Sirius' Potion Mistake


Chapter 8: Harry


Harry Potter placed his quill down and walked out of his room. Well, actually his cousin's old second bedroom as Dudley still referred to it as. He was actually trying to do homework, but his godfather's letter disturbed him.

"I am up Uncle Vernon." Harry told his uncle.

"Good. There is work that needs to be done."

"You are to work in the garden, boy." Petunia told her nephew.

"Great." Harry muttered to himself sarcastically. The weather today was reported to be 72 degrees, clear, and humid. That meant the sun was going to be beating down on him today.


"Boy! Get that!" his uncle ordered him.

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry said as walked away from the breakfast table, grapefruit untouched. Dudley grabbed it from the plate and started eating it.

Harry opened the door and saw a man, a woman, and a dog on a leash. The man had long red hair in a pony-tail and hazel eyes. The woman was a blond with piercing green eyes that looked very familiar.

Harry thought to himself, where have I seen those eyes before?

It wasn't until he got a good look at the dog when he had kind of an idea what was going on. At the time he opened the door, the dog was giving the woman a look of "why do I have to have a leash?" Now that the dog was looking at him, he smiled.

"Hi Snuffles." Harry said to the dog. "I'm sorry. Do I know you two?" He asked the couple.

"Better than you think." The man said.

"Boy! Who is it?" Petunia said as she entered the foyer.

"Is that anyway to treat your nephew?" the woman asked.

"How do you know he's my nephew?" Petunia snapped.

"May we enter?" the man asked.

"Not with that animal."

"Very well. Snuffles. Sit."

"Snuffles" sat.


The dog sat still while the couple walked in.

"I know how you feel about magic in public." The woman told Petunia as she pulled out her wand and taped herself while her husband did the same.

Petunia and Harry stood gaping as the man's hair shortened in length and became jet black while the woman's hair just changed color as she grew in height a few inches. Her hair had gone from a bright blond, to a stunning red.

After the transformations, Harry gaped at the couple. He then realized where he had seen those eyes before: the last time he looked at his reflection. He spent most of his time, however, starring at what looked like an older version of himself.

Petunia however, paid the man no heed. She was too busy gaping at her supposed dead sister.


"You were always good at Transfiguration." Lily admitted to James after he changed her looks.

"I thank you." He bowed before turning his hair red and making it grow.

"Why do I have to be the family dog?" Sirius pouted.

"So that Harry will recognize you." Remus said.

"Harry knows?" James asked

"Yes. He found out his third year." Sirius answered. "Ok. I'll be the dog. But do I have to wear a leash?"

"Yes Sirius." Lily told him.

After they stuck the leash on Sirius (who had transformed), the threesome apparated to Number 4 Privet Drive.

End Flashback

"But you're dead." Petunia whispered.

"Not anymore Petunia. James' friend made a mistake with a potion and we're back now. We came to get Harry." Lily said before turning to her shocked son.

Harry was doing a perfect imitation of a goldfish. When James snapped out of seeing his grown up son, he smirked.

"Please don't tell me if you became an animagus you'd become a goldfish." James teased earning himself a poke in the ribs from his wife. (A/N: Don't worry. He won't)

This seemed to snap Harry out of his trance.

"Mum? Dad?"

They nodded. Petunia fainted.

Harry was in shock.

"But. How?"

"You can blame that mutt of a godfather of yours." James said. "Apparently, he was trying to call our ghosts, but something went wrong."

Harry then ran to his parents and enveloped them in a tight hug and sobbed.

So that's what Sirius meant in his letter

"I think you should get your things Harry." Lily told him a few minutes later.

"Alright Mum." Harry said before dashing off to his room drying his tears.

"Enervate." Lily said pointing her wand at her sister.


Upstairs in Harry's room,

Harry was packing his belonging. First he stuffed his trunk with his books. Then his clothes went on top. After that, he placed the photo album Hagrid gave him, the Firebolt (which he shrank before school let out so it could fit in his trunk), and the Marauder's map in the trunk. Before he placed his quill in the trunk, he scribbled two quick letters to Ron and Hermione.


I'll be spending the rest of the summer with Padfoot and Moony. Something came up. I don't think I should tell you in case the letter is intercepted. Let's just say if Snuffles was a student again, he'd be failing Snape's class horribly. I'll tell you when we get to school. See you then.



Thanks for the invite, but my godfather is "kidnapping" me. Not really because I'm going willingly, but you know what I mean. Something came up. I'll tell you more at school. I'm not saying much in case the letter is intercepted. See you at Hogwarts.


He tied both letters to Hedwig and told her where to go. After she left, he placed the quill in the trunk and laid his father's invisibility cloak over the items. He closed the trunk and placed Hedwig's cage on top of it. He looked around the room one last time knowing he would never see it again.


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