Teaching in the Future


Chapter 13: Reunions

"Oh yeah. I remember a little bit now." One of the visitors said as he surveyed the scene of the three 19 year olds, two unconscious 17 year olds, and three 15 year olds who were opening their gifts.

"Obviously Mr. Potter hasn't gotten to your gift." An older voice spoke up.

"So that's where you three went." A third voice added.

"Well, I will leave you two to your reunion." The second voice, also known as Albus Dumbledore, said as he left the other two.

"So, how do we announce our arrival?" the third voice asked.

"It's a mirror?" Harry asked his younger godfather as he opened his gift from Older Sirius.

"Oh my god. Hey Prongs. Do you remember this?" Sirius asked.

"Of course I do. I never leave home without it." James said pulling out the exact mirror.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"It's a way of communicating with the owner of the other mirror." James explained. "Since that one is mine, then older Sirius must have the other one."

"Cool. How does it work?"

"You just tap it with your wand and say the name of the person you want to communicate with." Sirius explained.

Harry pulled out his wand and said Sirius' name while tapping the mirror with the wand.



"Hey Harry. Glad to see you got my present."

"Thank you so much for it. Aren't you wondering how I knew how it works?"

"Not really. Turn around."

Everyone turned around as one of the two figures stepped from the shadows and Fred and George woke up.

"SIRIUS!" Harry ran towards his godfather and enveloped him in a hug.

"I missed you too Harry. But apparently, I'm right here." He said while looking at his younger self.

"Hi Padfoot." The younger Sirius said.

"Hi Padfoot." The older Sirius answered

"Two Padfoots?" the twins asked.

"Just what Hogwarts needs." Lily added sarcastically.

"Oh my god! LILY! PRONGS! MAN I MISSED YOU GUYS! I'm so sorry." older Sirius said letting go of Harry and hugging James and Lily.

"I'm here too you know." Another voice called and stepped into view.

"PROFESSOR LUPIN?" the people who had him stated.

"I guess like Moony, that name stuck." Remus sighed giving up on telling them to call him "Remus"

Harry ran to hug his ex-professor as Fred and George knelt down to worship older Sirius and Moony.

"We told them about the Marauders." Ron explained his brothers' actions.

"Ah. That explains it." Remus said.

"It also explains why you used that spell on Peeves. He's been very quiet lately." Hermione said as Harry let go of his almost Uncle.

"Don't jinx it." Harry told her.

"What spell Moony?" James asked.

"Waddiwasi" Remus told James.

"Yes! I knew that spell would come in handy one day!" Sirius (younger) jumped with joy.

"So how did you find out about the assignment?" Older Sirius asked Harry.

"A certain device that four trouble makers made so that they could sneak around Hogwarts without getting caught." Harry told his Godfather.

"I should have known. I'm amazed you didn't find out earlier." Remus said

"Well, I kind of forgot." Harry said sheepishly.

Everyone laughed at this. Harry had to say, so far, this had been the best Christmas ever.

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