Sirius' Potion Mistake


Chapter 7: Dumbledore

"How has your summer been Mr. Potter?" Albus Dumbledore asked James who still had his back turned.

"Very eventful Albus. Yours?" James said as he turned around and Lily sat up.

"Hectic and I have a feeling it will become even more so with you two back. It's wonderful to see you again James and Lily. I trust everything has been explained to you?" Dumbledore answered with his eyebrows arched.

Sirius turned to Remus. "How come he's not shocked or doubtful?" he whispered.

"We ARE talking about Albus Dumbledore you know." Remus answered. "He knew we were the ones who pulled that prank on McGonagall back in 6th year."

"Not quite everything, but Remus and Sirius have been explaining some things." James told the headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Including Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes. They even explained why he was placed where he was." Lily told him. "I just hope my sister didn't treat him horribly."

"Harry is alright." Dumbledore told her.

"Pro-I mean Albus? How did Pettigrew escape Sirius? They were very vague on the subject."

"He became an unregistered animagus behind my back." Dumbledore answered. "No one knew." He said before winking at the Marauders.

James paled and threw glares at his two friends.

Sirius mouth: We had to tell him. It was the only way he'd believe my innocence. And I was under vertiserum.

"I can't believe Pettigrew would deceive us like that." Lily said as what Dumbledore said sunk in.

James mouthed: We should have known. A Rat. And he placed the seed of doubt about Remus.

"Don't worry Lily. I'm sure Voldemort's giving Pettigrew the Cruciatus curse. He deserves it." James spoke up

Sirius turned to Remus: Let's not tell them about last month.

Leave that to Harry. Was the reply

"Well, I shall leave you four to plan how you will get Harry. I will not interfere." Dumbledore said as he walked towards the fireplace. "Oh, Mr. Lupin, what is your reply?"

"I'd love to teach again, but what about the parents?"

"The parents, aside from Slytherins, have requested you due to the begging of their children. You are the most popular Defense teacher we had in ages."

"Very well. I accept. But I have a request if you don't mind."

"What is the request?" Dumbledore asked.

"Lily, James, and Sirius come. One of them can teach in my monthly absence. Last time I received numerous complaints about Severus."

"Very well. However, they must not be recognized."

"Sirius should be easy. I guess Lily and James could change appearances and names."

"Why would Sirius be easy?" Lily asked

The Mauraders looked at each other and sighed in defeat.

"Peter's not the only one who became an animagus." Sirius said before turning into a big, black dog.

Lily's eyes went wide with shock.

"It was done behind Dumbledore's back." James added. "During our 5th year."


"You know of my lycanthropy." Remus told her. "They did it to ease the pain of the transformations. It also helped me keep my sanity."

"You mean you became illegal animagus for your friend?" She glared at her husband.

He nodded.

"Well. I must be getting back to Hogwarts now to inform the staff." Dumbledore said before apparating.

Sirius transformed back into Sirius Black.

"He did NOT just leave us."

"He did." Remus told him.

"I HAVE TWO THINGS TO SAY TO YOU JAMES POTTER!" Lily screamed at her husband.

"And what would those things be?" James said trying to put on his old charm.

"One. What animal are you? And two, I'm one to." Lily said shocking the whole flat.

"Oh. Not as bad as I thought." James said before transforming into a large white stag.

Lily was mesmerized by the white stag.

"Ok Prongs. I think your antlers are scratching my ceiling." Remus told his friend.

The stag transformed back into James Potter.

"Sorry Moony."

"Well. That explains the nicknames." Lily said.

"Wait a minute. When did you become one?"

"Not long before you guys. The girls and I decided that we should do something that you guys wouldn't think about doing. I guess we were wrong."

"Why don't we teach Harry?" Sirius suggested.

Lily and James looked at each other.

"We'll think about it." They said simultaneously.

"Speaking of Harry, we should get him reunited with his parents." Remus said.

"And I have just the idea." Lily said with a sly grin.


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