Sirius' Potion Mistake

The Truth

Chapter 4: The Truth

In the living room, James and Lily were on the loveseat while Sirius laid on the couch and Remus took the armchair.

"Before we answer your question Lily, we need to know what happened that night to you guys."

James and Lily looked at each other and sighed.

"Lily was fixing dinner." James started. "Harry and I were playing. He had just pulled my glasses off my face. Just then, we heard a noise from outside. We knew it could only be HIM. I told her to take Harry and run. He came into the house and we started to duel. The next thing I knew, there was a flash of green light."

"After James told me to run, I ran into the nursery. I held H-Harry close to me as the duel went on. I knew there was no way I could make a Portkey. You need concentration to do it. There was no way. Then HE came into the nursery and told me to step aside and that he only wanted the baby. I told him to take me instead. I saw a flash of green light, and that's it." Lily finished the story in tears while holding onto James for dear life.

Remus decided to take over and get this over with as soon as possible.

"After he killed you, Lily, Voldemort turned his wand toward Harry. He said those hated words. As the light hit Harry, it rebounded at hit Voldemort instead. Because you sacrificed your life for Harry, he was able to survive."

James and Lily starred at their friend.

"It's true." Sirius spoke up. "I knew something was wrong, so I went to check up on Peter. When I found his place empty, I went straight to your place. The house was destroyed and I saw your bodies. Harry was crying. All I could think about was how Peter betrayed us all. Just then, Hagrid came and asked for Harry. At first I refused because I'm his godfather. He said it was Dumbledore's orders. After some arguing, I decided to give Harry to Hagrid thinking Dumbledore will take him to Hogwarts. I also lent him my motorcycle which he STILL hasn't returned. I went after Peter."

"What happened?" Lily asked.

"Please tell me you gave the bastard what he deserved." James said.

"I wish. I wasn't thinking at the time. I cornered him in broad daylight in front of 13 muggles."

"You didn't." Lily gasped.

"Then he started yelling about how I betrayed you two. How I worked for Voldemort. Then he blew up the street killing the muggles and cut off his finger while going down into the sewers. I probably shouldn't have laughed at how he outwitted me."

"Oh Padfoot."

"I spent 12 years in Azkaban for that."

"AZKABAN!" the two Potters yelled.

"But what about the trial?" Lily asked.

"Didn't get one."


"I'm going to the ministry and ask Crouch about that." James said as he stood up.

"No James!" Remus and Sirius said

"And why not?"

"One. You two are supposed to be dead. They'd never believe it's you. Two. Crouch is dead." Sirius told him.

"Dead?" Lily asked.

"Died last year." Remus confirmed. "Murdered by his own son."

"Where was Harry sent to live?" Lily asked changing the subject a little.

Remus and Sirius looked at each other.

"Obviously not you two." James said.

"And definitely not Peter." Lily added.

"Was he sent to Hogwarts?" James asked.

The other two men shook their heads.

"Frank and Alice?" Lily asked

They mimicked their first answer.

"The Weasleys?" James suggested

Same answer.

"I'm just saying this to get the answer I want." Lily said. "My sister's?"

She didn't get the answer she wanted. The two men nodded.


"Uh Lily, he's my son too." James told his screaming wife.

"Calm down Lily. Dumbledore has a reason."

"And what is that?"

"The sacrifice. Because you died for him, anyone who shares your blood would be able to protect him providing he's around that person."

"And Petunia is my only living blood-relative."

"Her and her son." Remus corrected.

Lily sat back down.

"So it's been 12 years?" Lily asked.

"Actually, almost 14." Sirius told her.

"Wait. Why aren't you in Azkaban now?" James asked.

"And how DID Pettigrew escape you?" Lily added.

Sirius and Remus looked at each other.

"I escaped." Sirius said only answering James' question.

"HOW? It's not possible."

"Neither is bringing people back from the dead." Remus pointed out.

"How did Pettigrew escape?" Lily asked again.

"The same way I escaped." Sirius added.


"I escaped as Padfoot and Pettigrew escaped as Wormtail." Sirius said hoping James understood.

He did.

"Don't ask Lily. It's a Marauder thing." James told her.

Just then, a snowy white owl came swooping into the house.


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