron.

"Ginny, can I speak to you." Harry said.

"Alright. What?"

"Not here." He said eyeing his two best friends.


"Where are we going Harry?" Ginny asked as they were walking towards the lake.

"Anywhere so Ron and Hermione can be alone."

"Did that brother of mine finally come to his senses?"

"Yes. Finally."

"Hey look! Isn't that John and Sara?" Ginny asked pointing.

Sure enough, two figures were over by the lake watching the giant squid.

"I wonder what's going on." Ginny said.

"And me without my cloak." Harry added.

The two teens hid behind a tree. They saw John take something out of his robes. It was a small box. When he opened it, they heard mumbling and Sara threw herself on John and gave him a passionate kiss.

"I bet he just proposed." Ginny told Harry.

When the two lovebirds pulled out, John placed the diamond ring on her finger and they kissed again.

"Maybe we should leave." Harry said.

As they walked away, Ginny decided to ask something that had been on her mind quite a while now.

"Are you ever going to be in a relationship?"

"One day I hope. Just not until Voldemort is gone."

"Oh. Alright." Ginny said a little disappointed.

"But once he's only a figure in the History books, then I'll be able to lead a normal life."

"Let's hope that's soon." Ginny said half to herself.

"On a happier note," Harry continued, "With Quidditch season almost over, there is more time to do the you-know-what. I think by the end of next month, you guys should be able to transform."

"How come it took you longer?"

"I was also busy with Sara and Cedric's revival."


When Harry and Ginny got back to the castle they saw Ron and Hermione kissing.

"I take it that she said "yes"." Harry said after clearing his throat.

"Harry. When did you get back?"

"A few seconds ago. I have a feeling there will be a wedding this summer."

Ron and Hermione looked at each other.

"Not for another few years mate." Ron told him

"He meant John and Sara." Ginny told her brother.

"We just witnessed him proposing to her."

"NO WAY!" a voice called from the DADA room.

"That sounded like Sirius." Harry said as the quartet ran towards the room.


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