Sirius' Potion Mistake


Chapter 36: Solutions

The next morning,

"Good morning Professor Rose." Fred said winking at Lily who was still in disguise.

"When are you going to tell people about you?" Ginny asked.

"I'm not sure. "Jim" and I were thinking probably when Voldemort is gone. That way we won't have to worry about him hurting the new baby."

"Good idea." Hermione said.

"Good morning." Harry said as he sat at the breakfast table yawning.

"Good morning sleepy head." Lily said to her son. (I'm no longer bothering to call her Rose when she is in disguise.) "What did you and Professor Jim talk about?"

"Nothing much. Just that there are spells to keep me alive when I have to fight Voldemort."

"You know Harry, you don't HAVE to fight you-know-who. He just likes to pick on you because you survived." Ron said.

"No Ron. I actually HAVE to fight him. There's a prophesy and everything."

"Bloody hell."

"I felt like that last night. And there was more to the conversation, but I'm trying to let it sink in."

"What more could there be?" George asked.

"He didn't tell you about Julia Gryffindor did he?" Lily asked.

"You know about that?" Harry asked.

"Yes. For one thing, it's in Hogwarts, a History. Another thing is that was the story your father and grandfather told me when I married into the family."

"But," Harry said before looking around to see if anyone was listening, "Dad said that you didn't know all of it."

"I'm sure that there are some Potter family secrets that people who marry into the Potters don't know about. Lots of the older families have secrets like that. Even the Blacks. Though, I'm sure Spica will eventually figure out each and every one of them."

"Are Spica and Sirius engaged?" Hermione asked.

"Not yet. To tell you the truth, we have a little bet going on. James lost it 14 years ago. Actually, we all lost it, so we are redoing it. James still lost."

"Where is he anyways?" George asked.

"Yeah. George and I were going to play a prank on the Slytherins and we wanted his opinion as well as Sirius'"

"He said that he had an errand to run." Lily told them.

In the town of Arundel, James Potter was finally at the place he was going. It was an old mansion just behind the castle. Muggles and even some wizards couldn't see it due to the amount of wards on it.

"Finally." James said entering the mansion.

"Hello?" He called

"Master James? Is that you?" a small voice called out.

"Hello Trixy."

"Trixy is very happy to see Master James. Master James must forgive Trixy, but Trixy and others thought Master James was dead."

"It's a long story Trixy. Sirius acidently brought Lily and I back."

"Oh yes. Trixy remembers Mistress Lily. Can Trixy get Master James anything?"

"No thank you. I was just going to the Library."

"How is Little Master Harry?"

"Not so little anymore. But he's fine."

"Trixy longs to see Little Master Harry again."

"You will. Godric Hollow was destroyed. Since Lily, Harry, and I are the only living Potters, we will be coming back this summer."

"Should Trixy let other house elves know?"

"Yes Trixy." James said heading up to the library.

A few hours later,

"Ah Ha!" James said finding what he was looking for.

That night,

"Harry! Professor Jim wanted to give you this?" Neville said entering the dorm.

"Why doesn't he do it himself?" Ron asked.

"Professor Rose is yelling at him for leaving the castle without her knowledge."

"And he told me not to get her angry." Harry laughed.

"It doesn't have a name on the cover." Neville told him.

Harry opened it and Ron and Neville looked at the pages with him.

"It's blank." Ron said.

"Maybe it's a journal." Neville suggested.

However, Harry did not see a blank page.


This book is filled with spells I've seen my father, Godric Gryffindor, use while battling dark wizards such as Salazar Slytherin. This book is bewitched so that only witches and wizards with Gryffindor blood are capable of reading the spells. Any other will see blank pages. If these spells are ever used for evil, then the book will burn and the user will perish. Good luck.

"I'll ask him in the morning." Harry said.

"Ok. Night mates." Ron said

"Good night." They said as they closed the curtains around their beds.

"Lumos" Harry whispered.

He spent most of the Friday night reading the book.

At lunch the next day,

"Harry. That book has nothing in it. Why are you still staring at the pages?" Ron asked.

"Long story." Harry said.

"Isn't it obvious Ron? The book is obviously bewitched so that only certain people can read it." Hermione told her boyfriend.

"That's ridiculous. Who would do something like that?"

"The author of this book." Harry answered. "I don't blame her. There are spells in here that Binns said have been lost for centuries."

"I see you got the book." James (disguised as Jim) said from behind.

"Hi Professor." The threesome said.

"Where have you been?" Harry asked.

"Your mother." James whispered. "I managed to calm her down by telling her we won't be going back to Godric's Hollow this summer."

"Where are we going?"

"Potter Manor. Your grandparents' old place. I think you'll like it."

"One question though." Harry said before whispering something in his father's ear.

"Of course there are. Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering." Harry said throwing a nervous glance at Hermione.

"What?" she asked.

"If we let you come to Potter Manor, will you promise not to talk any of the house elves into spew."

"Spew?" James asked.

"It's not spew. It's S.P.E.W. And what do you mean house elves?" Hermione said.

"You know 'Mione. The cooks for the castle, such as Winky and Dobby." Ron told her.

"I know what a house elf is Ron." Hermione said.

"They haven't seen your Gringotts vault have they?" James asked.

"No. I've told Ron, but I'm not entirely sure if he knows the extent."

"Care to tell me about this spew?" James asked his son as they watched Ron and Hermione argue about house elves.

"It's Hermione's solution to the enslavement of house elves."

"Really? They seem to like it to me."

"They do. Practically every single house elf we've talked to likes it. Except Dobby, but you can't blame him. He used to work for the Malfoys." Harry said looking over at Draco who was talking to Crabbe and Goyle.


"Yeah. But, he was freed and is now working here at Hogworts and is being paid."

"That's a first."

"Hermione thinks every house elf needs to be paid and have days off."

"We've offered days off for ours, but I have yet to see them take it. Personally, I think they have enough days off save so they can take off their lifetime." James said as they looked back on the bickering couple.

"Hermione, I keep telling you, Fred and George keep telling you, and even the bloody house elves keep telling you, they don't want pay."

"And I've kept telling all of you that they have been brainwashed." Hermione argued back.

"They have not."

"Have so"

"Have not."

"Have so."

"Have not."

"Have so."

"Do you need any help studying for your OWLs?" James asked Harry.

"A quick review won't hurt. Especially since they're next week."

"C'mon. I'll give you some tips to passing them."

With that, the father and son left Hermione and Ron still arguing over if house elves are brainwashed.


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