Teaching in the Future


Chapter 12: Christmas


Ron's voice could be heard from the common room. Harry groaned as he reached for his glasses.

"I bet that's one thing Mum and Dad don't miss." He said to himself noticing the clock said 8:00 A.M.

Harry had spent the whole day and night talking to his parents and younger godfather about their past. He learned that his parents met because of a prank; James matured during his 7th year earning him a chance with Lily. The chance became a two way infatuation, which turned to love and led up to recent events. He learned about how his parents were Aurors as well as his aunt who was dating Sirius. He learned that his aunt was a master of potions. Even better than Snape. He was sent to bed at 2:00 in the morning.

As he walked down to the common room, he started to talk to Ron, "I hope you're happy. You know I get cranky when I'm woken up too early."

"I'll try to remember that." James said when Harry entered the room.

"Mum? Dad? Sirius? What are you guys doing here?"

"It's Christmas. A time to be with family. Since my family hates me, I'll spend it with you guys." Sirius told him.

"You are family Padfoot." Harry and James told him

"Here Harry. This one's from my Mum." Ron said attacking the presents.

"He's just like Padfoot." James stated earning a whack from Sirius.

Harry opened his present to reveal a traditional Weasley sweater.

"You should have seen him his first year." Ron said through a mouthful of Chocolate Frog. "He wasn't expecting any presents. That's when he got the Invisibility Cloak."

"I was wondering when he got it."

"I got the map my third year." Harry told his young father.

"Who gave it to you?" Sirius asked.

"My brothers." Ron answered. "Filch had it, but didn't know how to work it. The twins swiped it from them."

"What about us?" Fred asked coming down the stairs.

"And don't say "nothing"." George added.

"I was just telling them how you swiped the map from Filch."

"You told PROFESSORS about the Map?" the twins asked

"Yeah. Fred, George, I'd like you to meet my time-traveling parents and godfather: Lily, James, and Sirius."

"You're time-travelers?" they asked.

The older people nodded.

"So you not only told Professors, but your guardians?"

"Hey Dad. Tell them about the Marauders."

"Ah yes. The good old days." Sirius said jokingly while taking the hint. "What should we tell them, Prongs?"

"I guess whatever they want to hear Padfoot." James answered.

"You two are Padfoot and Prongs?"

"Guilty as usual."

The twin got down on their knees and started bowing.

"You guys are…" George started

"…our idols." Fred finished.

"Please help us with our pranks." They begged.

Lily rolled her eyes while Harry and Ron busted out laughing as Hermione came down.

"I take it you guys told them about the Marauders?" Hermione assumed.

"You KNEW!" the twins turned to the fifteen year olds.

"Duh. My Dad and Godfather were Marauders. I found out after you gave me the Map."

"Who are Wormtail and Moony?" Fred asked.

"Wormtail is the traitorous Peter Pettigrew A.K.A Scabbers." Ron answered.


"We will be discussing situations like that when we resume classes." James explained.

"All years will learn it." Sirius finished.

"And Moony?" George asked.

"None other than our very own, Professor Remus J. Lupin." Harry stated.


That proved to be too much for the twins to handle because they fainted then and there. At that, the whole room started laughing.

Just then, unheard by the humored group, that was opening presents, the Fat Lady's portrait swung open.

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