Sirius' Potion Mistake


Chapter 6: Learning

"So what is this plan of yours?" Remus asked.

"Hold it. What does Sni-I mean Snape have to do with anything?" James asked as he got a glare from his wife.

"Snape teaches at Hogwarts. Potions." Remus answered.

"Was Dumbledore drunk at the time he hired him?" James asked in amazement.

"No. For some strange bizarre reason, Dumbledore trusts Snape." Remus told him.

"How HAS Severus been treating my son?" Lily asked.

"Here's a hypothetical scenario of how Snape treats Harry. If Harry walks into class one minute late, 50 points are taken from Gryffindor and he gets detention. If a Slytherin, say Draco Malfoy, walks in 20 minutes late, he receives a 'so glad you could join us Mr. Malfoy.' No points taken, no detention. Nothing. If someone speaks up, they receive a deduction of points and a detention." Remus told the Potters.

"If I ever catch him doing that, I will HELP you guys with a prank." Lily said.

"You might get your chance." Sirius said.

"What do you mean?" James asked

"Remus has been asked to teach. I'm sure Harry would let you borrow the invisibility cloak. You can sit in on a class. Heck, you can follow him around all day." Sirius said

Lily leaned on her husband's shoulder and thought.

"But what about Dumbledore?" Remus asked.

"Let's see how long we can keep him in the dark."


"Good afternoon Mr. Lupin and Mr. Black. Mr. Potter. I did not know that you were here." A voice called from behind James and Lily.

"The answer: about six hours." Remus said looking at the clock.


A/N: Sorry it's so short. Anyways, I was looking over some of my old work and I remembered I put Previews on some of my work. If you want me to do that for this story, please let me know. Thank you.

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